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    As far as the following info, showing some of the many similarities, between Osiris(Ausar) and the "story" of Jesus(pbuh), I expect that the "die-hard" Christians, shall state that, because the stories are not exactly the same, the two are in no way related...

    John 6:16-24 Jesus Walks on the Water. Actually the sun, as Jesus is thought to personify in many instances, walks on the water all the time.

    Actually the story of Jesus walking on the water is allegorical of the Sun crossing the Milky Way .

    John 11:1-40 The resurrection of Lazarus is another version of the story of the solar year. Robert Taylor gave a sermon about it in 1830 which I will reprint later. (It's one of his sermons in The Devil's Pulpit. Don't recall which one offhand, or if it's in Vol. 1 or Vol. 2)

    "The resurrection of Lazarus is a plagiarized story taken from the Ausarian Resurrection of over 12,000 years ago, which was also based on the SUN. In the story, the God Ausar (Osirus) was killed by his brother, Set (origin of the word Satan). The son (Sun) of Ausar (Osirus), named Heru (Horus in Greek) avenged his father's death by fighting with Set. His father was resurrected from death. The European plagiarizers changed El-Ausar to Lazarus. Heru changed into Jesus, the son (SUN) of God. This original story (prototype for Constantine's bible) is published in detail in the BOOK OF THE DEAD." -

    "Now the word "Lazarus" is a thinly disguised L-ASURAS. Asur, is the real name of Osiris in Egyptian. 'L' just means 'the,' as in the modern French." ?


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    > Lectures
    > Originally published in a private edition c. 1900
    > The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ
    > ---------------------------------
    In presenting my readers with some of the data which show that
    much of the
    > Christian History was pre-extant as Egyptian Mythology. I have to
    ask you to
    > bear in mind that the facts, like other foundations, have been
    buried out of
    > sight for thousands of years in a hieroglyphical language, that
    was never really
    > read by Greek or Roman, and could not be read until the lost clue
    was discovered
    > by Champollion, almost the other day! In this way the original
    sources of our
    > Mytholatry and Christology remained as hidden as those of the
    Nile, until the
    > century in which we live. The mystical matter enshrouded in this
    language was
    > sacredly entrusted to the keeping of the buried dead, who have
    > preserved it as their Book of Life, which was placed beneath their
    pillows, or
    > clasped to their bosoms, in their coffins and their tombs.
    > Secondly, although I am able to read the hieroglyphics, nothing
    offered to you
    > is based on my translation. I work too warily for that! The
    transcription and
    > literal rendering of the hieroglyphic texts herein employed are by
    scholars of
    > indisputable authority. There is no loophole of escape that way. I
    lectured upon
    > the subject of Jesus many years ago. At that time I did not know
    how we had been
    > misled, or that the "Christian scheme" (as it is aptly called) in
    the New
    > Testament is a fraud, founded on a fable in the Old!
    > I then accepted the Canonical Gospels as containing a veritable
    human history,
    > and assumed, as others do, that the history proved itself. Finding
    that Jesus,
    > or Jehoshua Ben-Pandira, was an historical character, known to the
    Talmud, I
    > made the common mistake of
    > 1

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    2 Finding
    that Jesus,
    > or Jehoshua Ben-Pandira, was an historical character, known to the
    Talmud, I
    > made the common mistake of
    > 1
    > supposing that this proved the personal existence of the Jesus
    found portrayed
    > in the Canonical Gospels. But after you have heard my story, and
    weighed the
    > evidence now for the first time collected and presented to the
    public, you will
    > not wonder that I should have changed my views, or that I should
    be impelled to
    > tell the truth to others, as it now appears to myself; although I
    am only able
    > to summarize here, in the briefest manner possible, a few of the
    facts that I
    > have dealt with exhaustively elsewhere....
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    > "Eighteen centuries are a long while in the life-time of a lie,
    but a
    > brief span in the eternity of Truth. The Fiction is sure to be
    > out, and the Lie will fall at last! At last! At last!!! " Gerald
    > Lectures
    > Originally published in a private edition c. 1900
    > The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ
    > ---------------------------------
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    Ausar taught his people many remarkable things. He taught them how to live peacefully with themselves and with each other. He taught them how to prosper. His teachings about the powers of the One God and it was later inspired others to awaken their divine light within them.

    His wife Auset (Isis) soon developed a way to cultivate plants and herbs, which later gave birth to agriculture and herbal medicine. And eventually others would follow developing a writing and mathematics systems, judicial system, fine arts and crafts, a vast engineering system including electronics and so on.

