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    I've decided to liven this board up with a very sensitive topic. What is magic?

    Versus naming things, I suggest that you give a definition along with examples.

    Let's get it on!
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    MidLove you stated in your 1st poat is astrology from satan or god. in my opinion - if there is either they are both the same like hot and cold. both extremes of the same object. the main difference is satan has all the fun...at first - then the pendulum of pain swings the other way and whomever is experiencing pain(satan0 turns back toward the divine for comfort. so if there is a devil is he really bad if he turns one back towards god with pain?

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    Midlove you are awesome with such a dangerous topic! magic is as real as life itself. i found it to be the only true religion. i'm not knocking christain,muslim,hindu, etc. etc., belief systems...i just find them limited in scope and very limited in practice. their is no real practice outside of "trying" to be a good person. that's simple but not easy - don't do anything to anybody you wouldn't want done to yourself. simple yes - easy no. Now as for magic it is the practice of astrophysics and the application of life energies for a specific purpose. we all feel the pressure the moon exerts on our bodily fluids including seretonine levels in the brain that cause moods and action. i have learned this can be "enginereed" and structured to cause results in a persons life or somebody elses. i have gotten so good at it i rarely work on anybody but myself. i actually teach online classes of how to harness these energies and stimulate qualities that lay dormant in all humans beings until they puposely activate them. i have been practicing for 17 years and my teacher was Karl Hans Welz - inventor of the Welz chi generator! if you wish to see his invention go to hscti.com. i work for the company in the agriculture department. i can also get equipment for anybody rather inexpensively too! it is very heavy and not for most people. most people are content to just practice being a good person-mainsteream religion. and need to practice that 1 thing for many lifetimes until they are ready to advance into more actively affecting their surroundings. i could go on for volumes on this but this is not the place for it. Thank You for a brilliant topic Midlove!!!
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    as a person who has lived among non believers Ihave a good success in either casusing havoc or peace in their life by their belief
    , Thats the true magic
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    The ladder of success, Pt 2

    6. The more intense boot camp becomes, the more the elastic nature of man stretches to new heights, resulting in one surpassing the previous best of the past. As the race for the increased quality of life continues, the pull towards the ideas of the most successful become increasingly strong. As the population progresses to higher levels, the bar of success also has a tendency to progress, as a result of competition. As the bar progresses, the pull towards it continues. Information and technology is ever increasing, pushing the sophistication of one generation higher than the previous; but yet, the same short comings of man continue, even increase.
    7. When aggression reaches the realms of immorality, the victors are easily removed, based upon past behavior, through use of a moral judgment and authoritative power. When discrimination exists, those that are less desired become the target of priority.
    8. As the exposure to hostile environments continue, hardened personalities increase and progress, birthing and solidifying an unforgiving nature. After viewing all others, as like themselves, having the same strengths and weaknesses, they find it difficult to come to terms with many others. Such individuals become a duplicate of the beast and complain about the same principles that they adopted.
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    The ladder of success, Pt1
    1. The ladder of success is designed according to environmental conditions.
    2. Desire or motivating circumstances lead to movement, according to their strengths. Resistance is presented according to the logic of nature and society. A decision is made based upon what is perceived. Aggressiveness is accelerated according to the importance of solving the problem, which is an attempt to overcome the resistance.
    3. When someone is working against you, a resistant nature will have a tendency to adjust and move with you, resulting in a blanket thrown over many or all of your attempts to overcome. In other words, it has a tendency to take on a mind of its own. In such a case, cooperation is needed, resulting in a conspiracy for good or evil.
    4. When the source of a conspiracy is confronted, the result will be an attitude designed to defend the objectives of that group. The personality traits will be associated with disbelief, inability to arrive at a solution, finding a weakness of character, a lack of understanding the nature of the problem and/or prevention of future attempts to overcome the problem.
    5. One, who has the ability to overcome many things in life, will have an optimistic attitude in comparison to another. When this type of person is predominant in a society, where one attempts to stand out above another, he can't relate to or care to solve the problems associated with the less successful; he exposes himself as a member of the conspiracy for evil. The key words for identifying such people are selfishness and impurity. The symbol for him is a drought. An opposing personality is a "Benefic". The key words are replenishment and purity. The symbol for him is a water fall.
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    Boot Camp or war?
    1. When one lacks knowledge to succeed, he is used as a stepping stool to success.
    2. When one lacks the wisdom to utilize his knowledge effectively, he is used as a stepping stool to success.
    3. When one lacks the physical abilities to succeed, he is used as a stepping stool to success.
    4. When one lacks aggressiveness, he is used as a stepping stool to success.
    5. When one lacks the nerve to take his aggressiveness to the next level, he is used as a stepping stool to success.
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    Reflection of authoritative rule?
    1. When the beast is in control of an environment, duplications of his characteristics has a tendency to become apparent in the population (fingerprint, reflection). This is due to containment and oppression of will power that cause friction, which causes heat (disruption), resulting in heat for heat. The result is explosive reactions (war, crime, bad neighborhoods, aggressions, repressed anger, imitations of escapism (drugs), all characteristics of the beast). This is the formula behind mice fighting over crumbs. One aggression attracts another. (See "The beast" )

