Interracial Pen Pal. who needs a pen pal

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    Maybe its not because they were an Interracial relationship, maybe you just were not compatable, im assuming you have dated men of your own race and those didnt work either, therfore i think its a relationship issue not a race issue.

    I hope that made sense like i meant for it to...
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    I am going to have to disagree with a few of you no matter how pretty you are. ;-)

    I respect a person that is trying to educate theirself in order to have a good relationship. Honestly it may have nothing to do with it being an Mixed relationship at all. It may just be a personality clash or something to that effect.

    I will agree that True Love is not something you can pull from a book or learn after a few conversations, but you need to get to that point in a relationship first. Asking for advice or seeking advice is natural and commendable, if you ask me. To know your limitations and admit them and ask for help when you need it is very difficult for some to do, but is most often the fist step in finding a solution to your problem.

    I don't know all the answers and I will be the first to admit that. you can find me at Y-a-h-o-o if you want to bounce something off me.
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    Well, from my own personal experience, I believe in treating 'others' Like I Want to Be Treated: with kindness, respect & sincere honesty. If 'its' meant to be -- It'll HAPPEN NATURALLY ALL ON ITS OWN... for Love Can Move Mountains & Overcome All Obstacles that Life Throws At Us!!!
    ...Now, I was hoping to find a 'Contact' Pen Pal person, from One of the Caribbean Islands, that I could start writing to, To Become Friends With; as I intend to Retire/Move There (Somewhere) in 6 yrs. Time???
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    From personal experience...a good relationship starts with open honest communication from both would also help if both parties agree from the start to not assume the other
    person is a mindreader....
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    Well destiny can bring you togehter yes. Yet, from then on you need to make sure that you have quality time together. I think spending good time together is the lubracant to keep a relationship fresh and smoothly running.
    I learned this the hard way I guess. The same for friendship, and isn't love the divine ultimate friendship?
    Best regards
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    hello there I wanna tell you that success in a relationship is not studied ... it is our destiny that brings us to a successful relationship .. if u truly love the person then fight for it,, if she is meant for you she will be yours till the end of time.