Interesting Revelation - Interracial Relationships that are relationships

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    I went to a co-worker's white elephant Christmas party and observed some interesting things. My co-worker is Filipina and her husband is white. She is almost as dark as I am and she has 2 kids prior to her 3rd child with her husband. Her first child is Filipina and black, the 2nd Filipina and Hispanic (Latino).. not sure which one I am supposed to use.. sorry... and of course, the 3rd, Filipina and white. The observation came from some of the attendees of the party. I was the only African American person and there was one other Asian lady in attendance along with the hostess. Everyone else was white.

    Now for the observation. My boyfriend is, of course, white and we got some real glares from 2 ladies (that I noticed who were extremely obvious in their disdain of us being together). I thought that was interesting since my co-worker and obviously their friend is in an interracial relationship and has had children with men of other races. I also found it interesting that my co-worker didn't have a more diverse crowd. It doesn't mean that she didn't invite them, it could just be that they didn't attend.

    I was just dumbfounded at how they could be cool with her and her interracial relationship but have a real problem with me and my sweetie.

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    You should've asked them if there was something wrong! lol
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    Are you sure it was the relationship that was the issue for the disdain??? Cause it could have been something else.

    If not, then its sad to say that AW/WM couples have been around since the 50s and No 1 even bats an eye, but as for BW/WM couples are very rare, it could have been that they were staring out of curiosity, and were not trying to be mean.