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    This is my first means of introducing myself. My name is Carolyn, I am the adopted granddaughter of Navajo elder and medicine man, Tommy Nez. I am also adopted into the Seymour family, who are of the Shuswap people. I have been following the Good Red Road for three summers now, and help caretake my grandfathers sweatlodge. I follow the Holy Sacrament and sit at NAC meetings, and try to live my life by Walking in Beauty. I am grateful for The Creator bringing these teachers into my life, who have loved and accepted me, and have taught me to help myself, and how to help others. At first I was not sure how this all came to be, other than my prayers ahd been answered.So i shared a story with a friend, who is a sundancer, of how my parents first friends here in the 1950's, were Chief George Leonard and his wife. And at one time my mother helped out mrs.Leonard by gifting her a red dress. My friend said to me, that perhpas she was so grateful of this gift, that she put down prayers for your mothers unborn children. That one of them would follow this way. And maybe that one is YOU. Then everything began to make sense. So i thank The Creator for my life ever moment, and know we are all part of the rainbow Connection.
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    have you thanked the creator for bringing JESUS into your life ?
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    where does JESUS fit into all of this ?