The "story" of Jesus(peace and blessings be upon him) is not true! Religion

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    total ignorance.
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    miracle2094 write:
    You have really opened my eyes...
    Not so much on the racial issues, but the religious ones...
    thanks for making me see what has bothered me about Christianity all long...and the fact that Jesus was/is a prophet rather than a God makes everything line up...
    thank you!
    >>>>>>>>are you really trying to tell us sir that you as a CATHOLIC needed a MUSLIM to tell you that JESUS is not a GOD, did not your catholic teachings ever teach you that the name EMMANUEL means GOD is with us, have you EVER read the BIBLE ? have you never read that the disciples called JESUS my LORD and my GOD ?..have you never read that JOHN said that JESUS was the WORD that was in the beginning with GOD and that word was GOD,ARE YOU NOW TAKING LESSONS FROM A MUSLIM WHO DOES NOT BELIEVE THAT JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD? say that everything is begining to line up..yes sir ! and for YOU the dividing line is the line that divides the light of TRUE christian teachings from the DARKNESS of the teahings of ISLAM..BRIAN
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    yes! as the apostle explains the Aaronic priesthood was inferior because the members of it were subject to death and so could not continue forever ,whereas with MELCHISEDEC because he continues forever he is always there to intercede for the people..on this we agree....and who is our high priest in the temple in heaven always interceding for his people?..JESUS! our high priest...BRIAN.
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    Mr. Brian66,

    This Christian seems to dis-agree w/your interpretatation,


    "...It is in chapter 5, verses 6, 10 and 11, that Paul first mentions Melchisedec as a--- type of Christ---, and there he wrote that he had "many things" to say about him, things which to the Hebrews would seem "hard to be uttered" because, as the apostle explains, they were "dull of hearing." Again, in the last verse of chapter 6, Jesus is referred to as--- "an high priest for ever ***after the order of ***Melchisedec." In the seventh chapter, Paul itemizes the 'many things' about Melchisedec which prove him to be **a type of Christ**, the reigning priest of the Millennial Age. This entire chapter is devoted to showing how much greater in every way, typical and antitypical, was the Melchisedec priesthood than the Aaronic order. ..."
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    BEANPIE writes "i admit i dont know what this means"..well! well!.. i cant beleive my eyes ,i think i will have to go and have a lie down to recover from the SHOCK of BEANPIE saying he does,nt know what it means....BEANPIE! if you really wish to have a clearer understanding of the true nature of MELCHISEDEC ,then please read PAULS remarks on his true nature,this explains it in greater detail, see HEB:CH 7.and please pay particular attention to verse 3 "made like unto the SON OF GOD ...AND beanpie IF YOU WILL LOOK AT THE PREVIOUS CH5..VERSES 10 AND 11 you will see PAUL telling the people that there were things about MELCHISEDEC that they were NOT seeing clearly since they had become full of hearing....was it you BEANPIE who in a previous posting spoke about having an open mind?
    well please TRY and read that chapter with an open mind ..BRIAN
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    1This Melchizedek was king of Salem and priest of God Most High.[KEY WORD "OF". I FIND IT AMAZING THAT CHRISTIANS BELIEVE "'THE MOST HIGH" REFERS TO JESUS BUT, IN THIS CASE, IT DOES NOT. AMAZING!] He met Abraham returning from the defeat of the kings and blessed him, 2and Abraham gave him a tenth of everything. First, his name means "king of righteousness"; then also, ---"king of Salem" means "king of peace." ---[It means safety (salama) for you and with you - taking ---the word salam (peace)--- as a verbal noun. SO IN ARABIC, THE KING OF "SALAAM".]3Without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life, like the Son of God he remains a priest forever. [I ,ADMITEDLY, DO NOT KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS BUT, IF CHRISTIANS BELIEVE JESUS(PBUH) IS ACTUALLY GOD, HOW CAN THIS REFER TO HIM?]
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    What a PRIEST taught, some of those enslaved, in the US....


    ...I learned from the minister, Mr. Cobb, how much the Lord had done for the blacks and for their salvation; and he was in the habit of reminding us what advantages he had given us for our benefit, for when we were in our native country, Africa, we were destitute of Bible light, worshipping idols of sticks and stones, and barbarously murdering one another, God put it into the hearts of these good slaveholders to venture across the bosom of the hazardous Atlantic to Africa, and snatch us poor negroes as brands from the eternal burning, and bring us where we might sit under the droppings of his sanctuary, and learn the ways of industry and the way to God. "Oh, nggers! how happy are your eyes which see this heavenly light; many millions of nggers desired it long, but died without the sight. I frequently envy your situations, because God's special blessing seems to be ever over you, as though you were a select people, for how much happier is your position than that of a free man, who, if sick, must pay his doctor's bill; if hungry, must supply his wants by his own exertions; if thirsty, must refresh himself by his own aid. And yet you, oh, nggers! your master has all this care for you. He supplies your daily wants; your meat and your drink he provides; and when you are sick he finds the best skill to bring you to health as soon as possible, for your sickness is his loss, and your health his gain; and, above all when you die (if you are obedient to your masters, and good nggers), your black faces will shine like black jugs around the throne of God." Such was the religious instruction I was in the habit of receiving until I was about seventeen years old; ...
    ... as stated by our master, that, when God was making man, He made white man out of the best clay, as potters make china, and the devil was watching, and he immediately took up some black mud and made a black man, and called him a ngger....

