ANybody here a Jehovahs WItness or used to be? Religion

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    I used to be one...jus thought Id ask.
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    What about the children of JWs

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    Jualsy write:
    , baptised in 1974.....have given up the meetings for the last six months.....things are not the same here in Spain as they were in the UK....I feel really lost, but I still believe in 99% of the teachings.
    >>>>>>>>>well i parted from them because i could not agree on their teachings about blood ..and the name of GOD and their interpretations of the prophecies of the book of revelation...BRIAN
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    An interesting religion. The Jehovah's Witnesses are one of the two largest cults in the world. The other one would be the so called 'Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,' otherwise known as the Mormons.

    The Jehovah's Witnesses have part of it right. "It" meaning scriptural understanding and interpretations in some areas. They don't celebrate Christmas or birthdays. Most Christians Do celebrate Christmas in spite of the fact that there is no biblical justification for it. Of course, there is also no biblical justification for celebrating anyone's birthday. But most of us do.
    Most Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe in medical blood transfusions due to a misinterpretation of scripture(the books of ACTS).
    Outward moral conduct doesn't bring one any closer to God than one who is outwardly unruly or immoral. Most
    J.W.'s that I know are, from an outward aspect, quite moral in their conduct in dealing with others.

    In the past I have had friends who were a part of this J.W. religion, but I would never actually join them because of our differences in "idealogical dogma."
    I have quite a few hair raising stories to tell you about the children of J.W.'s
    that I have personally known, but I won't get into that at this time.
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    My coworker with whom I share a workspace has long been a practicing, though not terribly devoute nor moral J.W.

    I have learned many interesting beliefs held by Witnesses, and learning such has opened my eyes to SOME interesting perspectives that I think are quite likely truth.

    However, I also echo Phea's comment regarding several folks I know raised in the J.W. faith.
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    I thought there was a lot of good information there. If I went to the bathroom, I knew that I missed a lot of information. That is what I liked about it. However, I felt something that I couldn't understand that made me feel that something was wrong. I think it was more than one problem, but can only remember one problem.

    I couldn't accept being controlled by New York. I think that I observed it as human control versus spiritual control. However, I don't think I studied with them enough to get a good understanding of their doctrine.

    Aside from the tremendous amount of information, I loved the fact that they were very multicultural versus the many other churches I had gone to. I also loved the fact that they could get information from overseas that would contradict the news.

    They have had a tremendous affect on who I am today.
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    jeredkun write:
    I used to be one...jus thought Id ask.
    >>> what was it that made you leave them ?...BRIAN
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    i studied with them for 5 YEARS before we parted company because of different interpretations of certain KEY points in scripture..BRIAN
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    I studied with them for two short periods ranging from a month to six months.
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    jeredkun write:
    I used to be one...jus thought Id ask.

    I have a great friend who is a Jehova's witness.

    She is a wonderfull person, morally speaking. Too bad her ideological views are off.