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    --- Golda was attending the funeral of her late husband with her best friend judy. when it finished judy said to golda "that was a fine funeral Golda ,it must have cost a lot of money , golda replied yes it cost $30,000 , judy answered goodness why so much ? Golda replied, well 5,000 was for the arrangements ,3,000 was for the food and drinks, and 2,000 was for the synagogue service, and finally $20,000 was for the memorial stone, grascious me said judy , so much for a memorial stone , how big was the stone ?, golda replied about 8 carats.---
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    --- golda was at home with her young son jerry preparing the dinner, but she was having trouble getting the tomatoe sauce out of the bottle and was banging the bottle with her fist. suddenly the phone rang and golda said to her son, benny please anmswer the phone for me, benny picked up the phone ,and on the other end was the rabbi, who said to him can i speak to your mother please ?, benny said i
    m afraid she cant speak to you at the moment rabbi, because she is hitting the bottle.---
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    --- solly went to the dentist to have an aching tooth removed, the dentist asked him do you want a local anaesthetic ?, solly said no i want the best, use an imported one.---
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    --- hannah made a phone call to her husband benny at work, benny said to her i
    m sorry darling but i cant talk to you at the moment because i am with the directors in a board meeting, hannah said but benny it
    s urgent i have good and bad news, benny said well just tell me the good news quickly, hannah said well benny ,the good news is that the airbag in your brand new mercedes works very well.---