    2. When economies are tied together or dependent upon another, nations are destined in the same manner.

    3. As stated in the Bible, Satan, himself, was thrown into outer darkness, where he is chained. Oppression seems to have a domino effect, when the target has authority over another. Satan tried to compete with God. We know that when competition is not controlled, it can have, at least, an oppressive effect. In an encyclopedia, I read that psychologists stated that competition is not a cause of disruption in our world.
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    Here, I just wanted to let you know about the best book I've found that discusses the 10 main planets in great details. It is good for interpreting a natal chart. That book can be downloaded from:


    I'm experimenting with a free software download. At Google, type, "Free astrolog software" and you will find it. Besides doing my own natal, I'm experimenting with horary astrology.

    Here you'll understand what I mean about Horary astrology:


    For those curious about my chart information:

    Henry Ellison Young
    Birth: Thu Apr 18, 1963 2:05pm (DT -6:00 GMT) Youngstown, Ohio 80'65E 41'10N

    When someone is practicing magic against you, you will feel the opposite effect to your chart. This is why it is good to know your natal chart. Some have committed suicide because of magic.
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    Assessing a problem, pt 2

    You can use other metaphysical tools to clarify or confirm the other. Imagine what an official would think, if he knew many utilized metaphysical tools to aid in decision-making. He would have to exercise integrity.

    I believe that everyone deserves their privacy; but, when they are attacking you or someone else, they lose all privacy pertaining to that particular incident. Metaphysical tools are not for dogging anyone, taking an advantage of anyone or profiting from the disadvantages of anyone in a negative manner. That would warrant magic.

    Life is easy; but, where there is hardship, there is someone behind it. However, how one carries himself/herself attracts certain things in their life. Take me, for instance, writing a book about the authorities. A guilty authority figure would feel threatened and attempt to thwart the matter unfairly; immorally; sneakily; possibly violently, even through metaphysical means and deceptively. An innocent opposing figure would challenge with facts and bend to facts, openly. Timing of the matter really exposed the truth. Don't attempt to use astrology in a courtroom environment.

    Most of my family are poor and can't help me financially. Many people are in the same position. It's time to take more control. Learn and teach Horary Astrology and tell your students to do the same.
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    Assessing a problem, pt 1

    The first thing you want to do in route to solving a problem is to fully assess the problem. Otherwise, you would have to learn as you go. That could cause plenty of hardships, especially if the problem involves a higher up. Besides that, it means doing a lot mental work, in which much of it may prove to be a waste of time. Your mental work may just lead you to a dead end. That's where I was; but, now, thanks to new information, I'm back into a position to better observe and plan to attack my problem.

    I found a way to bring my enemy up on the radar screen. The way, in which things worked out for me in the past, I believe he had me on the radar screen. Those, who practice magic in higher places, are the most dangerous people in the world.

