Black BBW for SWM Big Beautiful Women

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    2007 is here and I am looking for a single male who would be interested in somthing serious. I do have a preference for tall men (aren't most women, I hear you say lol), interesting and intelligent and get up and go kindda man. I am a bit on a large side right now - as you can see from my ph otos, I just want you to know that I do loose weight and I am planning on doing that this year.

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    I think thicker the better. Thats my opinon! I think your beautiful the way you are. Skinny woman never looked gpod to me. Every man/woman has some type of prerfference. A thick black woman is very sexy.

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    I think that us as Thick women need love as well. What are you going to do with someone skinny. no there is notihng wrong with it but what is really teh problem. 

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    I'm always looking for a bbw.

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    Your candor is appreciated but...


    #1 didnt the woman state that she is losing weight (jeez)?


    #2 Since you know what it's like to be overweight...tell me, did anyone come off this harsh to you, and if so, how did it make you feel?


    #3...and this is for everyone who thinks they have the answer to everone else's life: your journey and how you got to your desination is not the same as everyone else's. If you want to give a testimony to edify and inspire PLEASE DO THAT! But this soap box rant about BBW's being fat is both hurtful and insulting.


    #4 I'm a larger woman...don't eat fast food, don't smoke, drink on occasion, and walk everyday (yes, even in the Georgia HEAT!)...I'll NEVER be skinny because it's not my body makeup...but, I'll be in the best shape of my life on the THICK for those who think that is unattractive...screw you!

    #5 It's amazing to me the number of women who will accept a man with a beer belly and love him to DEATH! But men like you are so hard on women...but I BET when you were at your heaviest, you wanted a woman to accept you as you were AS YOU LOST THE WEIGHT! Why can't you do the same? Where's the grace dude? Maybe you lost it along with the UNATTRACTIVE FAT.

  I said, your candor is appreciated...just be mindful: when you overcome, come on over with testimony, not slander (and yes, what you stated above is slander.... your opinion is NOT universal of all men--and yes, I'm talking WORLDWIDE).


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    Not necessarily. I think your comment details your personal experience. I am what some would consider a BBW; howver most consider me to be curvatious. I do not eat any additional salt. I eat fresh fruit and veggies daily and very litle meat. My weight problem stems from medications related to seizures. The seizures are under control and almost never occur. However, the medication changes your brain functioning and processing hence your body chemistry. I was very slim prior to the medication. However, I am really proud of myself and body. Have more stamina than skinny minnies and am considered to be not pretty, but beautiful and look much younger than my 44 years! HOW U LIKE ME NOW!
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    "I like my women like I like my milkshakes,dark and thick"(-;
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    Are you a docotr when you are saying all this stuff, and believe me there is nothing wrong with having a fuller figure as alot of society are now, all over there world. I am a bw, but i dnt have health problems and stuff like that i can run after my kids and stuff so if u happy with u figure then why change to meet societys view of thin, fat and so ofth women, after all we are all the same regadelss
  • View author's info Posted on May 17, 2007 at 11:07 AM

    Wow! You don't have to date big black ladies or as I am guessing you don't have to date black ladies at all.
    To my White and Asian sisters I hope you are catching the anger and meanness in this man. You will see it in your relationship if you date him. There will always be some excuse to be mean and nasty. Take note!
    Dearest Raydio,
    In history there have always been intellectual sounding reasons to inspire hatred stereotypes and cruelty toward groups of people. Those techniques are now considered inappropriate to apply toward races and sexual orientation. The new accepted group to pick on is the overweight crowd. It has been sanctioned by TV and health professionals. Apparently there must always be an enemy. The question is why? Are we so small so insecure so ungodly a country that we cannot survive without some form of hate to propel us? Can each individual not stand out for his or her own merits? Must we be so small that we have to hold up someone else as if to say wretched as I am I am better than...
    Be outstanding Raydio say what it is that is so great so wonderful so kind so compassionate about you that makes you the best partner friend lover son brother father human that God has made. What will they say about you when you die? It hope it is more than that you conquered obesity.
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    Just because that was your experiece does not make it every one elses. And yes, you did mean to be harsh and judgemental. Otherwise you would not have kept that to yourself.

    You might have been unattractive when you were overweight, but that does not mean that everyone else who is over weight is unattractive.

    Please don't buy into the myth that all people who are over weight are unhealthy. Being thin does not always mean healthy.

    I think its great that you lost weight. It sounds like you didnt feel attractive when you were heavy. I hope things are going well for you now.

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    Forgive me if this sounds harsh, but BBW is simply a nice way to say fat. Fat is both unnatractive and unhealty. The fact is that unless there are some serious medical issues involved, a so-called BBW is simply someone who engages in an unhealty lifestyle. A lifestyle that leads to hypertension, diabetes, respiratory problems, and premature death. It's simply a matter of eating less and exercising more, and you won't be a BBW, but just a BW. This is coming from a guy who grew up overweight and changed his lifestyle as an It ain't that hard.
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    look forward to hearing from you. peace. stephen