The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality INFO CONCERNING BLACK PEOPLE

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    Well... admit it. this is a really strange website! lol
    Do the mods ever reset these threads? You know most sites you can take it for granted that you're not replying to a message that's 5 years old! It says there are 150 people online here. I'm not buying it! I'm imagining the computer for this site is buried in the corner of someones bedroom under last years wardrobe, a stack of old news papers, and half a dozen pizza boxes! I dunno. Maybe it's 150 really shy people. Aw man anyway... that is one cute smile you have there Shon. I bet you hear that all the time though...

    This picture I'm using makes me look kinda grumpy..
    I have this other one in case they ever make a movie called, "Gandolf the Early Years" lol. Anyway glad to see ya =)

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    All I can say is that this was an opinion from 2005. I am grateful to be alive and well in this earth. I am Christian and really don't care what race the first humans were or where eden was located. As long as people don't believe we came from monkeys. I could give a monkey's uncle. This is a dating and mingling site not politically correct, world news tonight, or 60 minutes.
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    I think it's interesting that all of humanity is linked back to the same mother and, father only a very short time ago. Like about 5000 years ago was it? The Garden of Eden seems hard to speculate on but the Tower of Babel is a pretty solid reference.
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    Hmmm... The white guy on PBS... Ok, well, do you have the PBS episode # or a link? Could we be a "Black Planet"? It is possible. *I* think we started brown and diverged. I am VERY interested in this topic. Well, ANY topic related to physical anthropology, actually. Has anyone read the book "Origins Reconsidered" or "Almost Adam"?

    We are all familiar with Darwin's theory and books "Origin..." and "Decent...". I would postulate, amateur that I am, God plopped us down in Eden, and then, as we populated, we split into groups. Each group changed over time. Thus, we have groups of humans with genecticly MINOR, but visually obvious, differences. That is why I can give whole blood to an Asian or Black person without problem, if thier type matches mine.

    By all means do share your thoughts; I am open to any ideas. I might even change my mind on somethings!

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    Ahhh yessss..............   My favorite topic!   

    A) I am Christian.

    B) I have a brain, a 136 IQ, a degree in Criminology (which is Sociology with a handcuffing class).  Research into physical anthropology informs me thus:

    Science tells us unequivically that Homo Sapien Sapien (that would be us) came from sub-Saharan Africa. The oldest common ancestor, a female, holding DNA that WE ALL SHARE... EVERY ONE US... Was found in Tanzania. EVERY PERSON ON EARTH is related to this dead woman. Sub-Saharan Africa is lush jungle, not desert. There are MANY rivers, including near Lake Turkana and Victoria Falls that meet the description of the Garden of Eden. Eden was not stated to be in Mesopotamia. I agree with your description of Mesopotamia and the two rivers.

    C) Were the first humans that God dropped onto Earth black? I doubt it, but I was not there then. I am GUESSING we were brown. Then, we separated into various "varieties" (to use the Linneas verbage) that we are today.

    D) Let is not confuse ORIGIN with CULTURAL ORIGIN. The oldest City we have found thus far is Ur. (Google it), and I don't think anyone disputes that our first true cities and society were in Mesopotamia. Google also "Hammurabic Code and it's Influence"

    By all means do share your thoughts; I am open to any ideas. I might even change my mind on somethings!

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    ]quote[every human on earth has a gene marker which links them to "lucy" the first human, who was a black woman(this was proved by a white guy on pbs who did a study showing how this gene marker is in all of us]quote[

    the ultimate reference of all time and mankind... drop everything and any genetic dna source you have read.... the world will now change.... i am awestruck due to a 'white guy on pbs who did a study'..... all the answers are on the telly.....
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    first lets understand one thing the truth about man's beginnings will always be fought over because this is A BLACK PLANET!!!!!! every human on earth has a gene marker which links them to "lucy" the first human, who was a black woman(this was proved by a white guy on pbs who did a study showing how this gene marker is in all of us, go to see for your self)second no one knows what the earth looked like thousands of years ago nor does anyone know how man actually lived or where he lived, how many times in history have things been mislabled or rewritten to suit a political need(the bible comes to mind)we are the first and everyone comes from US!!!!!, it is the attempt of certain people to keep the truth from the rest of us so that they can keep running things!!!!!!
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    Soo true.....
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    soul city walker ! we are talking about the ancestors of the modern black races, the hamitic races that decended from ham who was noahs yougest son, the dates we are dealing with are circa 2,500 B.C the approximate date for the flood . we are not talking about races that existed before then, remember that the ark came to rest on mount arrarat which is in turkey, are you now going to try and put tukey into africa. no sir! the modern african races (the hamitic races) had their beginnings after 2,500 B.Cwhen their ancestor HAM came out of the ark, brian66 is correct in what he said about the modern black races having their roots in mesopotamia just after 2,500 B.C,and from there they first populated the land of canaan and later went southward down into the land of HAM which was later called egypt, and then formed the lands of put and cush and so on.
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    In biblical times ?Africa? included much of what European maps have come to call the ?Middle East.? Remember, the name Africa is actually of Latin origin and was imposed on the great continent by European explorers.

