No Love for the Asian Male :( Asian men and Black women

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    i dated an Asian guy half chinese/filipino and he is sooo handsome and the best in bed. Black women open up to the possibility u won't be dissapointed Asain men are great! I wish i could marry an Asain man but not too many approach me. traditionally they don't marry outside of their race. maybe Hawaiian or filipino. Anyway like i said the best! and that stereo type about them having small peins is a lie!

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    is there any nationality you have a preference for ? as a general suggestion i would say that if you live in a town where there is a technical university, it might be a good idea to go to a bar which is frequented by students from this university (or for that matter by employees of software companies, computer manufacturers) with one of your girlfriends and see what happens.(this last detail is important. i think that if 2 women go to a bar there is a greater chance that 2 men will approach you than if it's 3 or more)

    the thing is that since there are a lot of asians with a technical background you would have a good chance of getting to talk to one of them. Furthermore, men who are studying in technical universities would in general be keen to meet women because women are in a minority on technical campuses. finally, due to the introvertness, there would be a higher proportion of asian male students who are single than white male students.

    Personally, i think that men of south asian and middle eastern origin are less introvert than men of east asian origin. you might find it easier to talk to somebody with such a background.
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    i think the combination African woman/ asian male is rare for a number of reasons.

    First of all. asian men are more introvert and less dominant than men of other backgrounds. quite a number of African american send out mixed signals to men (men in general). Due to the fact that a disproportionately high number of african american women grow up with an absent father, they on the one hand want their partners to be assertive and extrovert but on the other hand want to wear the trousers in any relationship.

    On the asian side, i would say that most families would prefer a white partner to an african american one. (in some cultures, especially indian, fairer skinned people are considered more attractive than darker skinned ones) so as an asian male you really need to believe in your relationship to withstand external pressures on you.

    on a peronal note, my experiences with women of african origin (i went out with one british woman of jamaican origin and one french woman of cameroonian origin) are mixed. at the end of the day it depends on the individuals in question.

    For asian men attracted to african women, i can suggest the following : if you have an interest in reggae, soul, hiphop, soul food (and i mean a genuine interest), ask the woman in question if she would be interested in going to a concert or a soul food restaurant with you.

    For african women interested in asian men, i would suggest the follwoing : have the guts to be forward. this can create the risk that the man in question might read too much into it, but if that's really what you want you should go for it.

    many asians tend to internalise their appreciation of music, whereas african americans tend to be more expressive

    asians tend to spend less money on clothing than people of other backgrounds because, at some subconcious level, many asians feel that the pursuit of knowledge is more important than superificial external beautification. people of other backgrounds tend to give higher importance to physical appearance.

    Finally, i believe that some african americans in inner cities resent the fact that a lot of shops in the inner cities are run by asians, whereas asian shopkeepers in inner cities distrust teenage african american male youths (a result of the largescale looting of asian shops by gangmembers in the aftermath of the rodney king case). Racial tensions can influence the attitudes of members of the different communities.
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    i love asian men
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    I have never seen an Asian male/Black female couple where I live, and that's sad....I, too, would date an Asian man, because I like their work ethic.
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    I know this is an old thread but I'm from NYC and I've know quiet a few black women who've dated and married Korean men. Doesn't make a difference to me. Most good looking men can turn my head.
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    I think Asian guy/Black female are probably the most rare of interracial couples. I think maybe culturally a lot of Asian guys are raised to be a lot less aggressive vs. guys from other cultures, which I think keeps them from approaching women, esp. women outside of their race.

    But I personally regret that b/c I love the look of Asian guys as much as any other race, and wish it was easier to meet them.
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    i agree with the other ladies here. I love me some hot asian male :)
    I do tend to prefer Chinese and Japanese guys though.
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    I have dated 3 Asian men seriously over the past 10 years. It is rare when an Asian man approaches me, most are looking for the Gwenth Paltrow and that leaves a lot of other races out. I love the body of Asian men lol!! They have hair where hair should be and don't suffer from the Chubacca syndrome.
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    I am African American and I love asian males. If you keep trying something will happen for you soon
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    That's not true. I feel like because I'm an African-American woman who does want to date an Asian man that I have a slimmer chance than anyone. I hope things go well for you.