Being a Full-Blooded Native American Guy is Bad for Romance Cultures and Education

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    I'm realizing that more and more. Women from other races don't really see you as a potential partner, and women from your own race are desperately trying to get someone from another race to look at them.

    I have yet to find a Native American woman who is not running after white, Hispanic or Black men and trying her utmost not to date her own.

    It's kinda sad, actually. Although I've heard something similar from East Asian guys living in North America: their women would date anyone but them. Still, I see more Asian/Asian couples than Native/Native couples around.
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    Seriously; I'm Native American with dark skin trying to avoid BLACKS and sleazy Mexicans who look at me with their tongue hanging out and can't have a decent conversation. I asked someone which supermarket around here had the least bad guacamole and he never did answer that question but immediately wanted to know if I had a husband, which room I'm staying in and could he come in. That's how I get treated. I told someone I came here to teach Math/Science and they started right in on wanting to talk about womens' "needs" for male "companionship" and making babies. Gross.
    I'm Native American and I'm just looking for someone who can see me and like me for having a BRAIN and an education and not as some kind of skin color and body part. I may want to talk about "Harry Potter" and all I get is leered at and hit on. Gross. It makes me want Harry Potter's wand and his powers!!
    Dude, it's not Native American men we're looking to avoid!! I would LOVE to meet a fellow educated Native American man who didn't drink to excess (or at all), smoke (I'm allergic to cigarette smoke), do any illegal recreational drugs, believe in out of wedlock childbearing, and ideally had no criminal record. And a JOB with that degree, which unfortunately is what I"m lacking.
    I'm not looking to avoid my fellow Native Americans, but they tend to look at me and think "black" so they're the ones avoiding ME.
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    I'm available and would love to date a Full-Blooded Native American Guy!
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    Maybe it?s the area in which you are living. I don?t find that to be true in my neck of the woods.