    Three simple facts must be placed at the forefront of this discussion:

    First, we must consider the maps of ancient biblical lands. In the Bible there is not one single mentioning of either England or Germany; by contrast, however, countries in Africa are mentioned again and again. The Old Testament alone cites Ethiopia over forty times and Egypt over one hundred times. Many biblical and extra-biblical ancient sources mention Egypt and Ethiopia together, almost interchangeably.

    Second, the Bible provides extensive evidence that the earliest people were located in Africa. The Garden of Eden account, found in Genesis 2:8-14, indicates that the first two rivers of Eden were in ancient Cush, the term that the Greeks would later transpose as ?Aithiops,? or Ethiopia, meaning literally ?burnt face people.? Genesis 2:11-12 connects the Pishon River with Havilah, a direct descendant of Cush (Genesis 10:7). The Gihon River is cited in Genesis 2:13 as the second river in Eden surrounding the whole land of Cush/Ethiopia. Clearly, wherever else ?Eden? extended, its beginning was within the continent of Africa.

    Third, the ancient land of Canaan was but an extension of the African land mass. In biblical times, African people frequently migrated from the continent proper through Canaan/Palestine to the east toward what was then included as Asia, namely the ?Fertile Crescent,? or the Tigris and Euphrates rivers of ancient Mesopotamia.

    This helps us to appreciate the term Afro-Asiatic as correctly identifying the mixed stock of people who populated the ancient Near East.
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    You cannot go by the current location of the continents/land masses. Review some of the older maps. For example, one can clearly see how the continent of South America broke off from....Africa.

    John L.
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    i dont know how i can put this any clearer, but i will try..the bible says that god planted a garden EASTWARD in eden and there he placed the first pair of humans that he created in his image..and through that garden that was EASTWARD in EDEN there ran the river EUPRATES , how can any SENSIBLE person place all that in AFRICA which is NOT EASTWARD in EDEN (MESOPOTAMIA) and does not have the river EUPRATES running through it......i was also advised to run with the flow of the river..but born again christians do NOT run with the flow of the river ,because they know where the river of humanity is heading to..and the BIBLE says quote " get OUT from among them my people..and do not be conformed to this world.....the BIBLE is very clear as to where the river of humanity is heading...JESUS
    S warnings are very clear..but if any one has not heard or read his warnings then how can they know or believe or understand... h m m ? ? BRIAN
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    "The Bible states we were all the same before Babylon same speech united as one."

    SCW: Take a look at "Race: The Power of An Illusion" at California Newsreel's website.(google it)
    The 3-part video series basically proves your point, for everyone on Earth has African genes.
    After people began to migrate out of Africa into other areas of the world, they lived isolated from one another for centuries, and their bodies slowly adapted to those climates. Basically, it takes about 12,000 years to go from being the darkest African to being the lightest European, which is the Nordic group.

    For example, in cold climates people have narrower nostrils because the air is thin and cold (more hair on their bodies)...while those living in hot climates have larger nostrils due to the air being denser.

    If there was such a thing as "races," we wouldn't be able to donate organs/blood or even reproduce with people of different groups.
    All of these have been proven scientifically, but because of r-a-c-i-s-m and those that profit from it...this info hasn't become common knowledge.

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    I could see from the fragmented discussions that much of it had been deleted. It was extremely difficult to follow the train of most of the individual thoughts, and I wound up reading the same thing from the same commentors over and over.
    "it was interesting, to say the least..... most of it has been been deleted by the one who left........"

