asian women and black men INFO CONCERNING BLACK PEOPLE

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    what are your feeling on this topic,everybody?
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    I dated a filipina once.  At the time I was very young and not ready to marry however,  she and her family were adamant that we marry sooner than later.  Needless to say,  our relationship didn't last but I enjoyed being with her.  Her family was old-fashioned, very accepting of me and very close.  Made me appreciate my own family a lot more.  

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    Since i lived and worked in China, I would say that there are many Asian women who would date Black men. However, you should consider a few things:

    1. Be genuinely interested in asian culture. Frequent asian resturants, watch asian movies, learn a few phrases in an asian language that interests you. It goes a long way. 

    2. Have a sense of humor. This helps to break the ice with her and also with her friends. You cannot take yourself too seriously all the time. Learn to laugh and even laugh at yourself sometimes. Especailly if you are the first Black man she is dating. She will have some pre-conceived notions about you already, and if you are great to her, you will shatter every steroetype and really make a positive impact on her, her family, and her friends. You will open her mind to see the beauty in you, and our culture. You will also open the door for other Black men to date asians in her circle because she will rave about all your positive qualities. Many of my Black American and African friends who worked with me in China have married Asian women and have the most beautiful children.  


    Hope this helps!

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    yeah! i want me an asian real bad,oh! 'jesus effing khrist' i donknw why,,, h

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    it is an issue for others not them
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    Great potential if both are emotionally mature enough to work through cultural stereotypical, regular, and religious issues that may arise.