To Support: Do women even really know what they want?

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    Tawnji write:
    I would venture to say that most women know what they want...

    Life is funny like this. That even thouigh we know what we want and work hard to attain it, sometimes we never come close to achieving our goals. Case and point.... what if I winked at 3 different very attractive guys. With the goal/hope/prayer of a date and didn't get a response. That is a goal not attained. I knew what I wanted, but was unable to attain my goal due to circumstances beyond my control. And then by the same token 300 guys wink me all of which I am not interested in. They are not able to attain their goal either. Because in order for them to attain their goal I would have to compromise on what I want. Which is not an option. So though I know what I want the opportunity to attain it has not yet presented itself. So the question do women really know what they want is maybe an oximoron. A more realistic question may be ~ HOW DO WOMEN GO ABOUT GETTING WHAT THEY REALLY WANT! And when you find the answer to that question please let me know so that I can go back and at least have a dream date with someone I am really interested in for once!
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    Hello Kashmir. How are you? I'm not sure whom you are talking about. Would she have mentioned your name? :*
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    Hi Sleepless, it's nice to see you on the boards, I see you found em. I referred a young lady to you, hope it turned out well!
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    I'm with with Yasmin on this. It also sounds as if this fellow is frustrated probably due to the fact that he is trying to give women what "HE" wants and not what they are asking for. If he listens and watches carefully he might be surprised what he "learns". I would be interested to know how many females he grew up with. I had 3 sisters and my beautiful mother all of whom taught me well.

    P.S. And isn't the difference men and women a wonderful thing?
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    Funny how the author is veiled behind "Support" and can't face the music on his own valition.
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    Long, long ago, my mother gave her daughters some very sage advice.
    She said, "If you want something, make sure you avail yourself of every opportunity to gain the skills to be able to get what you want for yourself. If you depend on a man to get you everything you want, you very likely will be waiting a long long time. And if he gets anything for you at all, it's likely to be the wrong thing."

    Not only do I KNOW what I want, (and need!)
    I am also quite capable of getting it for myself.

    Well, about 99.9% of the things I want and need in life.

    But gee, =^) thanks for asking, support...
    It's really nice of you to be concerned & offer to help.
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    WOW I'm having a dejavu' moment... didn't I already answer this?