Really! Where are the white men who are really into BW's? relationships

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    I have browsed a lot of the pictures and profiles on this site and it although it says that this is an interracial dating site for ALL races. I have to be honest with you, it seems; as if its mainly a dating site for black men looking for whilte women. The handful of white guys that I did see were either really old looking for 18-25 year olds (not me) or really young white guys saying the most dubious things Ive heard in a really loooooong time. I'm sure I haven't seen every single profile of the white men on here, but after the few that I did see I was more than discouraged. I haven't been a memeber long and at this rate I don't think I will be too much longer.

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    Hi to everyone here. Im new to this site. So far i had to people send me winks. Im not a golde member i still looking. I want to see what happends

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    This site has very little traffic. And, there don't appear to be any community managers to keep the threads that are popular moving or close them out.  There are nearly decade old threads still open!

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    I agree with! And, for those vary reasons (that you mentioned in your post) I have elected to close my account. I only have 11 days left (paying member and at that time I will also delete my profile), meaning I have not been on here 30 days. Really sad. I was hopeful but, not anymore. Best to you :-)