Chat Rooms? Comments and Suggestions

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    so..why doesnt this site have a chat room?... i like the whole forum/blog idea but a chat room would have been great for communication as well.

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    the problem does not lie 100% on the site but also the persons who visit the sute and the personality they have. if you are an idler, chances are you will meet idlers, if you are serious, chances are you will meet someone serious, it just takes longer. the biggest problem is the stipulation we place on the opposite sex and on ourselves. if you live in an area where there aren't much black women or white men, at some point, intelligence must say you have to look frther or een overseas as i can tell you most of those interracial couples, even when married didn't meet in their home country. not willing to relocate, not willing to look outside your state because its too far, not willing to look overseas when its clear that if the ideal woman or man was in a mile raidus of you, you would have met them long time ago.  another problem is superficiality, why it is good to be attractive but i realize that most persons are mainly concerned about how tall the guy is, how dark his hair is, how much abs he has, and with the guys its mainly how sexy, how not so dark and how trim/athletic she is when in reality, evryone has flaws. we warped in the ideology of beauty, attraction so much that when we feed on it and things don't work out, we blame everyone and everything except oyr own selves.

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    My thought is they have very few paying members and removed the feature to try to increase membership.  Another site did same thing only kept chatroom for paying members only.  Room was dead.  There were only a couple guys talking sports.  This site wont even let you do a search, and they think I'm going to pay?

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    Yes, this site is desperately in need of chat rooms or IM feature.  Without chat or IM, the site feels dead.  Probably there are a few women who considered replying to me, but balked at having to spend $39 to send one reply.  With the free dating websites, on the other hand, telling who is serious and who is not can be more difficult.  If someone is willing to pay $39 per month, then chances are, they're seriously looking for a date and not just window-shopping.


    I signed up for one month of full membership here, sent out more than a dozen emails, and so far only one reply.  I'm going on a date with her tonight or tomorrow night.  If we don't click, then I'm thinking I would have more luck with interracial dating on one of the super-massive dating sites (including one of the free dating websites), by specifically searching for and chatting with black women there.  Yes, some white men do find black women to be attractive, even gorgeous!  (An anecdote:  I was at the airport yesterday.  I saw a young black lady walking nearby and my heart skipped a beat.  She was so beautiful.  At the same time, I saw a handsome black man opposite me, also admiring her, so I didn't approach her, fearing his reaction.  Why didn't I?  What does he have to do with me?  That is something I'm trying to psychoanalyze in myself, and not let the next opportunity pass me by.)


    Another interracial dating site, with a name similar to this one, has a chat window open at all times.  Unfortunately, I don't often see anyone there closer than 100 miles.


    Chat is a great way to gauge personality, to see into a person more deeply than what you can read on their profile or from what they can write in a carefully-composed email.  A person has to keep writing quickly when they're chatting, and can't hide behind a façade as easily.


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    I agree with forever 86. This site is a scam. Grace1992 you are very beautiful and I would love to take you out but I am not 3ven close to your area. 

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    Bc this whole thing is a scam.