Gauteng Black Man Seeks Local White Chick swf seeks man of color with humor

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    My sympathies are with you my friend. I am also South African but I live in the United Kingdom. You do get some people who are scraed to come out of the "box" they were put in by the previous government. I can also tell you that there are thousands of white ladies who crave to be connected to a black guy. Just hang in there and be patient. But Never forget......always treat her like a lady...she will respect you as a gentleman.
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    Oh wherever I go, I'll always have women friends. I seem to communicate a lot better with women, too. Perhaps too well: it may be that once you're seen as the "best friend," your chances of being seen as a "possible lover" disappear.

    But, in all honesty, I find conversations with women a lot more interesting than conversations with men, usually. That capability many women have to jump from one topic to another, from the merely practical to the completely abstract, from the serious to the ridiculous, that's just the way I communicate, too.

    I love women, but not in the romantic sense only. I see in them my peers, my equals, my friends.

    LOL, I'm almost a poster boy for geeky nice guys. I wonder what this emoticon means...
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    You have my mind positively blushing from such a compliment. =)
    I'm with Sister Silver, showering you with hugs, though I DO hope they wouldn't be good-bye for long hugs.
    You AND your jokes that few people get, your well thought out posts/debates, and your wry, sometimes self-depricating humor, all will be greatly missed.
    I think I understand some why your Bolivia calls to you.
    I hope that, even if the greater world does not take much interest, your time here served to make a handful of its citizens a bit more aware of the concerns of your first home.
    Cimmie, I'd wish you God bless, but
    ya, I know...
    Might I wish you good fortune instead?
    Hey, if we MAKE our OWN "fortune," then I suppose fortune, of a sort, does exist in your world, so...
    **** GOOD FORTUNE my friend!!! ****
    If one more "friend" of the fairer gender won't serve to positively send you up the hill to the mad house, feel free to YupWhom anytime,
    P.S. Don't discount female friends entirely... Someday one just might wake up to see what a truely wonderful man you are. =)
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    I don't think I'll be around long, since I'm planning to go back to my country soon. I just want to take this chance to say, well, that a lot of people here seem wonderful, at least in the forum, both guys and gals.

    Focusing on the gals (ahem), Silver, Caramel Princess, Kash, PDX Muse, you all have a lot to say and by golly I hope you find the right guy (I know, Silver, you already have, otherwise I'd have winked at you, just because you're so sweet) and are happy forever. Ok, not forever. But long enough. Although that is my feeling to anyone still searching out there (Loner included, gosh that guy seems to need love so badly, give him a chance darn! And Keihan too, he's cool. And MrSVP, and phea, and even brian... hope they all find the woman they need).

    And, well, Samantha, I really enjoy your posts. I'm, I think, a bit in love with your brain. There, I said it. So, well, hmm... I guess that's all. I'm such a kid, I'm blushing here. Go figure. I need a drink. Of water, of course. I hope you're very happy. If life can be good even alone, imagine what it can be with someone else!

    Of course Bolivia is not an interesting country, well it seems no one really gives a dang about it. Which is sort of understandable, I don't think we're ever on the news. But perhaps I won't get used there. So I might be back. Although I'm not quite sure I ever got used here. Or anywhere else for that matter. I need my own planet, haha.

    Be as it may, good luck to you all. Back to the regular programming. And no, I'm not gone yet.
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    I cannot see the origonal post and am not sure why this topic is up on the forum list for recently being posted to, but just wanted to say
    sage advice elantra1963 =)

    I'm currently in communication with someone, and not actively looking for potential romantic partners at this time.
    I do have quite an interest in your home land, and am always open to learning more through friendships with folks of both genders.
    Several S.A. online friends know me by the isiZulu root word for "love"27S.A.'s coza spider, and if anyone with an interest in S.A., its history, cultures, and especially its music seeks discussions of same, feel free to contact me through IRM or elsewhere.