Drawing the Color Line Cultures and Education

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    I suppose I would have to say no, since you don't post your own ideals - in your own words.

    However, I think I have a pretty good inkling based on the quotes you post.
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    Mr beanpie, the ability to paraphrase, that is, to "copy" another's ideas in one's own words, is the outward manifestation that one has not only understood the concepts of what he or she has read, but also that one understands its relavence to his or her own current circumstances, AND is able to APPLY such concepts to effect positive change.

    Also by paraphrasing, one TEACHES others how they may also apply those very same concepts to effect positive change in those others' lives.

    Don't you think this a more effective way to perform your self-appointed "job?"
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    'what "warped ideals"?'
    This may be news to you Mr. beanpie, but many view some of dictates of your religion as being OPPRESSIVE to women.
    I'm quite sure you will disagree with this though, viewing such dictates as commands from God to act as PROTECTORS of feminine virtue...

    Much, no doubt, as some slave owners viewed their roll as being "protectors" of those whom the society of the time sanctioned as their "charges."
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    "..more like a nightmare..."

    Mr. beanpie, you are on the wrong website for this sort of belief.

    Regarding cut/paste & your "copy" statement:

    con-ver-sa-tion \ n : 0ral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas

    web con-ver-sa-tion \ n : an exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas, as would occure in 0ral exchange except taking a written form posted as electronic data using a globally interlinked network of computers

    quo-ta-tion \ n : something that is quoted; esp : a passage referred to or repeated

    Aren't these forums in place for people to (web) CONVERSE about sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas?

    Isn't it the norm that when one wants to cite a source to support their sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas, they post a link rather than endlessly post page after page of copied text from that source?

    Aren't there FREE web hosting sites where one may title their page descriptive of their page's content (thereby attracting a captive audience, as opposed to holding another site's pages hostage) and quote to their heart's content??

    bean, you are indeed abusing these forums.
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    Your words are flowery and seldom your own. You seek to hide the true intentions of your heart by using various quotes and phrases. But you are like the ugly worm buried deep insiide the beautiful apple. Focused only on devouring everything in your path with your warped ideals.

    I won't waiste a whole lot of time on this, but I will say this: Good will always triumph over evil! No matter what it might look like on the surface.

    **If we are to survive we have to bridge the color lines even as Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed. **

    Interriacial dating dares to get to the heart of the situation. And no matter what you say, it bothers you. But we will not be denied. This I believe is the real reason you are here.

    **Everyday is a new day leading to a better tommorrow maximize the moment**

    ~ That's my quote. Not some long dead person.....
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    What is your point? FYI you are on an interracial site.., we want to erase the color lines... Can we all just get along? Almost everyone on this site fully enjoys the diversity of the various cultures. We do not seek to ostrichzie(sp) one and minimize the other. We simply don't care. In fact we marvel at our differences. And are happy to learn from the past not dwell in it. Now having said that... can YOU (not quoting someone else) tell me what you feel. Y-O-U!