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    BEANPIE says that "JESUS was made a priest after the order of that means other men came before him"..oh really ??? BEANPIE ..please TRY and read the BIBLE a bit more thoroughly ... . the BIBLE says that MELCHISEDEC had no BEGINNING of days..HEB 7:3..would BEANPIE like to explain to us how men could come before someone who had NO BEGINNING ???
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    hopeful2findu write: ...there is no evidence to prove, or even remotely suggest, that it's not the infallible word of God.

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    talyah write:
    The Bible says that we have to worship GOD ONLY! It is clear! We cannot worship someone else because God IS THE ONLY GOD that we have to worship. So therefore, the people who do this are not christian neither true worshippers of God because they adore someone else, no matter how many people do it. This is unquestionable!

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    Samantha451 write:
    bean, by fixating on one word of my post you've missed its broader purpose.

    Which is?
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    bean, by fixating on one word of my post you've missed its broader purpose.
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    beanpie007 write:
    "However if bean is going to continue such divicive posts, "
    I was not aware that telling the facts was considered "divcive".

    Ya, um... hope this helps you comprehend:

    Definitions provided by The American Heritage? Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Copyright ? 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Other important copyright information here.

    Creating dissension or discord.
    Other forms
    di?vi'sive?ly adv.di?vi'sive?ness n.

    Difference of opinion; disagreement. See Synonyms at discord.
    Middle English dissencioun, from Old French dissension, from Latin diss*nsi*, diss*nsi*n-, from diss*nsus, past participle of dissent*re, to dissent ; see dissent.

    1. a. Lack of agreement among persons, groups, or things. b. Tension or strife resulting from a lack of agreement; dissension. 2. A confused or harsh sound or mingling of sounds. 3. Music An inharmonious combination of simultaneously sounded tones; a dissonance.
    Intransitive verb
    Inflected forms: dis?cord?ed, dis?cord?ing, dis?cords(d*-sk?rd', d*s'k?rd') To fail to agree or harmonize; clash.
    Middle English, from Old French descorde, from Latin discordia, from discors, discord-, disagreeing : dis-, apart ; see dis- + cor, cord-, heart; see kerd- in Indo-European roots.
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    "However if bean is going to continue such divicive posts, "

    I was not aware that telling the facts was considered "divcive".
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    Exactly skool,
    I don't really expect any adult to say "Ouch!" over such raspberries. LOL
    And wouldn't like to think any would fall victim to his baiting comments, though I myself have in impassioned attempts to get him to see the fallaciousness of his arguments.
    I have no qualms with beanpie as a person, and actually have an appreciation for some of the very few aspects of his personality that he's revealed here. Nor do I disagree with everything he's posted.
    But I don't appreciate posts with an intentionally racially devisive sentiment, and believe such to be in direct opposition to the purpose of this website.
    Unless of course one is seeking an interracial match to exact some form of revenge for millenia of wrongs done to "their people." In that case, I suppose one would be sincerely seeking such a match.
    However if bean is going to continue such divicive posts, he ought at least to present logically sound arguments.
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    i dont worry about beanpie ..or his raspberries..he has some sort of self esteem problem...he tries and chide people to argue so he can quote his incessant list of books and quotes to show how intelligent he first i was really was interested in his i just see him as an instigator with racial and other issues that i hope he will one day overcome
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    beanpie007 write:

    You cared enough to, post this.

    it appears the debate has degenerated to you're having just been seriously raspberried.
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    I am honored that you have asked me to do so Brian. Certainly I will, but it is fairly late as I am reading your message and don't want to sound like some rambling knuckehead. I surely will do so tomorrow, the Good Lord willing. Thank you so much for asking.
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    HOPEFUL..I HAVE PUT A NEW TOPIC IN THE forum.UNDER THE TITLE OF PROPHECY..WOULD YOU DO ME THE HONOUR OF PUTTING A MESSAGE ABOUT PROPHECY....,i,e why is prophecy so important..or any thoughts you have..PERHAPS WE CAN START THE BALL ROLLING...anyone else have thoughts on prophecies????...BRIAN
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    skool write:
    always symantics beanpie.. always symantics.... and you are right there is no debate, because the only one that seems to care is yourself

    You cared enough to, post this.