Pursue or be pursued? Relationship Resume

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    If a woman knows what she wants and goes after it (as it relates to a man) would you consider her as being "too forward?" And do men like forward women; women who make the first move? Or are men turned off by such women?

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    I like forward women. I'm arrogant enough, and know I have enough to offer, that if a woman doesn't show interest back when I show interest, or does but expects me to play games or chase her, I'll usually move on. Let them know you are interested IMO

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    I love an aggressive and forward woman,  It is very attractive and refreshing

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    Hello and thank you for the topic. Disregarding stereotypical chivalry in our society, if individuals agree upon an attraction then they should convey it and get it out the way. Express any concerns of how to approach the person and just do it. After the illusions set by the 50's ideology and today's pop-culture, I can easily see how I'm becoming more artisticly blunt to all non-mind readers. Like interviews, you make your initial interest and perform any due diligence. If the company/client is interested, they will contact you. Hold the initial screening(s), then meeting. Satisfying all team/business cultural/employer 'fits', then we each adjourn and you are either green-lit, on-hold, or circular filed. I equate the date process to employment interviews.

    In summary, if it's going to be for me, it will be no matter the amount of my energy spent during the pursuit.

    I can only pursue, demonstrate, and articulate so much for either. 






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    Some men really like too forward women, but it all depends on the situation and the people involved. Everyone has different buttons they liked pushed. Generally if you know a guy is into dominant women and approves of any advances youve already made you can be pretty forward. However if you dont know a guy, and your in a club or other social place where you meet new people, dont be forward .

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    Depends on the guy... There are multiple ways to pursue, however.You can be blunt or you can seduce.