Where are all the guys that like black chics? INFO CONCERNING BLACK PEOPLE

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    you look like a serial killer.
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    I'm going to pitch in my two cents to help you black women attract white men or any man.

    Use your eyes followed by a bright smile. I'm talking about aggressive eye contact that makes him think that he is the only man in the world.

    Some women know how to use their eyes to entice a man to the point of breaking him down. If he seems to be shy, ask him a question. Ask for directions. Then, let your eyes pay attention.

    However, there is a border somewhere between looking like a quick pickup and a legitimate lady. So, be careful where you are when you utilize this technique.

    You probably already knew this. I just thought I'd throw that in there in case you weren't thinking about it.
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    Bett345 write:
    Midlove, I respect your comments but people don't really realize that God is the one who made us and the main difference between black and white races is our skin color and the way that each individual was brought up. All black people were not raised the same. I understand that there are more white people running this country than any other race but I don't look at them nor any other race as being the strongest one. I feel that all races are special and are important because we were all made from God and there is no where in the bible where God said that one race is better than the other. What should matter when it comes to a relationship is LOVE not color or race.

    You're absolutely right, no race is actually stronger. However, their position in life is more powerful. Remember, our race had to fight for their rights in this country. This fight continues today. This is evident of a lower position in life.

    Also, blacks don't own nuclear weapons. How many black scientists do you know? How many blacks have invented anything lately? It's hard for blacks to get into high-tech occupations.

    I believe everyone should have access to any type of knowledge they desire, without restrictions, including grade point averages and financial conditions.

    For many, the objective is to use the Word of God to keep you straight, while they do as they please, including rain on your parade, if they can.
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    Bett345 write:
    Midlove, how come it does not matter for the white women about their status in society. There are alot of successful good black women out here. I notice that people of the opposite race stereotype the black race too much. They feel that all black people talk a certain way or live a certain way. People fail to realize that each person has a different personality and every person grew up differently. I do not even understand when people say a person talks black. I don't even use the slangs that some black people use. It all depends on a person's surroundings, not on whether they are black or white. Again, I notice that white women don't care about their status in society. They seem to not even care about that. It seems as if they are taking more interest in black men than their own race. I really applaud them for that because it is time to break that racial boundary. America has been bound to that for too long.

    They are of the strongest race. They run this country. When you need a job, you must cater to them.

    Because a woman will bring out the weaknesses of a man that is attracted to her, she is easily forgiven, at least for the time being. Therefore, she can afford to cross barriers.

    Over and over again, the news pounds a certain reputation of blacks into the heads of everyone on a daily basis. It is strong therapy, except for those who know better.

    Can you imagine living out in the country and not being exposed to blacks for years, while watching the news and listening to your parents, who grew up under the same circumstances. The news makes a black person look like a risk, until he/she sees differently.

    Another thing to consider is, you can become homesick or that is, miss your past life. If you didn't grow up around blacks or any other race, you may have a tendency to want to go back to the way things used to be, after weighing the positives and the negatives.
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    I met a guy from this site who said stuff like his friends said that they only want to date black women to get laid shocking because rather than go without being intimate because they only will marry white women but sleep with black women so he wants a discreet relationship with a darker skinned women because he seemed embarrassed in public. one also said he was married to a white woman but only wanted a discreet relationship with a black woman bastards...
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    Brand new member here. I've read everyone comments on this topic. They were all very interesting. I can agree with most of the comments to a degree. I do think fear is our greatest obstacle to overcome. I've been asked by friends many times, why, after having been married to a blk male for over 20 years, would I be interested in dating a White male. The answer to this question was, "broader horizons". Why should I limit myself. The potential for happiness is greater with an open mind and an open heart. Besides we (men and women) were created to be mates. There was no mention of the color of the skin.
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    There exist, also, those white men that care about their status in society. If they are accustomed to connecting with higher society white women, they may not take the chance on a lovely successful black woman. To do so, courage is needed. Some emphasize stability, financial success and image.

    Since men usually cater to women, it's easier for women to cross barriers and return.

    Speaking of crossing barriers, those, who lack enough success within, will, most likely, look elsewhere.
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    Hello everyone. Fairly new memeber and first time poster. Actually, I was just reading the forums to see what everyone was talking about. Since this subject is something that I can relate to, it took my interest. As a white male who lives in a very racially diverse city, I see quite alot. I agree with what most people are saying in their posts. That you see more often than not, black men with white women as opposed to white men with black women. So I can confirm most everyones observations. I can only speak from my own experience. I have many friends from about every ethnic background. I have quite a few friends that are in relationships with partners of a different race. I honestly don't even think twice about this because I have seen it quite often. Anyway, not to stray from the subject at hand. I know that there are quite alot of white men who would like very much to get to know/date, or possibly get into a relationship with a black woman. I think the problem here is this. Most white guys aren't afraid to look at a black woman they find attractive or sexy looking. The problem is, they are saying to themselves, "wow, she sure is a cutie.....but does she like white guys???" "I would feel a little akward if I went up to her, started talking to her, and her response is.....thanks, but no thanks, I'm really not interested in white men.....Ofcorse we all fear rejection, but it feels a little worse when it's from someone different....It shouldn't matter though. Like a few of the earlier posters have said. If you see a lady you think is attractive, GO FOR IT.....Just maybe you will find someone you have alot in common with, and it will be the start of something great. So to all of the Black beauties on here, your White Knight may be out there, and please don't be shy......If you see a White Gentleman you think is attractive, feel free to say HI....:)
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    I agree with you bett345..i prefer black woman over white woman...I think black woman are very attractive and sexy looking.. But it is so hard to meet a black woman that is interested in a white man...I don't know if it the area that i live in(cincinnati,ohio)...i think it is more socially accepted for a white woman to date a black man rather than black woman to date a white man...I think that black women haven't accepted like the white woman have...

