Why'd U Go White (or Black)??? Romance

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    Thank you bcaltd
    We need some more like yourself down here... we're sadly lacking beautiful Black men in this country..
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    Nice post, Deanna. :) World is going global...people are finding less to fear about those that appear different...Its quite natural for opposites to attract...That is one of the Universal laws...Nothing like the contrasting skin colors or fresh perspectives.

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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 03, 2005 at 06:29 AM

    I like to think I don't have a preference, but I mostly date black guys, even though I have pretty much dated the rainbow. Honestly, I really like african-american culture; the shows, the music, the food (an ex turned me on the soul food and I never looked back!), but I also love my own culture.

    I think it's a lovely mix.
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    I honestly don't have a preference....I do tend to date more white women but not by a whole lot. I think you have to be true to yourself, have an open mind and last but not least don't let someone else dictate your life based on his or her beliefs.
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    I grew up, went to school and lived in racially mixed areas. Often those of my own race chose to be isolated. They excluded me if I was not willing to exclude others. I was not willing to do that. I also lived in some communities where there were very few Blacks (i.e. Hawaii). I learned to disregard the differences.
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    you may unwittingly find yourself in a situation you may not be ready to handle. But, if you're honest about "just dating" with the men you choose, then no harm done.
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    Flurtntease write:
    ... Anyway, when we were togethor and out somewhere (bar-club or whatever) black men would always hit on me. They didn't even seem to care I was with someone. I kind of liked that.

    Vive la difference.
    'Cause I couldn't find that flattering.

    Flurt, I think that subtile flirting which doesn't cross lines of respect for another's current relationship can actually be quite HEALTHY for one's relationship (given 2 people who aren't the jealous types,) going so far as hitting on someone, i.e. seriously trying to get with them, while knowing they are currently involved shows no respect for the person being hit on, or for serious relationships in general.

    If you do involve yourself with this kind of person, irrespective of their race, be careful Flurt.
    Realize that it will most likely be a temporary, all fun and games diversion and nothing deeper or more meaningful.

    Take care of your heart sister.
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    hi to all the new people in the last couple of posts!
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    I get asked a lot why I prefer black.
    The answer, well I don't really know.
    All I know it is that I'm attracted to African-Americans.
    It is probably the different culture and they are just different.
    Opposite attracts.
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    lol hey baby...im hunting u down....cause you know you have my attention!
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    amen to that !!!!!
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    I can honestly say i jumped ship and never looked back. Mostly because I find the blk male so very attractive and sexy, not just physically but i love everything about them. I have nothing against my own race but i chose not to date them, i am not attracted to them nor do we have much in commom. I can say I tried to date white men but then realized it just wasnt for me. Everyone is entitled to be chosey as to whom they want to make a relationship with especially if its going to be a life long commitment, so i say dont settle, follow your heart and go after what you know you will truly love and be happy with.
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    I am here after having just gotten out of a long relationship. Since then, I have tried the dating circle and found that I am attracted to not just black men.

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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 22, 2005 at 06:54 AM

    i haven't found a race of women i don't like or feel i couldn't fall in love with. each are uniquely attractive and beauiful in there own way.so many women so little time my main purpose was to pass along this short letter i saw on the net which would express how i feel. hope it's found interesting.

    interracial dating and marrying are on the rise. People of various communities are turning to an integrated way of life and accepting the idea of interracial relationships.
    More people are attempting to break down the color barriers that in previous history have existed so prominently within our communities. Couples are embarking on the seas of colorless love.
    When you date someone outside of your race or culture there is a world of diversity waiting for you to explore. You can learn and experience first hand your partners way of life. From cooking to religion, the traditions and customs of your partners culture will enrich your life. Interracial relationships offer us a chance to not only to experience another culture but participate in it from a foundation built on love. One thing that people often find is that interracial relationships can make your love stronger for one another. This is primarily because people who date outside of their race do so out of a deep attraction to other person. This deep attraction that crosses the cultural divide, so to speak, often serves to keep us in that state of new love longer and in the case of alot of interracial relationships promotes our endeavors to keep that initial feeling of romance alive and well.
    Casting aside physical attraction, the romantic relationship between a man and a woman from different cultures is more often derived from a deep friendship and respect for each others individuality.
    So naturally in interracial relationships cultural differences make a unique bond. Forming a symbiotic balance between harmony and individuality that may not be found in other relationships and therefore promote its durability and longevitity.

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    it is not about colour it is about the human race, people but this thing on colour, as a women first and black second, it is about how you are treated as a person. Love comes in all shapes and sizes.

    The longest relationship I had was with a man first and white second. Even though I had relationships with men first and black second.

    It is about the person can you relate, do you feel the same about the important things in life.

    And most importantly are you happy and do you love each other, this is what is most important.
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    For me i guess i never really had a day when i decided that i was only going to date black men. I went out with a black man for the first time maybe 6 years ago, it didn't work out but he was a great guy. Yes I would admit that I do find myself mainly attracted to black men now but i wouldn't rule out dating a purple man with pink spots if he had a nice smile and made me laugh..
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 16, 2005 at 09:09 AM

    This may or may not be a stereotypical respnse, but the truth of it is I just love a blackmans body. The darkness, the size of their stuff, their way of being physically. Of course each is different, but you usually only deal with those who are catchy to 'your' eye. And yes I am very happily married to a white man who knows of this and allows me to play as my heart desires.
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    I Have Dated Nothing But White Men For The Past 14 Years...It's Just A Preference, I Love The Way They Treat Me, Very Romantic and Attentive And The Contrast Of Our Skin Color is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 27, 2005 at 12:08 PM

    Samantha, I read your post... we do have similar stories.

    BigSam, there is someone out there for you... I am sure. Good Luck!

  • View author's info Posted on Jun 25, 2005 at 09:15 AM

    Our posts share the similarity of the influence of stepfathers of a different race. Funny how the men who raised us so strongly shape our perceptions and help to form our ideals of what a man should be.
    I too would not exclude someone of any race, still I won't deny the influence is strong.

    sounds like you've got a bad case of what's called "The Kid In The Candy Store Syndrome" tltltltl

    Remember the days of bagfulls of penny candy??

    Too bad too often for you gents inflation rates translated to dating life as well.
    Just grab what handfuls of "candy" your piggy bank will bear & have yourself the time of your life, luv, in your search for "thee" most delicious one!