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    plato wrote about a cave,in which were seated a group of people facing a wall.behind them was a fire burning, which threw their shadows onto the wall.they were chained to the ground in a way that made it immpossible for them to turn and see what was behind them, they remained like this throughout their lives and the only reality they had were the shadows they could see moving on the wall in front of them,and so to them those shadows were reality. then one day one of them managed to break free from the chains that bound him and stood up and turned around and saw the fire that was casting the shadows onto the wall, and he realised that the shadows were just shadows and had no real substance at all.then he noticed a stairway at the side of the cave going upwards and so he ascended the stairway to the top ,and suddenly emerged into the beautiful light of the sun, then he understood that the things he had taken for the real world all his life were just shadows and illusions.filled with joy and happiness because of what he had found out he decided to go back down into the cave and tell the others what he had discovered,but after they had listened to his story ,they started to laugh amd mock him,and said that his journey into the upper world had turned him mad ,and so they refused to listen to him, sadly he turned and left them watching their shadows which they took for reality and ascended up the stairway into the beautiful freedom of the light of the sun above.
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    sfter the owner of the field (world) has sown wheat in his field,along comes satan and sows weeds.
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    only one account is true ..the rest are carbon copies and pale imitations created to deceive by the master deceiver....BRIAN
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    If what you say is true, that is interesting. It sounds like the cosmos are trying to rub a message into the heads of mankind. Or is Satan up to something?

    Do all stories carry the same wisdom or do they go so far and end or turn off deceiving and leading astray their followers? After all, many were suppose to come in Jesus' name, not necessarily his name literally, but symbolically.

    The quality of a message is determined by its long term accuracy and versatility.
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    I thought Mary n Jrsus were one of a kinr

    In corroboration of this statement we might cite many cases, if our space would permit, from the religious records of India, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, Mexico, Tibet, etc. Maia, mother of Sakia and Yasoda of Chrishna; Celestine, mother of the crucified Zunis; Chimalman, mother of Quexalcote; Semele, mother of the Egyptian Bacchus, and Minerva, mother of the Grecian Bacchus; Prudence, mother of Hercules; Alcmene, mother of Alcides; Shing- Mon, mother of Yu, and Mayence, mother of Hesus, were all as confidently believed to be pure, holy and chaste virgins, while giving birth to these Gods, sons of God, Saviors and sin-atoning Mediators, as was Mary, mother of Jesus, and long before her time.
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    MIDLOVE write:
    Patrick20062000, That is very symbolic to what goes on in our world, not just today, but yesterday as well!
    Very interesting!
    ..... yes midlove indeed and i think we can take liberties with platos cave and say that the people who are chained in the darkness of the cave are all the nations that do not recognise jesus as the light and so are chained in the cave darkness of their own inaginations and thoughts and the ones who break free ,are the ones that god sets free to ascend up in their thoughts to the spiritual light of the sun(jesus) and his teachings.
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    Patrick20062000, That is very symbolic to what goes on in our world, not just today, but yesterday as well!

    Very interesting!