Interracial Dating in America (The Movie) Entertainment and Hobbies

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    Title: Interracial Dating In America

    Release Date: 2.13.07

    Director: CClay

    It?s the film they didn?t want you too see! Nusoul Film Works has travel all over the US to give you a first hand looking into interracial dating in America. This film deal?s with the Hardship, Children, Families, Religion, Stereotypes and so much more. All the questions you may have are now answered in this 2 1/2 hour film.

    The film is slated for release on DVD February 13, 2007. Pre-Orders have been remarkable with over 13,000 with no marketing, Just friends passing the email trailers to their friends.
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    went to u-tube, checked out the trailers.

    Cannot say I agree with most of the views presented.

    Everybody has their own reality, I guess.