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    I really dislike it when a person "favorites" you and then disappears! The other day someone "favorite"d me and i was very surprised to see that i really liked his profile and he was even pretty handsome so i also "favorited" him the very same day! i didn't email him because i wanted to thoughtfully respond so i planned to email him the next day if he didn't reach out. Well he was gone the very next day! i was very disappointed!
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    Sometimes, people accidentally click. I've done it before. There is no way to un-wink. I think there is a way to un-favorite. I'm not sure because I have never favorited anyone unless I've already spoken to them. 


    My suggestion is that if you find the person interesting is to respond directly. I don't think the 'players' rely on winks or favorites at all. I suspect they would be direct and have you on the phone within 1 to 24 hours and probably meet up that week if not day.

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    Thats just as bad as receiving a wink, of course I could see his picture, but when I tried to see his profile, I got the message that it's hidden or another success story!  I don't get it, why bother someone if you aren't truely interested or already involved!  I think it's all those players, they need to get a life!