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    This Truth comes to us in Matthew 1129, adressed to his disciples Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart and you shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is Light.

    Of course a yoke can be a burden that restrains its wearer. But Yeshua regularly speaks of the Freedom of the Inner Kingdom- and of seeking within- entering within oneself to find the Realms of Experiencial Knowledge, practicing the single eye and of taking no thought.
    Let us define Yoga.
    Yoga, from the Collins Concise English Dictionary
    A Hindu System of philosophy aiming at the mystical union of the self with the Supreme Being in a state of complete awareness and tranquillity through certain physical and mental exercises.
    Now let us define Yoke
    A crossbar with two U-shaped pieces that encircle the necks of a pair of oxen or other draft animals working together. Something that connects or joins together; a bond or tie. To join or be joined by means of a yoke; couple, unite or link. [C19 Sanskrit A Yoking,yanukti- He Yokes.]--Yogic.
    We can easily connect Yoke and Yoga. On the basis of his teaching, relative to seeking within, of practicing the single eye, of taking no thought, obviously- to those with eyes to SEE- and Ears to HEAR this applies to the teachings of JesusYeshua.

    Yoga first popped up more then 4,000 years ago in what we now call India. And latter day knowledge is that Yeshua lived and travelled extensively in India.

    The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj which means to bind, join, to attach- to YOKE. The Indian Yuj also means union, to direct and concentrate ones Attention.
    In other words Yoga is about concentrating your mind and body to bind yourself to God. Its about disciplining yourself to balance your mind, soul and emotions so that you can connect with your Spiritual Self which is part of the Supreme Universal Spirit of Light.
    Yoke and Yoga both have their roots in the meaning of coming together into a Oneness. The word conjugal- a derivative of Yoke- is apt too, which means having to do with marriage and the relationship of spouses. That is interesting when we consider that the one speaking of Yoke is Yeshua and he is referred to in the scriptures as the bridegroom.
    Matthew 915 And Jesus said unto them, Can the children of the bridechamber mourn, as long as the bridegroom is with them But the days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken from them (His Disciples). And then all that is required from them is to follow Yeshua, or to do as he did, practice as he did. And the good thing is that it's perfectly acceptable to follow Yeshua without getting involved in any kind of religion en masse and without even mentioning Yeshua's name. Isn't that great! To follow Yeshua you don't have to become a Christian. And anyway, Christ-ians aren't Christ-ians at all! They're basically brainwashed, which is what a solely exoteric- or Mayic (outward illusion) focus will do for you.
    What is the way to salvation that YeshuaJesus has shown us and that Christianity has rejected- much to its own shame
    Very specific! I've always liked that teaching, it say's it all right there. Before you do anything, don't go looking for a church, or a Bible, or a teacher. The very first thing you must do is SEEK THE KINGDOM OF GOD.....How do we do that
    An EVEN BETTER teaching! Yeshua said to his disciples that he was the way. In other words, if they followed him, if they practiced what he taught, (in secret) they would know the way. But, and this is a big BUT Yeshua was speaking to those closest to him! He was teaching his disciples, his students first and foremost! He wasn't speakin to everyone in the flippin world!!! The corruption was well established by then- as now. He wasn't speaking inner wisdom to the sheeple- he tried to reach them, but they lacked true insight and understanding, so to those he spoke in riddles and parables. Certainly he wasn't addressing the average person in esoteric instruction. Their minds were not mature enough to grasp the deeper truth's. He was teaching the same INNER WAY- more or less- that ALL Masters Of Wisdom have taught their disciples, their students, chelas or whatever, for AEONS. He was teaching INITIATES. Those entitled to the Secret Teachings by their emphatic desire, their willingness to follow their Master, to give up this illusory reality and KNOW ETERNAL TRUTH, besides all else.
    Again, what we're seeing in religion today is the Ancient Wisdom turned inside-out for deceitful, controlling, nefarious ends. YeshuaJesus's life projected- for the unwitting, gullible masses- outwards into duality, into corruption- into Satans Realm, torn and twisted. The (Dying) Sun God myth was still prevalant at the time and was a fitting cloth, a cloth that the Elite and the sheeple demanded! They would not accept any other than God himself! It's the same today, with Islam and such. So Yeshua became Son of God- (very grand) it was unanimously voted upon. It's still the same uncompromising philosophy today for the spiritually shallow religious types of the world.
    But, here is our chance to follow himher (Yeshua and Mary- for they were inseperable, as One). All of us. Out there in the world are presented the Ways and the means, the keys are available to those who sincerely seek. The Way, the Truth and the Life is available to all that use the keys and turn Inwards. For the outer reflects the inner state of affairs of EVERYONE- individually and collectively.
    Yeshua told you that the first thing you must do to find the Kingdom Of Heaven, to find Freedom, is look within yourself. To MEDITATE...That's his Way!!! That and Infinite Loving.
    IT COULD'NT BE CLEARER. But this is not something that the church, that religion is comfortable with. Most people, not least Christians, have always been uncomfortable with the concept of meditation, of inward inquiry. They do not want to confront inner darkness and dissolve (forgive) their personal sins. They PREFER to be sinners! They tell me that sin cannot be dissapated, only forgiven by an outside agency, seperate from themselves, i.e Jesus. (ad infinitum) They have often told me that i open my mind to devils when i look within myself for the kingdom of God. Yet Yeshua said that is exactly what we must do! And it's the same trouble we all have with religious people today that Yeshua had with them then- when he taught his WAY.

