Indigenous Native People of "this" Land Cultures and Education

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    I would very much like to hear from Native American People on this web site. When I see the term, "interracial", it seems to me, that pertains to black and white cultures. Where are the others? Am I alone on this website?...I come from a multi-racial, multi-cultural back ground made up of Hawaiian/Filipino~Cherokee/French. When I moved to Maine, people here didn't know how to receive me, the majority couldn't beleive I could speak english, let alone think intellectually. Not being in my island element, and having been here in Maine for several years, Im starting to wonder if people are afraid of cultures that do not fit the "blond hair, blue eye" look. Im loosing hope that a multi-racial person such as myself will ever find someone out here who can tolerate such diversity, let alone accept it. I dont know, maybe someone out there understands what Im saying,please, set me straight....
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    In America both the whites and the blacks WANT the races to be defined as only them. The black community is the largest and most organized and vocal one of the minorities in the United States (in Canada it is the First Nations) and it is they who define who is what color and what you are supposed to be shlepped in with and forced to act like. No matter what ethnicity you actually ARE you get lumped in as either white or black, and mixed means white+black, and nothing else. The definitions have been made and set in stone over the centuries by white people forcing their definitions on black people. Don't ask me why black people continue to define themselves and everyone dark skinned by those white-slavery-imposed definitions. You'd think they'd want to erase every definition of "black" that was imposed on them due to the slavery era....?! But most are not smart enough to see it that way. Meanwhile in America the Indians tend to have requirements of at least three-fourths PROVABLE blood quantum in order to be legally and socially able to call oneself an "Indian."
    That is the problem. Definitions of race are imposed by the whites and the blacks. Among Indians, for example: other Choctaws have told me that any part Choctaw is a Choctaw even if you have difficulty finding the paperwork to prove it (because your Choctaw mother hides it and doesn't want you to find it because she doesn't want you identifying with the Choctaw and even tried to force black men on you as a young adult to "blacken" the assumed offspring...not knowing that I keep "morning after pills" around just in case a black man ever manages to knock me unconscious and rape me which would be what would have to happen. When your Choctaw mother seems that adamantly opposed to your apparent liking of white, Philippino and Native American men instead of the black ones she wants to foist upon you....)and you have to bend over backwards joining every American Indian professional association and student group on the planet and even wearing the Choctaw image and logo on your tote bag and considering tattooing it on some noticeable part of your body, just to keep the sex-obsessed uneducated black sleazeballs off of you, something that I'm thinking will only happen on the reservation or in San Francisco if things keep up the way they've been going......
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    Well, I'm Choctaw Indian of "this" land and I still get that wherever I go. People being surprised at my mastery of English (of course, I was born in California and grew up in San Francisco, what the hell other language would have been my first - ?) let alone of French or Spanish; surprised that I grew up in a suburban college-prep environment and have a brain. People are always surprised that a Native American actually CAN qualify for college let alone in either math or science...but I digress. People are always surprised when they meet a Native American woman who can form complete sentences that don't start with, "How. Me Pocahantas. Me teach-um Math."

    And yes, in New England and Canada's Maritimes, people DO apparently think that even Native Americans are supposed to be white skinned, blond, blue-eyed.

    This is why we have to have professional support groups like the American Indian Science & Engineering Society and the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science. If people could accept us for WHO we were instead of being unable to get past the fact that we're Native American and have a BRAIN let alone a math or science degree....we wouldn't need support groups like that!!
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    I have NA heritage, but I'm mostly white and look it. I have dear friends who are FB or close and here in the south, they sometimes have a hard time with racists. I would hope a sight dedicated to all things interacial wouldn't have those kinds of problems. If it does, then there would be no point in posting here. I get enough of that behavior where I live.
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    You make it sound as if it were for homework.
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    Hi my name is rhonda i live in australia im looking to chat with a few native american indian's, im intersted in learning about the ancestory of the native american indian.
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    Chimeraphilia? Hahahahaha...I gotta remember that
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    I call that "chimeraphilia," when a person is looking for a combination that would be her or his ideal yet it does not exist.

    It may be the woman searching for a hairy Korean man, or the guy looking for a Black woman who is a natural blonde, or someone looking for a 6' 2" Mexican Native American....
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    To Nubian 777............

    First, let me say that if you were a little older and I fit your list of requirements, I would have already e-mailed you...but you aren't and I don't so I didn't.
    That out of the way, let me ask you this..I am no anthropologist, but I find it highly unlikely that the average height of Native American, Hispanic or Pacific Islander males is anywhere close to 6'2". So....Do you think maybe your height requirement has turned away a lot of guys from these cultures who might otherwise have made contact with you?
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    Interesting nubian...

    When I first saw your pic on the other thread you recently posted to, my own thoughts about your appearance were that you are quite a beautiful woman.

    You have marvelous bone structure.
    A wonderful symmetry to your features -whats referred to as The Golden Triangle.
    Thick, luxurious hair.
    An coloration that is strikingly beautiful.

    Oops, -let me just assure you that I am a hetero woman.
    Still, that doesn't blind me to whatever physical beauty I see in the world, and I assure you that you are a physically beautiful person.

    That you've taken the time to maximize your educational opportunities and God given talents just shows that your beauty goes beyond surface deep.

    That anyone would see you otherwise, moreover TREAT you otherwise... as if you are somehow lacking or unacceptable... I find astoundingly appaling and repugnant.

    Let THEM suffer for their ignorance. YOU know who you are and what your worth as a human being is.
    If they are too stupid to see it, its their loss.

    Yessss,all of us situations where we must work twice as hard as the next to "sell" ourselves. And true, some more often than others.
    But never let that dampen your fire within.

    Best of luck finding a match who sees you for WHO you are and is wise enough to treasure you.

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    I am a multi racial Native American. And I am with you, once people find out there is native American blood in your veins it is sort of a turn off. Any Indian for that matter. I have had people on the street tell me to go back to the reservation where I came from I have never been on a reservation.

    People find out I follow my native American cultural ways, then I am a pagan already without any body asking just what that is. We are not pagan or heathens, or savages. I dont have a mean bone in my body not intentionally anyway. But I will not tolerate racism around me no matter what the color of there skin.

    I to would like to know where all the Native Americans are on this site too. I sometimes wonder if they are afraid to come out and admit who they really are.

    I for one am not ashamed of who I am. And being a mixed blood native American, the full blood native Americans do not want us and the whites do not want us where is our place in society.

    Maybe one day I for one will find out where my place is in this United States of America. And having white blood also in my veins and Irish where do I put my foot I feel like I am walking in two worlds one world fits the other world dont fit but I have to walk in it any way.

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    "When I moved to Maine, people here didn't know how to receive me, the majority couldn't beleive I could speak english, let alone think intellectually."

    My experience, as well. I'm not multiracial, I'm a Native American from South America (Aymara), so I guess I don't qualify as a Native of "this" land.

    "Not being in my island element, and having been here in Maine for several years, Im starting to wonder if people are afraid of cultures that do not fit the "blond hair, blue eye" look."

    People are afraid of the unusual. Multi-racial individuals are unusual, as are those who come from an uncommon 'race'. In many ways, we are on the same boat.

    "Im loosing hope that a multi-racial person such as myself will ever find someone out here who can tolerate such diversity, let alone accept it."

    I've lost that hope myself. So far I'm away from "my people," I'll always be an anthropological curiosity. Well, so be it.

    You cannot force people to be open-minded or to think of you as an equal. The best you can do is establish friendships with those who are disposed to be your friends, and, in my case, hope to go back to my country and find love there.

    Unfortunately, for those who are unusual, finding love is a task nigh impossible.