    Ausar was one of the first, if not the first to teach us about the divine powers within us. This divine power that God has given us all was taught to us by Ausar. Ausar didn't just inspire us to build temples and things of that nature. No, Ausar showed us how to be saved and his counselor Tehuti showed us how to save ourselves. ...
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    "Fascinating. It has been clear to me for sometime that Christ Jesus's message as I understand it was essentially the same as what I have heard called the Ausarian religion. Thank you for this quote from St.Augustine, it may be the nexus I have sought. Peace, Saint"

    Now, this man is not a "so-called" scholar. To my knowledge, he is a Black man who belongs to the group "Ta-Seti".

    Since I believe Christianity is pre-extant Egyptian religion, I am not really suprised he stated,...

    "...It has been clear to me for sometime that Christ Jesus's message as I understand it was essentially the same as what I have heard called the Ausarian religion. ..."

    I think it would help to know what "the Ausarian religion", refers to...

    What is the Ausarian Religion?

    The Ausarian religion is a religion of peace. Thousands of years before Christ, Moses, Ankenaten, Abraham, Buddha, Muhummad and so on. There was once a king that wanted more than anything peace. You see during his time his people were warring and constantly fighting to destroy each other for their survival. And this king wanted to put an end to it. He didn't just want to put an end to the warring but also the human suffering that existed throughout his land. And through the assistance of a wise counselor he was able to do that.

    This king was called by the Greeks Osiris, but his real name was Ausar.

    The legends of Ausar and the miracles he performed exist throughout the world because once he was able to bring his people together he travelled around the world teaching others how to do the same remarkable things in order to improve their lives on earth.

    What Ausar learned from his constant communication with God was how men and women could save their souls. It was from his dialogue with Neter (God) and his counselor (Tehuti), that Ausar taught his people many remarkable things. He
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    It was in honour of this same virgin, (from whom the sun emanated, and by whom the god Day or Light was nursed,) that, at Sais, the famous feast of lights was celebrated, and from which our Candlemas, or our feast of the lights of the purification, was taken. Ceres was always called the Holy Virgin.*

    * Dupuis, Vol. III. pp. 40, &c., 4to.

    ? Pelloutier,* as noticed before, has observed, that more than a hundred years before the Christian ?ra, in the territory of Chartres, among the Gauls, honours were paid to the virgin (VIRGINI PARITU?) who was about to give birth to the God of Light. That was really the Buddhist worship, I have no doubt. The Virgin was the beautiful Maya, the mother of Buddha?the Budwas found in Wales, as noticed in my Celtic Druids.**

    * Hist. des Celtes, liv. v. p.15; Dupuis, Vol. III. p.51.

    ** Ch. v. sect. viii. and xxxvii.

    The worship of the Virgin was in no sense applicable to Mary the wife of Joseph. If this worship had been originally derived from her, or instituted in her honour, she would not have been called a virgin as a distinguishing mark of honour; for she was no more a virgin than any other woman who had a large family : for such a family, after the birth of Jesus, it cannot be denied that, according to the Gospel accounts, she had. Therefore why, more than any other woman, should she be called a virgin ? The truth is, that the worship of the virgin and child, which we find in all Romish countries, was nothing more than a remnant of the worship of Isis and the God Horus?the Virgin of the celestial sphere, to whom the epithet virgin, though a mother, was without absurdity applied.

    Anacalypsis: An Attempt To Draw Aside The Veil Of The Saitic Isis; Or An Inquiry
    Into The Origin Of Languages, Nations And Religion

    Author: Higgins, Godfrey

    Volume one of a two volume set. (This description is for all volumes.) Godfrey
    Higgins was convinced that a high civilization had flourished prior...
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    No person who has considered well the character of the temples on India and Egypt, can help being convinced of the identity of their character, and of their being the production of the same race of people; and this race evidently Ethiopian. The Sphinxes have all Ethiopian faces. The bust of Memnon in the British Museum is evidently Ethiopian. The worship of the Mother and Child is seen in all parts of the Egyptian religion. It prevails every where. It is the worship of Isis and the infant Orus or Osiris. It is the religious rite which was so often prohibited at Rome, but which prevailed in spite of all opposition, as we find from the remaining ruins of its temples. It was perhaps from this country, Egypt, that the worship of the black virgin and child came into Italy, where it still prevails. It was the worship of the mother of the God Iaw, the Saviour; Bacchus in Greece, Adonis in Syria, Cristna in India; composing into Italy through the medium of the two , she was as the Ethiopians were, black, and such she still remains.

