why some people lie about their income? why they lie about income

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    I dated a guy briefly that was really cool, but also really hung up on his job. We were in college and he actually worked at McDonald's. He was also a little overweight, but I liked him and he treated me so kind. What eventually made it fall apart was his insecurity; he was so worried I didn't really like him that he was blinded by the fact that I did.

    He would always say things like, "why are you going out with ME?" as if I had an agenda or something. He even joked that I must have been pledging a sorority or something. I felt bad that he felt that way, but it also got on my nerves.

    Ultimately, I really don't care where a guy works as long as he has a JOB doing something or is at least looking. I met a guy recently who was laid off and that's fine with me because he isn't lazy and is looking for employment. We're just friends, but I wouldn't object to dating him just because of his predicament. With today's economy it's the norm.

    Money doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.
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    Well, unfortuantely many men do seem to thrive on a "Material Girl"...one that seems to have it all, BUT what seems to good to be true...usually is...
    in some way, shape, or form.
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    sard101 write:
    I think it's because most people are ashamed of what they have and afraid of taking the steps to improve their lives. Some people think that money is what makes them attractive. They forget about respect and love and they rather want to sound flashy than be confident and honest about who they are and how much money they make. If a man or woman wants a high income, instead of lying about it, it's better to work hard to earn it such as going to school and get a higher degree which leads to a better job. That's simple. Thanks.

    I don't usually talk to anybody about how much I make, it's nobodies b'nis. So if someone IS talking about it, how would anyone know if it were true or not?? It's just sign of insecurity. Most grown folks just don't advertise it. I do disagee when a dating site requests that info also. It's REALLY not their business. But there are those that are attracted to that particular answer. Usually is self evident in no time at all.

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    You're so much kinder in that theory than I am. Me, I've had no end of guys telling me how they're well off financially, only to find out they're lying.

    I mean, if you own three houses and a boat and yet, have no place to stay ( and none that you can afford) when you get into town, then how ell off can you be?