Women say they know what they want but they get scared Do women even really know what they want?

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    Okay if Black ladies and Asian men are left why don't we date each other?
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    [quote]Kinda pathetic the way you see these women on these sites for years going from on blk man to the next with thier "All black men LOVE me attitude" [quote]

    ooooohhhhhhhhhh don't we have a cutesy l'il potty mouf. here have a big roll..... yer mouth is leaking.......all icky with that dribble garbage comin' out......
    got a coupla back up rolls just in case....and not the rolls with the big grill .....pro'ly need potty training anyway.....
    can't spell either.....
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    Well with that mysogynistic attitude how do YOU expect to meet anybody?
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    [quote]Dear Rumple, [quote]

    just saw your note me.... i do appreciate your thoughts....

    1 1/2 days...? months...? years...???

    no detail is not a good answer.... lack of conversation doesn't cut it either when you cut out...
    love is not a one way street...... gotta have the chemistry....and i still stand by what i said on the march 27th posting....
    women do know what they want..... it just may not be HIM..... even though he says so.....

    thanks for the wishes....
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    Dear Rumple,
    I have just recently finished dating a man I met on this website after dating for 1 1/2. He didn't really tell me why so I have had to make my own assumptions. He broke up with me by e-mail after this period of time. He said he has been unhappy. No detail just unhappy. Well I am disappointed, hurt and at times have felt anger over how I was told. I suspect he may have started seeing other people too. I took a leap of faith and opened up my heart and life to this person. I am going to miss spending time with the person he presented him self to be. However, I don't think I really know him as he could not tell me what was going on with him. Despite feeling hurt, I have decided not to be bitter or unhappy. I appreciate his decision not to be with me. You see he is doing me a favor. When someone decides they want to run and hide,not be honest or appreciate you for who you are they are not the person for you. He is not the first man who has ended things he may not be the last. In this life I have been lied to, cheated on, disrespected, met people whose only real interest is sex, and I have been judged but out of these bad experiences have been life lessons. Concentrate on yourself, do the things that make you happy, appreciate what you have and who you are. I have taken up banjo lessons, I am going to take care of things I neglected because I was concentrating on the relationship and I am going to enjoy my life. I hope you find the right woman for you.
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    you know I've notice something interesting since I've been on this site, it seems that black women have a harder time finding an interracial mate (as well as asian males). And seeing how this is a world wide internet I'm actually referring to an article that was written in America, so keep in mind what Im about to say applies to American culture.

    Alot of questions that people post up here have to do with stereotypes from American culture, "why do black men cheat..." what do black women want? What's with all hate against asian males... and so on. Alot of the posters from Canada, Uk, or Australia seem to ask these questions alot (though I know little of the race relations in those countries) But in America, blacks are stigmatized as being aggressive and masculized therefor (ej. black men like sex, large penis, while women are seen as ghetto-fab, back talking, butt-kicking) not to mention population imbalance b/t black men and women.

    While asians on the other hand are seen as passive and conducive and therefor overly feminized (asian women being small as well as men, and patient...) plus there is more asian men in this country then women.

    Now to wrap things up thats why (at least in U.S) you see more white men-asian women partners (and not the other way) and black men-white women partners, and more recently black men-asian women couples (whites are seen as "neutral") Thus leaving out black women and asian men, and you don't see this hook up b/c of the masculinize/feminized stereotypes.

    So what do women want? Well you would have to ask every women in the world to get a complete answer b/c everyone is different.
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    Sending roses does not make you a romantic person; calling to say you will be late is "considerate" not romantic or passionate...if you have several women that went "running" perhaps it is YOU.

    If you say they are "scared", maybe you are too aggressive toward them, I am not defending those individuals but maybe there is something you're doing.
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    Im going to have to check deida out...thanks for that!
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    [quote]I am confused and extremely hurt I have to walk away with some self respect...PLEASE COMMENT!!![quote]

    walk away with your dignity and your self respect..... it is still intact... anyone with that short of an attention span and mood swing isn't worth the dial tone on a telephone..... mr. hangup has hangups.....

    deida's book is a long version of 'game playing'.... chess is more fun....at least you can see the pieces fall.....