    M. Dupuis says, the celestial sign of the Virgin and Child was in existence several thousand years before the birth of Christ. The constellation of the celestial Virgin by its ascension above the horizon presided at the birth of the God Sol, or light, and seemed to produce him from her side. Here is the origin of Jesus born from the side of his mother. The Magi, as well as the priests of Egypt, celebrated the birth of the God Sol, or Light, or Day, incarnate in the womb of a virgin, which had produced him without ceasing to be a virgin, and without connexion with man. This was he of whom all the prophets and mystagogues prophesied, saying, "A virgin shall conceive, and bear a son" (and his name shall be Om-nu-al, Om our God). ? This is the same virgin of the constellation whom, Eratosthenes says, the learned of Alexandria call Ceres or Isis, who opened the year and presided at the birth of the god Day. It was in honour...
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    The Virgin Mary, in most countries where the Roman faith prevails, is called the Queen of Heaven : this is the very epithet given by the ancients to the mother of Bacchus, who was said to be a virgin. ?

    We have seen, I think, that it is beyond the possibility of doubt that Buddha and Mercury, sons of Maia, were the same person. This receives a very remarkable confirmation from the fact, that Mercury was always called by the Gentiles the Logos?"The word that in the beginning was God, and that also was a God."* But this Logos we have also shewn to be the Divine Wisdom, and he was, according to the Pagan Amelius, the Creator. He says, "And this plainly was the Logoj by whom all things were made,** he being himself eternal, as Heraclitus would say : and by JOVE the same whom the barbarian affirms to have been in the place and dignity of a principal, and to be with God, and to be God, by whom all things were made, and in whom every thing that was made has its life and being : who, descending into body, and putting on flesh, took the appearance of a man, though even then gave proof of the majesty of his nature : nay, after his dissolution, he was deified again." If this do not prove the identity of Buddha and the Romish Jesus nothing can do it.

    **Vol. I. p.118.

    The MERCURY of Egypt, Teut-tat, is the same as the Gothic Thiod-tat, or query, Thiod-ad ?* Here we come, perhaps, at the origin of Qeoj. Jayadeva describes Buddha as bathing in blood, or sacrificing his life to wash away the offences of mankind, and thereby to make them partakers of the kingdom of heaven. On this the author of the Cambridge Key** says, "Can a Christian doubt that this Buddha was the type of the Saviour of the world ?" This Buddha the Cantab. supposes to have been Enoch.

    * Hermes Scythicus, Origin of Greeks, p.131; Univers. Hist. Vol. VI. p.33.

    **Vol. I. p.118.

    No person who has considered well the character of the temples on India and Egypt...
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    Great information. A just defense. The Word!
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    beanpie write:
    "Judah's line would produce the promised Messiah Jesus. "

    Please, present evidence.

    What does this refer to? 49:10

    This is in reference to 49:10, "the scepter will not depart from Judah".

    As for the genealogy of Jesus, the evidence for me lies in the fact that the Bible is shown to be reliable in five major ways: (1) textural transmission (the accuracy of the copying process down through history), (2) the conformation of the Old and New Testament by hard evidence uncovered through archaeology, (3) documentary evidence also uncovered through archaeology, (4) the internal evidence test of the New Testament, and (5) the external evidence test of the New Testament. Thus I have to believe the genealogy Jesus recorded in Matthew 1: 1-17 is correctly documented by Matthew.

    All of the aforementioned I can provide you some tangible evidence of if you ask, even though this is exceedingly difficult to do via posting on this site, as you very well know, we are limited with 2000 characters to get our point across.
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    I would be happy to give you my interpretation of this passage. But first let me say that I am so glad to see you back beanpie. Are you doing well? Sure hope so.

    Gen. 49:8-10
    I'm sure you are already aware of the fact that must be kept in mind while reading these verses in the context in which they were written, and that being Jacob was basically on his deathbed and had called all of his sons around him so as he could bless them before he passes on.

    Why was Judah - known for selling Joseph into slavery and trying to defraud his daughter in law - so greatly blessed? God had chosen Judah to be the ancestor of Israel's line of kings (that is the meaning of "the scepter will not depart from Judah"). This may have been due to Judah's dramatic change of character (44:33,34). Judah's line would produce the promised Messiah Jesus.

    Looking at various translations of the Bible I see that "Until he comes to whom it belongs" (NIV) may also be translated, "until Shiloh comes" or "until he comes to whom tribute belongs." The question is what is Shiloh? The meaning of this difficult passage is disputed. Shiloh may be another name for the Messiah; because it's literal meaning is "sent." Shiloh might also refer to the Tent of the Meeting set up at the city of Shiloh (Joshua 18:1).

