Are men of a different nationality looking for blck women? Asian men and Black women

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    Single black woman looking for her soul mate, she's dated all black men and has never cheated on him but was always cheated on. Now she wants to experience a bigger and better more understanding man, one that is not a cheater but a lover a confidant, a caterer someone that loves to love and loves to receive love, and a giver. Someone that doesn't throw up the past in your fast.
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    Central and South America were originally populated by NATIVES not African immigrants, and so it's repulsive to attribute the people from these areas' "beauty" as being based on being of African descent and give NO CREDIT to their Native genes.

    I get that this is a reaction to society's attitude that anything "black" or of African descent is not supposed to be desirable but in toting this "black is beautiful" you're denying and denigrating peoples' Native heritage. You build yourselves up by crushing someone else and denying our existence.
  • View author's info Posted on May 26, 2011 at 01:10 PM

    I have had the pleasure of getting responses from hundreds of men of other races on interracial dating sites. As well as black men looking for white women! As far back as the 1800's white me have loved being with women of color. In Latin America as far back as the 1600's they married African women had families and left a great family line. Somewhere down the line a certain race began to migrate this way Western World, and times changed.No longer was it excepted. As a matter of fact the beautiful color of people you see in Mexico, Central and South Americas are the product of African lines assimilated. Check out the History of those countries it can no longer be hidden people are now talking about their family's history and proud of it! So ladies, keep looking their out here somewhere.
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    It so refreshing to see successful black women wanting to expand their horizons. Its about time for us to see outside the box for love. I work overseas in the middle east and in my travels a black women is much wanted. I have dated Turkish, Albanians, French, German men. Instead of always going to the Carribean for travels expand your horizons overseas as well, you will not be disappointed. You will be surprised of the many European and South American men who favor black females.

    Please be open to other nationalities of men they are out there willing and waiting for us. Just take a chance.
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    Ironically, America has a more Eurocentric view of beauty: fair skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, etc...and Europe views Black women as an exotic beauty. In America, an exotic beauty would be a woman of asian descent, mixed, Brazilian, etc. but definitely not Black.

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    Many European men love Black women. I lived in Germany for two years and I can honestly say that European men do not have the same hang ups about race and relationships that American men do. If my current relationship ever fails I am diffinately going to start dating non-American men.
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    It would be nice to have a non-American guy. They are so much nicer. Really.
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    im from europe and i love black women.i would love to have the black women next 2 me.
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    there are non black men dating black women, the problem is that it is not common and very rare. most guys on dating sites seems to almost forget about mentioning black women as their preference. they would state other nationalities or race. i guess some people's idea of interracial relationship is either between a white female or asian and hispanic.
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    I hope men of other nationalities are looking for Black women because I actually would prefer a non-American.