    I believe everyone should learn how to do Horary Astrology (Predictive Astrology). I'm especially talking about the disadvantaged, the most vulnerable and those, who seek to protect. I believe everyone should learn to do what many in higher positions do, but in a positive manner.

    The more each of us can pierce the events in our lives, the better we can guide our world in a more positive direction. We should make it a habit of teaching others how to do it.

    Through astrology, you can see a Jesus type, Martin Luther king Jr type or any other type coming. If the opposition sees this, they could jump on him quickly and possibly eliminate any attempts to expose or bring harm to them in any way. This can be done through the erecting of a birth chart and predictive astrology. That's what it looks like to me.
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    The beast
    1. There exist a beast, whose nature is stubborn and selfish.
    2. He roams the earth looking to profit from all the aspects of humanity, even through metaphysical means.
    3. He seeks to consume man through the most profound means, with the least effort and greatest results.
    4. Sensing attraction, his victims come to him.
    5. Poison comes out of his mouth, causing deception and confusion.
    6. He attempts to deter any attempt by the victim to break free by putting them at the greatest disadvantage. If the victim finds refuge, the beast may contain him and patiently await the results of the declination of his energy.
    7. Any intelligence that has been utilized against him, especially if it has resulted in his defeat, is considered for prevention purposes or squashed.
    8. After observing and participating in clashes of enemies, his intelligence continues to reach higher levels.
    9. His main fuel is power and support.
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    Greed leads to the practice of magic
    1. Our environment tells us, "As the seriousness of failure increases, the chance of sin or crime increases. As the chance of sin or crime increases, the level of need for alert and defense increases. The greater the alert and defense, the level of need for deceptive, sneaky, masculine behavior increases". We can trace this trait forward and backwards.
    2. Greed and hate are the motivators that lead to full blown chaos.
    3. Any time that a system is set up without regards to the business nature of its governed parts, it is working against or without regards to those parts. It is working with unnatural law. Knowingly doing so with the pretense of bringing about a proper result is the practice of magic. (See "Business")
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    1. Money is nothing, unless it can attract material and/or non-material things to our lives that make us happy and fulfilling. Therefore, money is not the real issue; it's the ability to attract the things that we want in life. It is the system of things that ties that ability to attract to money, which is inaccurately distributed under the influence of greed and hate.
    2. The demeanor in which an individual, establishment or government uses its money displays their motivations and attitudes under the circumstances in that particular time.
    3. Money is a symbolic measure of a man's psychological, emotional and spiritual makeup as a whole.
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    1. A secret is a form of leverage, which is restricted to certain people, that give advantage to the holder.
    2. When secrets are broadcasted to others, the broadcaster becomes a medium between the source and the people, in which it is broadcasted.
    3. The demeanor, in which a medium operates, determines his religion (how he/she uses his/her knowledge). Their religion will either oppose the teachings of Jesus or be in alignment with him. Thus, we know whether a medium is of this world or not.
    4. The bible says, "Search and ye shall find", and "All are priests". Every man/woman of God is responsible for dissecting information from the environment and sharing it with others. Life consists of a broad spectrum of knowledge requiring many to accurately interpret and deliver. Can all be physicians? Can all be lawyers? Etc.
    5. In an evil system, the demeanor in which knowledge is distributed is through manipulative ideas designed to give advantages to certain individuals or to maintain advantages of a class of people. One of the most powerful manipulative ideas is financial power (the button attached to many types of leverages that maintains the current status of many).
    6. When strong efforts are exhausted, without success, there exist secrets and/or hidden enemies; otherwise, the source of the problem is hostile and known, which may hide behind excuses.

