The "story" of Jesus(peace and blessings be upon him) is not true! Religion

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    Furthermore, each and every one of the disciples of Jesus proclaimed through out the land what had happened and whom Jesus was, never once denying Him. All of this was after they had been emotionally crushed after Jesus was killed, After all how could the Messiah allow Himself to suffer a horrible death at the hands of men, yet they were rejuvenated after seeing Jesus risen from the grave. Had this been a lie these men would not have went to their deaths and not admitted it as such. The fact once again is that every one of these disciples, with the exception of the Apostle John, died horrible deaths and never once denied Jesus was who He said He was. These things are recorded in various Roman archives, and other historians of the time.
    Speaking of historians, Luke, who wrote Luke and Acts, was a physician and a historian. If you read his work you will find many historical references, of which there is a tremendous amount of archeological evidence to support what he wrote. As a matter of fact, there is absolutely nothing that has ever been discovered that disproves anything written in the Bible. The simple truth is there are archeological support, prophetic support, and historical support for what is written in the bible. The same cannot be said for any other religion, period.
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    Some of the more compelling evidence in the Scriptures themselves can be found by looking at the prophetic fulfillment of the future Messiah mentioned over 200 times in various verses throughout the Old Testament, which were written hundreds of years before Christ. Given the statistics of probability the fulfillment of these prophecies by any one person is astronomical. Yes, I know your rebuttal would suggest that men have written the Scriptures to conform to whatever they believed in and thus are propagating a lie. Once again, I would implore you to look at the vast amounts of copies of the writings of Moses, King David, Solomon, Ezra, Samuel, etc, etc, etc, that were pasted down from generation to generation through out Jewish culture. There are literally were thousands and thousands of these documents stored on whatever means were available such as papyrus. The fact is there are no books of antiquity that can be confirmed for their validity other that the Bible. The only other work remotely close would be that of Homer, and there aren?t copies dating back far enough in time to substantiate whether or not it had been faithfully copied from original text. The Holy Scriptures are not so, check it out for yourself.
    Second, look at First Corinthians 15. The thing to bear in mind is this wasn?t initially written by Paul as being Holy Scripture; it was a letter to the church at Corinth just about thirty years after Jesus? death and ascension. And stated in it was that Jesus died and was buried then rose after three days then was seen by many. He included Peter and other disciples, 500 people and even some people in the crowd he was talking to knew of these things that took place. The fact is if anyone could attest to anything other than what Paul was saying, they would have certainly spoken up. There is no evidence of anyone ever doing so.
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    I'm so glad you asked beanpie. I will do my utmost best to relay to you some, but not all, of my personal findings on this matter. But afterwards, I would enjoy hearing what it is you have faith in, what are your beliefs concerning God and issues of faith.
    First I would like to point out, and I have said this on another post in this forum, that I once was agnostic and someone must prove to me that God did in fact exist. I needed scientific proof of such. My subsequent conclusion was that I must look further than my mere belief in science and the information contained the Scriptures. So I began to explore with an open mind, I repeat, an open mind. Some of the things I soon discovered were that one could not empirically prove through scientific evidence that Abraham Lincoln was shoot and killed at Ford Theater. One must rely on historical evidence and upon doing so; based upon the overwhelming support, there is no disputing that this incidence with President Lincoln actually happened. Most certainly, it is the very same concerning a search for the truth about Jesus.
    Here are some facts that cannot be disputed, and not merely in my humble opinion. There are a multitude of reliable sources of antiquity other than the Bible for information concerning Jesus, i.e., Josephus, Polycarp, Roman Government archives, archeological evidence and many others. All of which I would implore you to find these sources on your own behalf and not simply take my word for it.
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    I have a question for you, if I may. It is written in the Bible that Jesus claimed He was God, The Word and He was there before the foundations of the earth were laid. Given these statements made by Him, do you belive that He was merely lying, or was He mentally unstable or perhaps even a raving lunatic?
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    AMEN to that HOPEFUL you and i and many other earnest seekers of the TRUTH as it is in JESUS have all come to this conclusion which in the near future will be known in the whole world and not just the remnant of believers today..peace be on you HOPEFUL and all fellow believers.
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    Pure and simple, it's idol worship, which is anything an individual puts first before God in their life, and it's an abomination to God. It could be money, material things, a career, even shooting crack cocaine into your eyeballs, but this is not my opinion, it's what's written in the Bible of which there is no evidence to prove, or even remotely suggest, that it's not the infallible word of God.
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    Thank you so very much for your kind words Talyah. It's quite refreshing to see someone such as yourself on this site, or anywhere else for that matter, that firmly believes in something so real and genuine as you apparently do. Thanks again for showing some support.