    Yeshua speaks to the lawyers who in those days were the Bible teachers, the priests, ministers etc.
    Luke 1152, Woe unto you lawyers, for you have taken away the key of knowledge. You entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in, you hindered. Same as today then! You did not seek within yourself, you did not go into meditation. And yet those who were doing this you stopped. You told them lies about devils and demons, and therefore you have turned away from the teachings of Yeshua- Christ. That is the reason for the trouble upon the earth, and the guilty party for keeping the teachings of Yeshua away from people are the main religions.

    Or have Time for it. No time for timelessness! No time for God! Tch!

    Yeshua, and all those Awakened befor
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    God has hidden himself in the last
    place (in the Whole Universe) you
    would think to look- Within Yourself! -Someone It is impossible to find God outside
    of ourselves. Our own souls
    contribute all of the divinity that is
    outside of us. We are the greatest
    temple. The objectification is only a
    faint imitation of what we see within ourselves. -Swami Vivekananda And I pray that you, rooted and
    founded in love yourselves, may be
    able to grasp (with all Saints) how
    wide and long and deep and high is
    the Love of Christ--and to know for
    yourselves that Love which passeth all knowledge. So will you be filled
    through all your being, with God
    himself! Ephesians 3. 17-19 There's really nothing better these
    days than the Bliss of
    Spontaneous, Intuitive Realization!
    Realization that is at once Joyfully
    Earth shattering. -Me, just now. Apologies for the length of this
    post! Those with open and
    enquiring minds (and Hearts) and
    no- overly rigid- 2nd hand
    preconceptions will hopefully be
    interested. Jesus Taught Yogic Meditation Yes! My own experience tells me
    this, and i will show that he did
    below. First i'll meander a little bit.... I have been accosted by so-called
    Christian types more than couple of
    times lately. Not least on this
    forum. They're everywhere! Those
    that openly say they believe in
    Jesus but- in Truth- do nothing of the kind, as i've made quite clear.
    But they won't have it, oh no-
    there's too much at stake- namely
    their very Souls. Such fear of God
    (and Satan) is an effective Soul
    constriction. This Christchurchianity thing is a
    huge- and ages long- con-trick.
    Hey, Christians have had 2000
    years to sort it all out but have
    utterly failed! And that's no
    surprise, the real truth was suppressed by those that wish to
    control, control you totally- mind,
    body and spirit. It's a purely
    exoteric religion designed to divorce
    you from your True InnerOuter
    Freedom and Innate Power, seperate you from your Eternal
    Identity within Christ- in it's most
    real and immanent sense. The dark
    powers always seek to further
    capture you within the outer illusion,
    the Satan they like to project, to distance you from God and to force
    feed you twisted wisdom from the
    dark ages! The Christians are
    witless advocates of all this- and
    they're more than holding us all
    back with their salvation from without scenario. Yet there is good
    cause to rejoice, for their allotted
    time cycle is ending, their limiting
    truth is failing, will fail, in this
    Spiritually rarified climate, so don't
    give 'em an inch, or they'll take a mile. Christianity hasn't been a total loss
    though! There is much of value to
    be salvaged- and truth's expanded
    upon. I can quote the bible and be as
    literal as the most literalist of
    (limited) thinking Christians- i was
    brought up with the bible, i liked it
    and was good at R.E. in school.
    I've since moved on from it's confines- grown up. I now come
