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    As tenacious as I consider myself to be...this is for the birds.

    Interracial match boasts that they are the, "#1 interracial dating site in the world" and (apparently) with the most members...

    I beg to differ....

    You have my monetary commitment and what kind of prospects do I get? SLIM TO NONE! I don't even have a racial or body type preference set because PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE and, like a box of chocolates (you know the rest Forrest Gump fans!)... So either people on this site are eternally lazy or I have a disease the repels people...it's has to be something because this is NOT WORKING!!

    There is somebody in the world for everybody--who wants somebody...well, I want somebody...but with this site, I wonder: is there somebody for me?

    I've often thought of putting up a racy photo that won't get deleted along with suggestive text to see what happens. I'll bet I get responses...a piece of tail with no strings always seems to get prospects...don't believe me? Then why are prostitutes still in business?

    Anybody else feeling the way I do...chime right on in....if you've received responses and are very active out here...what in the world is your secret? I just don't get it....I see a lot of attractive people out here with great profiles who write forums about how no guys ever, "approach" them online...and when they wink or send an email there's no reply.

    I'm beginning to think all of these sites are nothing but scams....

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    I have had great success on here.  One thing I have learned for sure on these dating platforms is that if you don't have photos you will not have nearly as much success.  Doesn't matter if you offer the person a photo.  I get that all the time..."oh hey, I don't have photos but I can share if you’re interested."  I pay NO attention to those types of emails--none.  Want to know why?  Because 9 times out of 10 they are not someone I would be attracted to so I don't want to put myself in that awkward state of...uh sorry you don't fit the bill---or, I get the equivalent to dick pics.  As crude as this may sound...these dating sites are like a JC Penny catalog.  You thumb through the pages until you find something you like.  It defeats the purpose if you have nothing to show on your page.  I have asked scores of ladies that I have met through online dating sites and the response is the same--no photo means no response.  For me, not only do I post as many pics as I can, I also share my social profile so can see my public photos.  I want the woman that is looking at my profile to know exactly what they got.  Anywho, that's my tip.  :D  Best of luck

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    I understand your reluctance to post a photo, but I will say that it does come across as somewhat disingenuous. If I/she can go out on a limb and post a pic, why can't you? I feel the same way about posting my pic, but I realize that it's the only way to get my profile out there for a potential match.


    No negativity intended towards you because I totally understand your POV. Just offering a comment as to why you might not be getting the responses that you're looking for. 

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    I have to agree. I have been on here three or four days. I sent out about 175 "Hello's" and offered a photo to every one of them. The list that I sent to consisted of every female within 100 miles of me. I think I have gotten fewer then 6 responses. Four wanted to see the picture. Then once I aent it, I never heard from them again. Now, I know I am at least average looking. Hell, nobody's that bad looking! The other two were half way around the world. I had good conversation with those two. Only problem is I want a physical friend that I can do things with, perhaps meet. Its easy to get a pen pal but that is not what I am looking for.

    I decided to blame it on the fact that from a social stand point, it would make sense that not many women would be active here because they get hit on in public all the time anyway. So why would they feel compelled to join a dating site? I know there are women here but most of them are in other countries or just too far away. I have no interest in that, perhaps someone else does. 

    All in all, I guess its a good site to pass time, Blog and have a little intertainment before going to bed at night. But do you really want to pay for that? I guess we all have learn our lessons, and I did learn one. I did not expect a lot from day one, but I thought I would try just one time and my gut feeling was correct. Its good for intertainment purposes only.


    I met two women in public this week. Did not get very far, but I was able to hold a conversation with them. And pretty sure I will see one of them again soon. Time will just have to tell. I tell you, there is nothing better then the real thing. If you are hoping for a mericle here because you don't believe it exist in the real world, Stop dreaming and start living. relying upon a site like this will only bring you lower then you already are! 


    I think there is a better opportuniy in the real world then I will ever get here.



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    D: Thank. You. !!!!! I thought I was the only one who felt that. :\ The only guys that have even VIEWED my profile have been f'ing cryptic (I haven't even been 18 that long, and I've never even had a boyfriend or been on an f'ing date, but I'd like someone--oh, I don't know-- MY AGE!) xo *sigh*


    Dear Beautiful White Guys of this Earth,


    sorry I'm not Halle Berry or Beyonce jerks.


    ...I feel like crap, and I think I might throw in the virtual towel too :'(




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    Well honestly I only joined this to answer sumthin bout ghetto white girls. If you really want better results, try match.com or zoosk, especially zoosk cuz ppl will come to u even if you don't come to them and you get a lot of results.
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    Every dating site is #1 in the world... the idea is to draw out as many of us lonely people out there who don't really have the time or take the time to find someone offline. In this day and age honesty is almost dead, ... at least online.