"You think Christianity is a religion..." Religion

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    I fairly clear...I am merely trying to disseminate the "gray area" that the opposition seems to question.
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    What is it you would specifically like to know and I will do my utmost best to answer if I can.
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    I am in total agreement with you...I am merely trying to form the basis as to why people question it...

    In reference to the repitition of God, as Jesus...

    You must remember that there are people and sects that dispute Jesus' existence as God. I declare that the dictionary is one of those tools that intentionally ill-defines. This assumption is where the opposition rests.

    Judaism is the belief in God, and so is Christianity! But Christians are disciples of the Christ.

    There is a difference between each of these:

    God and Son
    God, Son, and Holy Spirit
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    msdsm1970 write:
    I am aware of the definition scribed for the dictionary. What is the difference between Judaism and Christianity?

    Just a thought...why doesn't the definition of Christianity not state God as part of this religion!

    Hi msdsm1970,
    One of the fundamental differences in our modern world between Judaiam and Christianity is the Jewish faith does not believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Futhermore the Jewish faith does not subscribe to the New Testament as being Holy Scripture. As a matter of fact, many of my Jewish friends refuse to even look at fulfillent of Old Testament prophecy concerning Jesus as the Messiah and written about in the New Testament. But even a mere look at the facts suggests one should at least view such with an open mind. If you're interested, I have posted some eye-opening prophecy fulfillment pertaining to this very subject in this forum under PROPHECY. Suffice it to say, for the most part, those of the Jewish faith don't care to even look, and that reason being for anyone who is Jewish and subsquently becomes a Christian, is looked down upon and even sometimes scorned by other Jews. So the subject of Jesus is generally avoided. I'm not saying this holds true in all instances, but has been my experience.
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    I thought that everyone knew that Christianity was not a religion.
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    Do you believe this refers to a spirit, only?
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    the SERPENT..THE old ADVERSARY.. THE DEVIL THE DRAGON .the most SUBTLE of the beasts of the field(the world) that the LORD GOD made
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    a just society will NOT come by living and believing what an AFRICAN..CHINESE ITALIAN..RUSSIAN ENGLISH or any other nation believes and practises..but will only be acheived in beleiving in the way that GOD ..our CREATOR ,says we must live and believe...BUT that society will only be set up when JESUS returns to remove him that is preventing mankind from acheiving this harmony..the hidden RULER of this DARK world..BRIAN..