    from an intuitive, much more UN-
    limited viewpoint- certainly a
    Universal One- as per the liberating
    New Age frequencies (what else
    can you call them) we are collectively entering. This New Age
    is really a more Enlightened Time
    Cycle, a Golden Age, an
    opportunity to spring-board, or
    ascend (so to speak) to the
    Highest Realms of Love & Light. Hidden Truth's are revealed within
    the Heart in the midst of this Light.
    Within and without. New Light
    Shining upon old darkness- shining
    from within and exposing it. The
    intuition of Truth, a good internal bullshit detector is a faculty many
    possess, but because of all the
    conflicting information out there
    most do not trust even their own
    Hearts! But that is where God
    dwells- and is revealed. The bible- as with all else- is being
    revealed for it's truth's and it's
    falsities. It is full of heavily distorted
    events and symbolism, but there
    are beautiful teachings within it's
    pages, also ugly lies- as per this world of polarity, this ever opposing
    duality we live in. There is stuff in
    there i resonate with. I concur with
    the book of Revelations in this
    respect There really IS gonna be a
    New Heaven and a New Earth. And they are waiting for us. They are
    waiting here- there- everywhere,
    whereever you are, RIGHT NOW.
    Multi-Dimensional they are. It's a
    matter of cultivating Awareness of
    them, of making an effort to Awakening! The Power of
    Awakening helps manifest the New
    Heaven and Earth in the Here and
    Now. The Kingdom of God is spread out
    upon the Earth, but men do not
    see it.- Yeshua. Yeshua taught all this 2,000 years
    ago. He also came at the beginning
    of a New Age. He taught
    Meditation to his closest followers,
    in Secret so to speak. This really
    isn't at all hard to understand. I've been reading this guy from
    Hidden Mysteries who's biblical
    interpretation i (more or less) agree
    with. He has an esoteric slant on
    Christianity and i'm taking the liberty
    to enhance his insight with my own slant on the theme. There's a bit of
    a cut and paste job but it's mostly
    MASTER Of course he was! Free from all the
    overblown Christian distortions this
    is blatantly obvious to those that
    have studied Ancient IndianOriental
    Wisdom and it's practitioners for
    any decent length of time, obvious to those with a feel for these
    things, free of religious control. It is
    very clear that Yeshua taught what
    New Agers are condemned by the
    religious for doing. Yeshua practised
    and taught (to those closest to him)- the very thing that so many
    in the so called New Age are strictly
    following. Disciplining body and mind
    to raise consciousness to the point
    of Enlightenment. Or as Yeshua
    said , To practice the 'Single Eye' so as to be (inwardly) filled with
    Light. (More on that below) I've been meditating on and off
    since '86, and one of the 4 ancient
    meditation techniques i learned
    back then is called the 'Divine Light'
    technique. This Divine Light is
    experienced via prolonged focus on the Third Eye or the Pineal Gland
    area, the focus on the route of the
    nose (NOT the end of the nose!)
    'tween the point of the centre of
    the eyebrows. This enables the
    dual, two eyed perception to become as One, the two merged
    and Transcended as a single eye! It's a wonderful experience when
    you break through all the mental
    crap, a veritable Cosmic Orgasm! YESHUAJESUS WAS A TEACHER
    OF YOGA! This Truth comes to us in Matthew
    1129, adressed to his disciples
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    Exactly-Sumerian Tablets Brian,Elohim pleiades,orion
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    Quoting: Originally posted by brian66

