For Black Men who only date white/non Black Women... INFO CONCERNING BLACK PEOPLE

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    I made a previous post where I asked Black Women who only date white men why was was it that they chose to only date white men. So now I only think it's fair to ask the Brothasmwhy is it that you only date white/non black women? Is it simply a preference or has something happened to you to cause you to exclude black women from your dating preferences? Are you a TIRED BLACK MAN?

    The picture of SAM COOKE doesn't have anything to do with this post,but seeing as how he was/is the greatest singer who ever lived ,,,Why not?

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    I know you specifically asked Black men who exclusively date non-Black women. For me, I have no preference regarding ethnicity. I am open to whoever fits my mold where said woman shares my ethnic/cultural background or not. However, I do want to state that what I find interesting about this line of questioning is that there is a perception that Black men who date exogamously has some sort of self-hate issue and/or has disdain for Black women which I find to be not only untrue, but ridiculous!! 


    Basically, the question itself is loaded and based on that, those who choose to date exogamously are usually "shamed" or looked down upon my certain individuals within the Black community. In all, Black people, like any other group of people, have the inalienable right to pick and choose their partners. In addition, I wonder why Black men and woman have to be questioned to boot? Why does it matter, especially in 2016?


    Miscegenation has been going on for a long time, even when it was illegal in some parts of the country back in the day. It is what it is. Speaking for myself, I could care less if a Black woman chooses to exclusively date non-Black men. Even if she dated endogamously, that doesn't mean she would date me. I only concern myself with those who are concerned about me. Those who choose not to deal with me will not be dealt with by me. I deal with those who deal with me whether it is on professional level or personal level. 


    OP, I am not mad at you for asking the aforementioned question. Maybe you are genuinely curious in knowing why some Black men date non-Black women. But, at the end of the day, people are going to do what they want to do whether it is deemed socially acceptable or not by certain individuals within society.





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    simply a preference for me bro.......