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    I was wondering the same thing also. There is a double standard because black men are more apt to have a white woman with average looks and then get to know them more, but most white men are into the more Halle Berry image before they even get to know you. In my age catagory most men are wanting women for "experiment" and "fetishes", but not for "real " relationships, now if I am wrong forgive me, but I would like to hear from at least one white gentleman who is really looking for a real relationship with a black woman. There are a lot more to most of us black women on this site than the profile.
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    group jewel wrote:

    You are such a beauty that I am very, very surprised to discover you looking for a relationship over the Internet.
    Are you suggesting that ONLY unattractive people should seek a mate on line??? I hope not. You seem to have the same misconception that too many people have today. The misconception that "If you can't find anyone in the REAL WORLD, try your luck in CYBERWORLD.

    Hmm...should I expound on this topic? Never mind, I'll leave it alone for now.
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    I do not understand this at all. I was under the impression that this site was about finding a mate. I do not think that race should be an issue. If you find someone that can accept you as you are, and likes some of the same things that you do, and you can communicate well, why should there be a color barrier? By no means should you allow race to enter the picture. There is no color to happiness.

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    I can't speak for anyone but myself and,in my experiences,I've always been let down by bw.I've taken care of my 2 children and 3 who are not biologically mine and their mothers and I've been cheated on every time.God knows I love my sistaz and I've never dated outside of my race but,theres just got to be a woman somewhere in this world who can appreciate someone like me,whether she be black or otherwise.I just want to see what things look like from the other side of the fence for a change.

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    You are such a beauty that I am very, very surprised to discover you looking for a relationship over the Internet. If you are anything at all like your description, I'm positive that very shortly some wonderful man (black or white) will be taking you away from us.

    Good luck with that.

    PS - I'm way outside the age range you requested, so don't take this as
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    I just signed up to this site recently, but I've been in Love/lust with black women for several years. I moved to the West Coast of Canada (Vancouver) a year ago from the East Coast of Canada (Halifax). In Halifax, there are LOTS of black women, so I naturally assumed that when I moved to Vancouver there would be LOTS MORE black women since there are about 5 times as many people living here, but I was sorely disappointed....

    I've been here just over a year now and let me tell you, I almost wish I had stayed on the East Coast, there aren't very many black women here at all. If anyone reads this and lives in Vancouver, please give a guy a helping hand and point me in the direction of wherever the black women of this city hang out, because I can talk to black women all day long over the internet, but it's just not the same as getting to know a beautiful chocolate goddess in the flesh....
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    You know, I'm always talking about the government. I can't help it; because, everything is tied together, based on metaphysics.

    The way our environment works affects our economy, which affects our finances, which has an affect on crime, which affects our reputation, which has an affect on interaction of every type, including romance. However, energy does not have to stop at every step, it can skip over; but, there is a reason for everything. Overall, I'm talking about environmental therapy that causes psychological development.

    Can you see how our environment is dividing a nation? A divided nation is a weak nation. Based on all the racism in the world, I can see why there is a need for a divided nation.

    When people act impulsively versus rationally, these problems will persist. Many learn from what they see in the world without knowledge to decipher truth from myth. In such a case, they become someone else's remote controlled robot, all because they follow the examples of men, as stated in the Bible.

    When people don't step up on the mountain top to view the entire world, their view is limited and therefore, they judge accordingly. A view from the valley is not a complete picture that can be utilized to make accurate judgments.

    Every characteristic in our world is energy that has traceability. Will you allow your environment to void you of accurate perception?

    If you can link something in your environment to something that you have a problem with; then, ask, "Who controls that part of your environment?" It may be the government; but then, it might not be.
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    I'm glad I don't put too many restrictions on myself. I know to look for a package that contains, within it, the traits that I am looking for. It is hard enough to get the total package; so, I'll have to look in every package that comes my way, regardless of color. I just hope that the package has at least a decent appearance. It doesn't have to come with a bow wrapped around it.
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    Well, Carmelcandy, I can believe that men stare at you. You are a beautiful girl.
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    Maybe it is in your area... and from reading some of the other posts, I have seen several CM that would date you without even thinking about. I would also fall in that category. But I think a CF (caucasion female) would say the same thing about me... if you notice in my profile... I have completely excluded white females. I am sure you will find the right person out there somewhere... just let it happen. Cheers

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    For me its not even about color that much anymore. I just like women. I could care less what her skin color is. I LOVE my sistas. But I'm open to learning more and experiencing other races too. I don't understand black men or women who will date everything but their own race. It leaves me to think there is something going on mentally. Everyone has their preferences which is fine but I do think I will ever understand cutting out you own people. Same with other race as well...