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    why is it so hard for a black girl to get a white man,but a black man can get a white girl
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    A lot of times, to be with a black woman is to be exposed to unwanted thugs. They feel that it would be hard to get rid of the link, especially if something goes wrong and there are kids involved. Decent white men and black men (in general)view violence differently.
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    Because most American white men don't want anything that "looks black" either. Most dark skinned women of all races who land white men have had to go to EUROPE to get them. Some of us who "look black" are too busy beating the black sleazebags off of us to have TIME to pursue white men whom we SHOULD have more in common with (I don't know any minorities of any color who actually LIKE "Harry Potter" or science fiction or science or math for that matter) - frankly I'm getting to the point where if we can't intelligently discuss what we learned in college I'm not wasting my precious time with them. That rules out most of the blacks who accost me acting like I'm "supposed to" want THEM....the ones who walk up to me and come straight out with the fact that they dropped out of high school and were never any good in math or science. ???? What kind of way is that to approach a math and science teacher?! And it practically takes a can of pepper spray to get them to back off!!
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    From what I've experienced white women will let me know that they are attracted to me by flirting with me. Some black women give off do not approach vibes that make men of all races a little hesitant about approaching. Plus,I think people think that ALL black women are moody,rude,arrogant,or even hostile because the media seems to love presenting this type of woman as the norm instead of the exception.

    I think black women looking to date men of other races should take cues from white women(I know,you can't put every-one in one little box)in that some of the white women I've encounted let me know subtlely that they were interested. Things like glancing in my direction a few times,playing with their hair,etc. Trust me,with most men all you have to do is make eye contact and hold it for two or three seconds and it's a wrap. That man will be coming up to you to get your name and number.Peace.
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    It's a 'dominance' thing that black males feel they need to express to prove they're 'just as good' as a white man, or to flaunt their worldly success - or both.

    Unfortunate but true; the mark of 'success' in this world isn't just money, nice cars, nice houses, or respect in the community.

    The 'white woman' is held up as a the 'ideal' by our culture, and by men of all races who live in what is still a white majority controlled society.

    Look at the long list of successful black 'celebrities' who married white women:

    Clarence Thomas (Supreme Court Justice)

    Tiger Woods (now THERE'S an example of total systems failure - the guy won't even admit to being 'black'...he's 'Cabalasian'...and he married a 'SUPER' Whitey...can't get much whiter than a Scandinavian fashion model...)

    Michael Jackson (if "It don't matter if your black or white...", then why did he go from a healthy brown as a boy to 'pale-skin' as an adult? And it wasn't just 'vitilago', he turned white on purpose, because of deep feelings of inferiority - which were completely unfounded - probably imposed on him by an abusive father. If it weren't so, he would not have had his nose surgically altered to look like Liz Taylor's.)

    I'm sorry things are this way, and very sorry for the many sensible, decent black women with good hearts who want only what is natural; a husband, a home, children.

    When I was a young man, I studied mass-media/communications in college. Something about it just didn't feel right, and much later, I came to understand it for the evil that it is.

    These 'wants' that people have are little more than a very powerful 'suggestion' inserted into our minds from the time we're old enough to understand.

    The suggestion is, at its most basic, a fabrication designed to sell you products and a certain 'style' of living...including the 'illusion' of success.

    And the evil geniuses on Madison Avenue have done a very good job over the last 50 years of 'marketing' the image of the white woman - and the ability to have/get one - as an 'achievement', as if she were a prize to be won at a carnival - and they still do, though I see more 'diversity' on television in this regard these days.

    You should pity the men who pursue them for this reason alone.

    They're not thinking with their own head, they're thinking with someone else's...and that someone else has them 'chasing their tails'...they're either going to clubs every night and pissing away all their money "to get a white girl", or staying in a bad or even abusive relationship for fear of losing 'the prize' and - by extension - their illusion of 'success'.

    Likewise, you should pity the white women who engage in relations with black men not out of love - but as a way to 'act out' against a parent, or a family, or an ex-boyfriend with deep-seated racial issues; they're trying to hurt someone, not love someone.

    Tiger makes more money after 1 tournament than I will ever see in a lifetime.

    But I pity him, because he's a slave to this illusion and those who created it. His soul is not his own. It belongs to Madison Avenue.

    And, like the many black men still chasing after a blonde-haired, blue-eye'd girl as 'reparation for slavery' - another example where the relationship is based not on love, but on anger and bitterness - he willingly put himself under that kind of authority.

    I'm an old man. And if it makes you feel better, the people I got to know when my parents moved us from NY to Florida back in the '70s later felt comfortable enough telling me that I wasn't white, either.

    The true, white southerners at the time saw no difference between 'Italians' and hispanics - and they still don't.

    And, under the same 'cultural' influences as everyone else, I wasn't much better able to 'get' a white girl to marry me than a black guy (and in the '80s, as a young man with a balding scalp, I actually felt LESS able to get a white girl than a black guy my age).

    White girls were everywhere when I came of age; it's little wonder that's what I married.

    My elder brother moved back to New York a year after we got here. He ended up marrying another Italian, because there were by far more of them than any other ethnic group in the neighborhood.

    He'd gone his whole life thinking he was white.

    Then came mid-life crisis time a few years ago.

    His marriage failed, and who did he hook up with when he remarried not long after?

    A blonde, blue-eye'd Irish-American.

    See what I mean.

    Your problem isn't with your black brothers, it's with Madison Avenue and the 'Barbies' who benefit from being made out to be 'the queen bees' of our society.

    Making more babies of 'mixed race' isn't the answer to racial disparities; it's making things worse.

    It's my understanding that among black people, they've begun to 'stratify' themselves based on who's whiter.

    To me, that is the saddest outcome of all, and what has kept so many of you in poverty.

    I hope that answers your question.