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    as many people know this was an image made up of 4 parts GOLD--SILVER--BRONZE--IRON,shown to the king of babylon in a dream(DANIEL 2:31) and which was interpreted as standing for the 4 EMPIRES that was to follow the fall of JERUSALEM in 587-6 bc. i,e BABYLON--PERSIA--GREECE--ROME, ...the END TIME period represented by the feet of the image comprised of IRON and miry clay(the seed of men) was the time when GOD would intervene in the affairs of men,and set up HIS kingdom,when GODS STONE would strike the FEET and the 10 TOE KINGDOMS of the image, and then fill and rule the whole earth... the 10 toes (kingdoms) were a mixture of IRON and MIRY CLAY which would not stick together(agree ) because iron will not mix or stick (agree) to clay. now we know from the image that the IRON parts stand for ROMANS(CATHOLICS) BUT what about the MIRY CLAY(THE SEED OF MEN) which would not stick(agree) with the ROMANS what does that represent ? well who are not agreeing and cannot agree with the romans because of different religious beliefs.. there are two main ones JEWS and MUSLIMS..does this tell us that at some time in the near future there will be an attempted uneasy union of ten kingdoms or kings,(MIX THEIR SEED ?) (ATTEMPT SOME FORM OF SPIRITUAL AGREEMENT) which will be on the earth or in EUROPE which will be destroyed by the people that GOD will raise without hands ( i,e supernatural) and which will then rule the whole earth ? YES !..BRIAN
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    the catholics joining with other faiths to try and find some sort of solid foundation for the image that is or will be set up. m m m ! this reminds me of the speech given by the former pope. in his speech the pope welcomed all faiths and urged them to work together for the common good. every one was welcome , muslims-hindus-budhists-and so on, that is all except one, and guesse which one was not welcomed ? yes ! thats right !, the only one that was not welcome was ---born again christians---whom the pope called ravenous wolves---Soooo ! if your religion teaches that jesus is not the son of are welcome ! and if your religion teaches that jesus was not the are welcome ! and if your religion teaches that there are hundreds of gods and goddesses and one has the head of an are welcome !..if you believe that there can be homosexual pastors and priests marriages..women priests... you are welcome !..but if you teach that jesus is the son of god..and there is only one true god and women should not be priests and that fornicators and honosexuals will not go to heaven .and the pope is not gods representative on earth but jesus was ...then you are not welcome !.