My Friend Frankie (True Story) Funny jokes and anecdotes

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    Back when i was a 19 yr. old sailor, me and goup of other young sailors were sitting around lying about our sexual conquest. And in walked this beautiful middle aged ebony woman and sat down at a table not far from us (i mean she was beautiful).She knew we were staring and whispering about her. After a while she got up and came over to our table and said,"I'll take one of you home with me tonight under one condition. My husband wants to watch." Now trying to perform at 19 yrs old is hard enough without someone's husband watching. But all of a sudden my friend Frankie said,"I'll do it." So Frankie and the beautiful woman left.The next day I saw Frankie on the ship so I ran up to him and asked."Hey Frankie how'd it go last night?" And then Frankie said,"about an hour after reaching the lady's house, they were in her bedroom in the dark in the middle of flagrant delectie (sex). And all of a sudden a buck naked man jumped out of the closet and yelled !!!!! And ran over and slapped Frankie on his a** and turned around and walked out of the room without saying a word." So then I said,"what'd you do then Frankie?" And then Frankie said, "I kept going I was'nt done yet."

    BEWARE THE INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Your story made me think of a man I used to know. He said he would sometimes have sex with a certain woman while her husband watched. And that the husband paid him for each "incident." I was young and naive, and all I could think to say was, "How much did he pay you." My friend said $5.00.

    That lifestyle is not for me, but I will say that after getting to know my friend John, I realized the couple was certainly getting its money's worth....
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