    'BUT when we come to ADAM only 6,000 years ago THEN we have the most ACCURATE evidence of all ! we have the records in the BIBLE written down by a man who was given the information directly from GOD, see EXODUS 24 verse 4 and verse 7 ..verse 4 and MOSES wrote ALL the words of the LORD ... verse 7 and he took the BOOK of the covenant and read in the audience of the people,,,,,,you can see very clearly that MOSES had in his possession a BOOK and in that book he had written down ALL that the LORD had instucted him to write, which has been seperated into the 5 books of MOSES which we have with us today which is without doubt a far more ACCURATE--TRUTHFUL --DETAILED account of the beginings of OUR races today (which are descended from ADAM) than any record or assesment or interpretation of remains from times that were thousands of years BEFORE ADAM and EVE were upon the earth..'

    Brian dear,
    I would like you to get your head out of and look around you at the truth.

    After reading this blog, and your comments,I now understand how the christians can justify the bible and can ignore scientific evidence. What went on before Adam and Eve was void - destroyed.

    I suggest you lift your head up and start looking into creation stories/myths around the world, in other countries, and their similarities.
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    Quoting: Originally posted by brian66

    'the scriptures are very clear in stating that the WRATH of GOD is upon those who do NOT accept that JESUS is the it is clear that all those will NOT inherit the earth to come......BRIAN

    Just wondering....are you looking for a partner here or are you just using this forum to 'testify' to all us sinners?

    Why your obsession with the first 'race'? We have all come from the same place. Either your adam and eve or
    where the oldest bones are found.

    We are all one Brian. That is the Truth.
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    brian66, patrick20062000 you don't even understand your own instrument you use to try and convict others with, which has been proved time and time again within these forums...And by the way the word "God" is an "English" name not at all what the Hebrew or Aramaic names are! And to get this back on the original topic if you look up Hebrew which is a Semitic language of the Afro-Asiatic language family spoken by more than seven million people in Israel and Jewish communities around the world. Afro-Asiatic origination is from Africa which covered all the areas from Ethiopia, Horn of Africa, North Africa, northern Central Africa, northern West Africa, South Arabian, Southwest Asia ,Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran. You'll find this supports my statements earlier. I'll let that sink in then I'll give you more. But it is funny to me that when facts are presented to correct the years of lies about a blond hair blue eyed Jesus it dosent matter what color he was now... but it did when all the bibles and movies and paintings were made of a fasle image which is a sin, were used to keep other races down!

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    the truth does matter ! in this world of lies !
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    oh dear, it doesn't matter as long as you believe their's a god. Keep on believing...
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    galatians 1;8-9 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any OTHER gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you ,LET HIM BE ACCURSED.
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    quote soul city walker to brian66, " is your religion the only religion that speaks truth brian?" unquote' we can give no better answer to that question than to quote the words of jesus, quote " no man can come to the father except through me " unquote
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    "?according to the holy QURAN GOD has NO the QURAN is USELESS as regards to teaching us about TRUTH,"

    Quite a specious conclusion. That's ridiculous, and a cultural-based argument. Is your religion the only one that speaks truth, Brian?

