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    "Our women"? I wasn't aware people still owned other people.
    "Our women"? I wasn't aware people still owned other people.
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    People used to say the world was FLAT. Guess what... IT IS NOT FLAT. People only thought it was flat cause they could only see to the horizon... Which we Now know is only 18 miles at sea level.
    LOL tell us something we don't already know.
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    Do you even have a job ??? Just wondering.....see you like our women though. INTERESTING INDEED.
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    Rebel's statement from Gabriel's Conspiracy --- 1800

    9th Month, 25th. I pursued my way to Richmond in the mail stage, through a beautiful country, but clouded and debased by Negro slavery. At the house here I breakfasted, which is called the Bowling-green, I was told that the owner had in his passession [sic] 200 slaves. In one field near the house, planted with tobacco, I counted nearly 20 women and children, employed in picking grubs from the plant. In the afternoon I passed by a field in which several poor slaves had lately been executed, on the charge of having an intention to rise against their masters. A lawyer who was present at their trials at Richmond, informed me that on one of them being asked, what he had to say to the court on his defence, he replied, in a manly tone of voice: "I have nothing more to offer than what General Washington would have had to offer, had he been taken by the British and put to trial by them. I have adventured my life in endeavouring to obtain the liberty of my countrymen, and am a willing sacrifice in their cause: and I beg, as a favour, that I may be immediately led to execution. I know that you have pre-determined to shed my blood, why then all this mockery of a trial?"
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    Dravidians farming in the north
    > came sudden suprising attacks from ruddy tribes." *
    > Through the streets of Mohenjo-daro the
    > whiteman
    > ran wild-robbing, raping and slaughtering who dared
    > to stand in his way. Modern Archaelogists have
    > uncovered evidence which shows that in Mohenjo-daro
    > even the women and children werre beaten to death.
    > As
    > historian H. G. Rawlinson pointed out: "Mohenjo-daro
    > was sacked and it's inhabitants put to the sword.
    > Groups of skeletons, including women and children,
    > have been found, some in a large room, others at the
    > foot of a staircase leading down to a well, and
    > others
    > again in a street. Their contorted attitudes
    > suggest
    > that they met a violent death."**
    > For all practical purposes the arrival of the
    > whiteman signaled the end of a civilization as it
    > once
    > existed. Along with the invasions came a new atyle
    > of
    > life. In India the Aryans set up a social order
    > based
    > on skin color, called the caste system. According
    > to
    > that system, the whites were the rulers and the
    > dark-skinned Dravidians turned into slaves and
    > outcastes...' from THE MAKING OF THE WHITEMAN
    (pgs. 10 and 11) by Paul Guthrie
    > *- E. Hawkride INDIAN GODS AND KINGS (1964) p. 10
    > p.18
    > =====
    > "But the One Mind, being both Life and Light, next
    > brought forth Man, a Being like to Himself, with
    > whom He fell in love, as being His own child; for it
    > was beautiful beyond compare, the Image of its Sire.
    > In very truth, God fell in love with His own Form;
    > and on it did bestow all of His own creations."


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    > possibly
    > those of men killed where they fell, were found in
    > the
    > streets of Mohenjo-Dara. Harappan civilizations
    > seems
    > to end in the Indus valley about 1750 BC and this
    > coincides strikingly with the irruption into Indian
    > history of one of its great creative forces, the
    > invading Aryans, though scholars do not favor the
    > idea
    > that invaders destroyed the Indian Valley cities.***

    > Perhaps the newcomers entered a land already
    > devastated by over-exploitation nd natural
    > disorders...
    > ...They did not obliterate the native peoples,
    > though
    > the Indus valley civilization crumbled. No doubt
    > much
    > violence marked their coming, for the Aryans were
    > warriors and nomads, armed with bronze weapons,
    > bringing horses and chariots, but they settled and
    > there are plenty of signs that the native
    > populations
    > lived on with them, keeping their own beliefs and
    > practices alive. There is much archaeological
    > evidence of the fusion of Harappan with later
    > ways...

    Subject: Re: a small amount of Indian history, part 2

    In some circles, Elijah Muhammad is known as a
    > racist. If he told the truth, is he still a racist?
    > He said that white people first came amongst
    > blacks 4,000 years ago. Is it just coincedental
    > that
    > the Aryans arrived among the Dravidians of India, at
    > about the same time? A good question, in my humble
    > opinion.
    > '...In India, the conquering horde, known as
    > the
    > Arayans, came down from the hills and pillaged the
    > peaceful farming communities of northern India.
    > INDIAN GODS AND KINGS, by E. Hawkridge tells all
    > that
    > happened. On page 10, Hawkridge explains: "
    > the
    > northwest corner...there was a break in the mountain
    > wall...Down upon the Dravidians farming in the north
    > came...
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    if you have an earlier date, please, share.

    Subject: a small amount of Indian history, part 1

    This posting is to give those who may not know, a brief history AND
    Please, pay attention to the part I have pointed out, and draw your
    own conclusion.
    The following is from THE PENGUIN HISTORY OF THE WORLD by J. H.

    ...This civilization has been given the name
    > "Harappan", because one of its great sites is the
    > city
    > of "Harappan" on a tributary of the Indus. There is
    > another such site at Mohenjo-Dara; others are being
    > discovered. Together they reveal human beings
    > highly
    > organized and capable of carefully regulated
    > collective works on a scale equaling those of Egypt
    > and Mesopotamia. There were large granaries in the
    > cities, and weights and measures seem to have been
    > standardized over a large area. It is clear that a
    > well-developed culture was established by 2250 BC
    > and
    > lasted for something like four hundred years with
    > very
    > little change...
    > ...Both the elaborate and effective drainage systems
    > and the internal layout of the house show a strong
    > concern for bathing and cleanliness; in some streets
    > of Harappa nearly house has a bathroom...
    > ...Nor do we know why the first Indian civilizations
    > began to decline, though their passing can be
    > roughly
    > dated. The devastating floods of the Indus or
    > uncontrollable alterations of its course may have
    > wrecked the delicate balance of the agriculture on
    > its
    > banks. The forests may have been destroyed by
    > tree-felling to provide fuel for the brick-kilns on
    > which Harappan building depended. ***But perhaps
    > were also other agencies at work. Skeletons,
    > possibly