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    Nope, not corny at all Perihan!
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    Thanks Trustable, I know that rationally I didn't do anything wrong, just like you, you were at work!

    What is it that some people can throw the love word around so easily?
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    Generalization is always bad thing.

    People do that, in my case men have done that, but I would't say that "men do that". Just some of them. (Could you believe that no woman has never done that to me? *grin*)
    It makes you feel like crap, it may cause disbelief for human kind, but on the other hand it's good that those people show their true colours in early stage.

    It's better to be disappointed in the beginning than after you have fell hopelessly in love.

    We are worth someone who really is ready to play with open cards, someone who doesn't run away even if they are scared.
    I know I am corny, but that is how it is.
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    I just finished a book called the way of the superior man. David Deida the author makes an excellent point that sometimes a woman may ask a man to do something not to get him to do something, but to see if he is so weak he will actually do it. In other words, she is testing his capacity to do what is right, not what she is asking for. In such cases if the man does what the woman asks, she will be disappointed and angry. The man will have no idea why she is so angry or what could possibly please her. He must remember that her trust is engendered not by him fulfilling her requests,but by him magnifying love, consciousness, and success in their lives, in spite of her requests. as a strong man sometimes you have to make some real unpopular decisions and let your woman get pissed off and do what is right and preserve your self espect and dignity.
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    i know what i want and very few men can deliver to total package. men over promise and under deliver.
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    I'm sorry to hear what happened to you.
    He is not worth it.
    Just because you didn't answer the phone, because it was nighttime and were asleep he got upset and sent you that text message. That sounds to me that he is very unpatient and can't stand it when someone doesn't call back right away.
    Don't feel bad. Some guys are really losers.
    Once I had that experience, someone called me in the morning while I was at work and so I didn't hear the messages until night time. Before I got his messages in his last message, he called me a bad name, just because I didn't get back to him the same day. Those guys are not worth it. How could I get back to him when I didn't even know that he called me and didn't give me a chance to call him back, you know?! We weren't even together, we just talked online before.
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    I know exactly what I want and thought I had found it...until he called at 330am left a msg telling me how the love we have is real...I didnt ans my phone, i was sound asleep, then a 1/2 hr later he sent a text msg saying..."i hope it was worth it. it is over..." Please someone tell me what is wrong with men when they have a good woman right there in the palm of their hands they assume the worst...and now he wont ans my calls or return an email. I called a cpl times, but you know even though I am confused and extremely hurt I have to walk away with some self respect...PLEASE COMMENT!!!
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    I know what I want..and this situation can go both ways. I have dated men that have said the same thing, then here comes every excuse in the book. Now, what I'm making a point to say is...if you are not serious, don't step to me.
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    well I know what I want,and i will feel it then know who he is,,know whaaaT i am sayin?
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    women know what they want, sometimes their not ready for it at that moment in time, they might wanna play the field a little. Or you may not be the person she wants all these things from. Some women also become prissy when they get whatevr they want, they ask for apples when u give them apples then they want u to make pie with it, and if u cant make pie then all of a sudden u might not be good enough. i hope i didnt confuse anyone.
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    Passionatemale2001 write:
    Here is one: Woman on the net, women in person, women on the phone all have one thing in common, (I shouldn't say all, but all that I know of) They say they want romance, passion, honesty, humor, a guy that doesn't play games, etc. But when the perfect guy is in front of them they run and hide. What is that? I am a man that sends roses just because, call when I will be late from work (yes, I have a career) am ambitious, take care of my two boys, take my woman out to make sure she knows she is loved and yet the running starts. Don't say you want something if you are not ready to get it!!!


    Well never heard of the phrase "too goo to be true" I think thats what women (or at least me) think when the "perfect guy" comes along. Or it could be something else about you...