    John L.
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    WRONG ! ! ! allah and god are not the same...GOD has a son, but the QURAN says that allah has NO it plain common sense that a GOD that has no son is not the same as a god that has a SON/JESUS .......BRIAN
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    Beanpie2007, you need to get a life. One minute you talk about how the Quran is so "holy", then the next you say that it isn't enough proof. Make up your mind kid. And to answer your question on proving whether the caucaziod race can be dated back more than 6 thousand years, i believe they have because just recently, there were some tools found in the Anglo Saxon area, England Ireland, that date back several thousands of years. This has proven that there were people living in the area EARLIER than archeologists previously thought.
    Anyways, I have a question for you. If you think white people, asian people are so bad, than WHY are you on an "interracial" dating site? Um... so you must not practice what you preach. You are what's wrong with America and the world. You always want to blame the white man for your problems when it is clearly your fault you have not achieved anything in life, not saying you haven't or anything. But with your attitude,how are we suppost to move on as a society? You hate racism but YOU'RE a racist. Your leader Malcolm X was at least a 1/4 white. I myself am of mixed race, so you are offending me as well. So when you insult people just because they don't have the same heritage as you remember this, we ALL come from the same anciestry. And THAT HAS BEEN PROVEN!
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    I'm catholic but my opinion is, it doesn't matter what religon you are or what color or if you spell color colour. God loves us all...except terrorists.

    God also doesn't descriminate against anyone no matter what they are or who they sleep with or what religion they belive in. Alah and God are the same, just the spelling is different.

    No book will make me change my opinion. My God is a loving god.

    I'm no saint but I would give my life to defend anyone...except terrorists.
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    one of the posts below contain the sentence " ALLAH has revealed the black is the original man, and that is what i teach "..... does he (they ) also teach that GOD has no SON ? of what VALUE are such teachings ? ? ?.....BRIAN
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    the top post contains the words " an attempt to draw aside the VEIL of isis "....the VEIL that was, and still is in some cases upon the face , minds and hearts of the peoples of the world can only be removed by JESUS, this was partially done when he died and the veil in the temple was rent in two ,thus signifying that the way into heaven was now made clear through jesus,s death.this was for all beleivers to show them the way into the most holy place(HEAVEN) the near future GOD himself will remove the veil that is upon the minds of the peoples of the world, and then they will see things as they really are and not as they THINK they are ...BRIAN
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    Brian write:

    ">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> well spoken MIDLOVE !.....BRIAN "

    Thank you, Brian!
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    beanpie write:
    Subject: excert from, MESSAGE TO THE BLACKMAN, in America
    It is time for us to learn who we really are, and it is time for us to understand ourselves. That true knowledge is here for you today whether you accept it or reject it. God has said that
    we are members of the original people or black nation of the earth. Original means first.
    Historian J. A. Rogers points out in his book that beyond the cotton fields of the South and long before the white man himself was a part of our planet,
    we were the original people ruling the earth
    , and according to the Holy Qur?an, we had governments superior to any we are experiencing today. Trace over the earth.
    Check back 5,000, 10,000, or 20,000 years ago. Look at history. Who were those people? They were our people.
    Today, we are confronted with proof of who the original people are and who shall live on this earth and call it their own.

    by Mr. Elijah Muhammad

    >>>>>>>>>the scriptures are very clear in stating that the WRATH of GOD is upon those who do NOT accept that JESUS is the it is clear that all those will NOT inherit the earth to come......BRIAN
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    MIDLOVE write:
    There were those, who were led out of slavery, who died in the dessert, that were members of God's people. If they were black what difference does it make; since, they didn't keep God's word?
    God will allow or kill an original man, just like anyone else.
    Through the disciples, he spreaded his word to all nations. Now, the white man can be favored over the black man and vice versa. Race or color is not an issue, Faith is.
    "I chastise all that I love" says the Lord our God.
    We all must be careful what we pride.
    Racial issues, which are just one of the tactics to divide man, is a distraction from the real issue: Good versus evil.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> well spoken MIDLOVE !.....BRIAN
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    it is GOD who decides who will live on the earth in the future..and he has chosen the MEEK....BRIAN