    That is even more evidence of my point that sometimes it's better to just agree to disagree. Many people had good points but they're all clouded, disjointed and in turn, wind up seeming argumentative and 'stupid'.
    Too bad, because this is truly an interesting and multi-layered discussion. Maybe we'll all grow up one day.
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    [quote]I agree with you strawberry. I think this discussion, though i am about a year late, got carried exponentially to the wrong side for two reasons: [quote]

    it was interesting, to say the least..... most of it has been been deleted by the one who left........
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    Quote..."for sincere seekers of GODS wishes ..BRIAN"

    As usual your comprehension of Biblical and historical literature is abysmal. First of all, not only was the area consider Africa before the shifts of the Earth but as far as southwest Asia was also,in fact it wasn't even called Africa back then that name came from the Romans. This is proved scientifically and biblical. Paleoanthropologist already have proved it's the Oldest(7 million yrs) inhabited territory on Earth. The Bible states we were all the same before Babylon same speech united as one. Well that speech has been proved to be an Afro-Asiatic language which covered the same areas we speak of. The origin of this language is Ethiopia, which contains,Berber, Chadic, Egyptian, Semitic, Cushitic, Omotic...Hebrew is a Semitic Language...The denial of Africa being the cradle of civilization has always been an ignorant racially bias argument which it does not surprise me you support. Some of you can't handle the truth!
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 12, 2007 at 10:11 PM

    I can't agree with you any more than I already do I you understood where I was getting at. I really can't comment more (or at all intelligent) because of the simple fact we just don't know all the real truths out there, and don't know really why things are the way they are. It's best to be respectful, tolerate, and hopefully fully accepting to each other in this world.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 11, 2007 at 10:08 AM

    I agree with you strawberry. I think this discussion, though i am about a year late, got carried exponentially to the wrong side for two reasons:

    1. you can't argue 'which came first' on an evolution vs. creation perspective and expect to get positive results. they're two separate thoughts and ideas and facts and writings. How can you debate something when you're versed in a completely separate school of thought.

    2. it seems that even though we're all on, we don't really have a clue as to how to properly conduct racial topics. Seems that emotions fly high when race is mentioned and everyone gets on the defensive. This debate started with Africa and creation and somehow veered into Hitler, Bush, Ethnocentism, egotism, and racist slander.

    Not saying that having these discussions isn't crucial, but I think it's important to recognize that with these types of discussions, there will never be a consensus. In which case respect is the order of the day.
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    I read the books The Destruction of Black Civilization, Things Fall Apart, The Art of War, and Sailor Moon....I think my knowledge is well verse on worldly issue so I really don't care cuz it is what it is and that's that. I really don't want to know so much that I want to jump off a's a struggle within itself, so I really don't wanna add fuel to the fire. I understand how you feel...but B 66, you have to just flow with the current's direction and make best of life as of now. :^/
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    IT HAS GROWN OLD...[quote]

    there is no lacking ability for there is no debate, only 'bait' for those who wish to be snared by your convoluted twisting of credible information and fact to support a misguided spiritualism that appears to drive a misguided anger and hate. and so driven that you become contradictory and have developed a major case of 'foot in mouth' disease that Dr. scholl would probably send you to the E.R. for immediate medical attention....
    HUMOR lacking...??? not meant to be humorous and it does not lack for attention.....
    OLD...??? GETTING OLD? not as old as the subversive propaganda and racism you perpetuate and look to permeate amongst QUALITY......
    do not flatter yourself by calling for debate and dialogue.... you are a monologue of distortions and misrepresentations that continually bellows 'PROVE ME WRONG' as a fat old bull put out to pasture.
    you mimic and make mockery of professors, teachers, ministry by just typing your 'mulch'. you would be instantly dismissed at any credited educational institution, NOT EXCLUDING AFRO-AMERICAN & THEOLOGICAL, unless they were running a lab course in 'HOW TO MAKE A RACIST & GET AWAY WITH IT'.
    i have more respect for individuals that look to joust and parry with you, i.e., exb3, jj3d, cyup, et al, that what you put out there.....and their messages to me regardless of why.
    if anything IS being accomplished by my being here, then it may very well be possible that they ARE getting your message.
    i do not need approval for what i do or a crowd to validate. you do.
    there is no humor in you.... you are not funny. and even moreso when you take an 'innocent' to personally further your insipid and nefarious displays of rhetoric. what is funny is that you do this on an INTERRACIAL site and you sit in a country you do not wish to be in.
    i could have made you my 'short game' a long time ago and decided not to. your brand of backroom education is what keeps the burning embers of racism and hatred give spiritualism a bad name. i know who you are and I've seen you before and i know where you are from and i know why you are... YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS OLD......... BUT EVERY NOW AND THEN YOU DO SHOW UP........ AND USUALLY WITH A SUPPLY OF GASOLINE & MATCHES.....and a big enough supply of PBUH's to make it right to you & ALLAH.......
    you give ISLAM a bad name....

    have a nice day infant.....