Looks, age and character among women - what matter men? ? ? Relationship Resume

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    Men want to find good looks (sexy) intelligent and mature in one bundle. How many really know how to recognize a woman that possess all of these qualities. More importantly how many of them know that it is a rare finding in the world today.

    The intellegent, mature and sexy woman is not necessarily the slim, young woman, decked in fine jewel and make up, as is commonly believed. They certainly have sex appeal, but not the intelligence and maturity that men expect. So after sex what?

    Most women that are able to satisfy a men all around (far and few between, though they be) is a woman who is modest, reserved, not as hot in appearance as the visually stimulated male anticipate.

    This is why so many relationships end in disappointment. We judge the cover and don't read enough of the book before concluding that it is a good one.

    Guys get real, if life long happiness, in a relationship with a soul mate, is what you really want to experience put a lid on your eyes perhaps some microscopic lens that would help you to see beyond the exterior and really delve into discovering character.

    Conversations tell a lot about our character, go slow, unravel the mystery of the less visually sexually stimulating woman, you would be surprise at what you might discover.

    Ideal are just that, ideals, the real deal is like pudding, the real proof is found on sampling, looks could be deceiving.

    Be adventurous! Crack the mental stereotype mold. The Hot, sexy and intelligent Combo is a rare find. you pass up the best too many times. Many of the woman right under your nose, the one you that bump into and turn warm from embarrassment, because of what seem to be an accident. She has all you looking, intelligence, charm, beast characteristics in the sheet, but she conducts her self, in a simple, modest and respectful manner in public. Shes got it all, all that you are looking for all but the hot catchy look. Oh yeah! she is wild, hot and sexy, and the chemistry as you know is waiting to discovered. After chemistry is chemistry that last long after the heat has cooled. Or as is commonly phrase, after all has been said and done.

    Do not settle for less. Why go after looks if character is what you really want? Try something different, step out of your stereotypical box, crack the sexy mold and create one of your own. Release your self from the prison of misconception and enjoy life the way you dream it could be.

    Experiment, go against the grain, try a plain Jane, then transform her into the image you like, I am sure the love you have to give will bring out the sex appeal you desire.

    Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Amen! I just posted something similar, so I am happy to see this. When I was in my 20's I followed the "less is more" rule, and left very little to the imagination. Fast forward 20 years. I am 41, and a true fan of "more is more." Despite this way of thinking, since being on this site for about a week, I have been viewed five times. I have some dress and heels pics on my profile, but my main pic is me smiling and being silly.THAT is the real me, but the real me doesn't get many views, despite the fact that I am genuinely a warm, caring, intelligent woman with a lot of love to give to the right person. I tend not mention looks because I think I am a beautiful woman, but there is so much more to me than that. It bothers me, but it doesnt bother me, because what I seek is quality, as opposed to quanity. Someone sent this to me a while ago, and I never forgot it. It's a little schmaltzie and cliche,' but its cute and says it all. Happy holidays to everyone!

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    The ppl who make an effort to appear like they have pride in their appearance by being clean and looking nice are the one's who are attractive in my opinion.  Looking like you take care of yourself is a great indicator of how you will take care of a relationship and partner.  If you can't put your best self on for the first meeting...I say kick them to the curb!!
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    Thank you so much for stating what I've felt for a long time.
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    Well stated Ms Fab....
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    Truth is, there are exceptional women who possess looks, personality, intelligence, kindness, and sex appeal. Not as many as we age, since many women think it's OK to let themselves go, and that "he should be attracted to my mind, and accept my body as it is; even if I have let myself go!"  Many women get bitter, too. That's not good.
    Men are visual creatures, Islandwoman59. It is what it is.  I believe we should continue to work on every facet of ourselves; to be the very best that we can possibly be. 

    I believe there is a match for everyone, and I urge you to contine to let your inner beauty shine as you continue to work on your outer beauty; and to be the BEST reflection on the outside, of the beauty held within.

    Best wishes to you~
    Keri aka loveslaughingtoo
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    All of it matters, but if you don't post a photo..........I am not interested!

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    "Also, a friend once told me, "Male Rejection = God's Protection," which is a good way to look at a relationship that did not work out. "


    I love this! What your friend said makes so much sense, and rings true for me!


    Thanks for sharing!

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    I agree that a woman, who is the total package, is incredible and rare for any man to have. (Note: Total package, by my definition, is the Tyler Perry 80/20 Rule. Nobody fits like a glove in ALL aspects at ALL times!)

    However, looks do matter, and I would not be with a man who does not take care of himself. So why would I expect a man to be with me if I were not to take care of myself!?! Would anyone want to be with a glutton, for example?

    Also, everyone has their own taste. There are some women that all men will agree is hot, but then there are many women that only certain men will find as hot. The same goes for men.

    Also, a friend once told me, "Male Rejection = God's Protection," which is a good way to look at a relationship that did not work out.

    It it's meant to be, it will be! :)