    But I think the most pertinent thing to answer your question is that the patriarch Jacob predicted some fifteen hundred years earlier that the Messiah (Jesus) would be born from the tribe of Judah (49:10). There were in fact twelve tribes in ancient Israel that Jesus could have descended from by chance, yet He was born to that particular one. Plus as I pointed out in a previous post here that since there were twelve tribes then the odds of that occurring were 12 to 1.
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    "10 The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be."
    Genesis 49:10

    Sir, please, help me understand. In what way does this refer to Jesus(pbuh)?
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    For some reason, part 1 has disappeared so I am reposting it. If there were something inherently wrong with it, would the moderators of this forum please be so kind as to advise.
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    Pt 1

    This is taken from the book: Jesus: The Great Debate by Grant R. Jeffrey

    There is over 300 prophetic passages in the Old Testament that refer to the first appearing of Jesus the Messiah. 48 of these refer exclusively to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. All of them were published during an eleven-hundred-year period that ended 4 centuries before Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

    First, I would like to talk about the study of statistics involving the theory and laws of mathematical probability. This theory states that if the probability of a single event occurring randomly is one chance in five, and the probability of another is one in ten, then the combined probability that both events will occur together in sequence is five multiplied by ten. Thus the combined chance of both events occurring in sequence is on chance in fifty.

    Examining the predictions in the Old Testament about the eventual Messiah, lets look at each one briefly and it?s probability, whether they are by chance, or the prophets correctly guessed.

    First; He would be born in Bethlehem and be descended from the tribe of Judah.
    Old Testament prediction; Micah 5:2, Genesis 49:10
    New Testament fulfillment; Matthew 2:1
    Probability; 1 chance in 2400

    A messenger would precede the Messiah
    Old Testament prediction; Isaiah 40:3
    New Testament fulfillment; Matthew 3:1,2
    Probability; 1 in 20

    He would enter Jerusalem on a colt.
    Old testament prediction; Zechariah 9:9
    New Testament fulfillment; Luke 19:35-37
    Probability; 1 in 50

    He would be betrayed by a friend.
    Old Testament prediction; Psalm 41:9
    New Testament fulfillment; Matthew 26:47,48
    Probability; 1 in 10

    His hands and feet will be pierced.
    Old Testament prediction; Psalm 22:16
    New Testament fulfillment; Luke 23:33
    Probability; 1 in 100

    His enemies would wound the Messiah.
    Old Testament prediction; Isaiah 54:5
    New Testament fulfillment; Matthew 27:26
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    My goodness, you're very welcome beanpie. Just hope you are doing better and continue to do so each day until your back to your lively self once again. Take good care.
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    Thank you for, the very kind comments. I am most appreciative.
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    Wow beanpie, my thoughts and prayers are with you. You take it easy and get well soon. I look forward to your responses whenever you do get better, but for now, just work on resting and getting back to normal.
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    Here is my answer to your question regarding how Micah 5 refers to Jesus.
    Hope it helps you to understand my perspective on what truth lies in this prophecy. Although I am not the author of the book Jesus: The Great Debate, or any other for that matter, I will try and answer as best as I can.

    Micah 5:1
    This ruler was probably King Zedikiah, who was reigning in Jerusalem when Nebuchadnezzar conquered the city (2 Kings 25:1,2). Zedekiah was the last of the Kings in David's line to sit on the throne in Jerusalem. Micah said that the next king in David's line would be the Messiah, who would establish a kingdom that would never end.
    You see, Jerusalem's leaders were obsessed with wealth and position, but Micah prophesied that mighty Jerusalem, with all its wealth and power, would be besieged and destroyed. Its king could not save it. In contrast, Bethlehem, a tiny town, would be the birthplace of the only king who could save his people. This deliverer, the Messiah, would be born as a baby in Bethlehem (Luke 2:4-7) and eventually would reign as the eternal King (Revelation 19 - 22).

    Ephrathah was the district in which Bethlehem was located.

    This ruler was Jesus, the Messiah. Micah accurately predicted Christ's birthplace hundreds of years before Jesus was born. The promised eternal King in David's line, who would cme to live as a man, had been alive forever - "from the old of ancient times." Although eternal, Christ entered human history as the man, Jesus of Nazareth.

    Also, there were twelve tribes in ancient Israel from which Jesus could have descended, yet He was born in the tribe of Judah. Not to mention the fact that Jesus could have been born in any one of over 2000 villages and towns in the densely populated area alloted to the tribe of Judah.
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    Thanks Brian for everything. And thank you too Beanpie for participating in each and every discussion, you probably don't realize it, but you are appreciated, One thing I would like to say is please don't follow with a reply later by editing your previous posts as I have noticed in some of the other topics we've been discussing. My little ole pea brain finds it hard to keep up if not in sequentual order, i.e., a typical converstion. And sorry I haven't answered your question just yet. I will do so a bit later as I, unfortunately must go to work now.