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    the ancient EGYPTIANS..not all the ancient EGYPTIANS were black..the HYKS0S who were an invading race of semetic peoples and ruled EGYPT from around 2000 bc till 1600 bc were not black the came from areas north or east of israeland they ruled the lower kingdom whereas the black pharoes ruled the upper kingdom..
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    I must say that it's certainly your right to have your opinions and to be able to freely voice them. For that I commend each of you in having the intellect, the desire and ability to effectively articulate what it is you truly believe, as you obviously are very passionate about that. The only thing that I can say to you is that you are sadly mistaken when making the claim that Jesus is not who He claimed to be. This I found entirely of my own volition.

    I, for the better part of my life, was an agnostic. I simply needed proof that such a being existed, of which there was no scientific data to provide any semblance of truth to such a statement that there was a God, a creator, a divine entity. It all sounded like a fairy tale to me. Then someone prompted me to begin to think about such matters simply because they told me to consider the fact that if I was wrong and they were right about the existence of God, then I would have nothing to lose in the end and they would have nothing to gain; however, if I was wrong and they were right, well, I would have everything to lose and they everything to gain. Needless to say, in due time I began searching avidly for the truth with an open mind and open heart. Not merely taking one?s word for this or that, or for that matter even solely relying on the Bible or Qur?an or any other religious document, but seeking many various sources then began piecing it all together over many years in time. I must say after much research, deliberation and a lot of turning over stones so to speak, and talking to many people, I came to the irrefutable conclusion that Jesus Christ did in fact exist and He was who He claimed to be. If one simply looks at the vast amount of historical evidence, and there is an overwhelming amount of it, there is no disputing the facts of the matter. And I would urge you or anyone else who just so happens to glance at this posting, to look sincerely into the matter and not to take mine or anyone else?s personal b...
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    i think Judas was a picklesmoker and didn't want his wife and family to find out about his affair. so when jesus was gonna come out of the closet he turned him in for beating the check at the last supper. saying "yep that's him...he's the one i saw crawling out of the bathroom window at the super club"...ok boys - Get Em'...and the cops grabbed him and took him before pilot...bla bla bla it gets corny from here...u phil in the rest ok?!k bye bye now
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    if his name wasn't in the roman tax records with a signature-i wouldn't believe he existed at all. Sun of Gods was to keep children of the rich born out of wedlock from the sword.whats his name was probably herods son.& to keep mary from being stoned somebody constructed the angel gabriel nursery ryhme...and it doesn't even rhyme! why do u think God chose the angel of death? i have a was jesus/joshua's 1st test. ole angel gabe said " looky here sun of God...i can't get to close to the female genitalia cuz is bad and all that crappity crap...HEY u payin attention boy? then look at me when i'm speakin 2 ya...anyway i don't want to loose my wings, so the best i can do is get u near to 1 of Gods greatest creations! say uh somewhere near your new apartment that has been lease for the next 9 months by your Dad. i'm puttin ya in a philopian tube and if u r born it will be a miracle!" so it came to be that jesus was born surviving a philopian tube conception -a real miracle indeed...making jesus our 1st test tube baby! ha ha that's mine too! ha ha origonal huh? is it origonal sin? who cares it's funny...lighten up people...God has to have some kinda sense of else could you explain rush limpdick and ?
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    i am a "novice" jew..ha ha..
    that means a convert. 1 not "born" into the religion. i'm a jew without could say i'm jewish lite only 1 calorie and guilt free.- ha this guiltless attitude allows me to listen and accept all belief systems as my own but and choose the essence of it to serve me and my creator(s)if jesus is the sun of GOD...who is the daughter? cause we all know religion never mentions Mom...not formerly anyway-She is a ghost. Even though she is a Holy Ghost...she really isn't there all the same. What a pathetic view Christianity has of Woman. Hey that kinda explains y catholic priest chase around little boys...the little girls don't exist. However baptist preachers do believe in their Mommy's. here is a joke for the passing pontif..It's kind of a riddle, comparing to the chicken or the egg. .why does the pope wear such a tall hat? A. to hides his horns..ha Q. Why does the pope have horns? A. to keep his hat from falling off when he bends over to rub the heads of the poor..ha ha so which came first? the hat or the horns? i made that shit up myself and i use to be a catholic haaaaaa but i grew out of that.
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    HAHAHAHA!!!!! That's very cool. Why couldn't I think of that!
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    he was truly a great magician! Roman Emperor constantine started the roman catholic church 150yrs or so after Jesus died. what is this christianity stuff? - he was of the Jewish religion. Mixed perhaps with Buddism and influenced by the essence of Hinduism and Muslim too maybee? he may have been so smart that he incorporated the best of all belief systems as his own, allowing one to walk on water. only David Blaine appears to be able to accomplish this today....what does he believe?
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    I believe in Jesus Christ because to me He is the Way the Truth and the Life.
    I don't need to push my views of my Lord on other people either. I only hope that others can see His goodness in me.