The jury is still out.... Black Female Seeks White Male

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    Dear Ladies, :D


    While the functionality of this site is less than desirable, I do love the fact that I can come here and see so many beautful ladies of color; however I must not be searching hard enough for the ones in Texas.  I wish there was more activity least coming from a guys perspective that lives in DFW.  So, my questions are out of pure curiosty...


    1.  Are you able to find enough guys within your area to actually have a productive dating life on here?

    2.  Any success stories?

    3.  To qualify the question, I for one am open to meeting ladies from different states; however, I can't leave Texas because of my kids.  That said, I don't want to waste my time or the other persons time, so I am inclined to ask sooner rather than later....but asking the question if they can relocate too soon is not exactly an ice breaker type conversation.  So, when you meet a guy from a different state how up front are you about your position on relocation?  



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    I am in the DFW area so relocation not an issue. New to the site well signed up a while back never utilize until tonight. You are  the first person I messaged. You are very handsome! I don't know if you're still active but I hope so. If so reply 

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    Well hello there,  Just had a look at your profile, not sure when it was updated, but I have an announcement ...I soooooooooo can relocate for you Honnney!! okay, like on the real, I checked and  the Soda side of my conglomerate has offices allllll over the globe.  I've worked in Colombia at our LATAM offices, work and was based in the UAE...(note to self...this is probably why I've been single...travelling and getting station allll over.). 


    Okay, super NB question is if you're still on the lookout. 

    (picture icon meaning like profile pic typa situation?) S: amy.remani 

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