    The seed
    1. A seed is masculine and/or feminine energy that grows in influence and/or appearance.
    2. Its appearance may not be seen by man; but, depending on its purpose, the growing result may be observed through the senses.
    3. The seed may be planted naturally (the workings of a higher being) or unnaturally (the workings of man), which follows the path of natural sequential order (metaphysics) set by the computer programmer (God). One seed may, eventually, produce seed for another. All that is can be traced back to either of these sources.
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    Where is the line between you or another damaging your own reputation?
    1. One's reputation begins when he/she becomes fully in control and responsible for his/her own actions.
    2. When one displays imperfections, his reputation gets a black mark.
    3. When one acts in a manner to prevent duplications, it represents a direction towards perfection.
    4. When one represents a direction towards perfection, his aim moves closer towards God or that is; righteousness, truth etc.
    5. As one attempts to align himself with God, perfection, truth, righteousness etc.; he polishes or creates a new image.
    6. When the new glossy image becomes tarnished by a reminder of past negativities, the reputation is damaged by the reminder, when publicized.
    7. Otherwise, when one, voluntarily, continues on the same corrupt path, he continues to damage his own reputation. When it is involuntary, there is an accomplice in control. ( See "The on and off switch", "The art of temptation" )
    8. One cannot damage the reputation of anyone, whether a government official, business, organization or an individual when their current actions are in line with what was or is stated. Present truth takes precedence.

    This represents my argument, not their law.
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    As we practice doing an exercise over and over again, we begin to absorb it into our subconscious mind. As we persevere in our exposure to the exercise, we make the transition from learning to automatic reaction and perfection. In other words, it becomes a part of us, whether it be a good habit or bad habit.

    The things that we are exposed to the most has the greatest effect upon us, whether it be the media, our jobs, shared information, environmental circumstances etc. These things can cause the world to blend together as one or to segregate accordingly.

    Since the results tell the story, could it be a manipulative scheme to plant the seed of a certain reputation and control it? If you can control a reputation, you can control the one, in which it belongs. Could it be a technique to gain or maintain support and favoritism from a majority? Above all, is any of this possible?

    Using a fully assessed current situation, computer, knowledge of cycles and imagination; anything becomes possible.
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    The on and off switches
    1. We are inside of a large computer.
    2. The on and off switches, like a computer, are the resistant and non-resistant areas in society and nature.
    3. Computers perform based on a set of on and off switches, which allows it to do whatever tasks man can imaginatively materialize.
    4. The demeanor, in which a task is carried out, signals the possible set of on and off switches perceived by the one performing the action, especially concerning the sense of limitation and best known route to accomplishment.

    The art of temptation
    1. Temptation is something dressed to attract attention and/or action.
    2. Success, in the art of temptation, lies in understanding the psychological, emotional or physical nature of the one tempted. Utilization of opposing energies is the key to success. A good symbol of how to use opposing energy is seen in the functionality of a computer.
    3. The difference between the computer and man, in the art of temptation, is the fact that man presents responses and resistances in the form of weaknesses and strengths. But, the threshold of men varies from one man to another, allowing for the breaking down of resistances over time.
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    On earth, your social security can be used to track your movement. In astrology, your name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth are used to track your movement and thought processes. As the saying goes, "As above, so below". This makes it possible for someone to follow you and work against you. You can be drugged for thinking that someone is following you.

    You can better understand the accuracy of astrology by learning to do your own chart and interpreting it. You should also review your transits report to see how the external world and you communicate. I found it to be more informative than I thought. I'm still learning.

    I intend to update and rework "The way the world works" when I am in a stable position. Currently, I have to find a job and a place to stay.
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    Ask yourself, if I were a Ku Klux Klansmen that wanted to carry out my grand plan of exulting one race or group of people over another, how could I go about doing it in a deceptive manner that would cause others to buy into it? Would I use low vibrations that has a compression tank effect as described in the main topic, "Cultures and Education"; subtopic, "Thug culture"; January 18th & 19th posting?

    Keeping all businesses, including government, top heavy will always prevent lasting and consistent improvements to society. In, "The way the world works", I call these businesses and rich individuals sponges; because, they soak up the stream of replenishment, leaving very little or none for others. They even compete to be the world's richest. Many support their own problems by looking up to them and down on the poor. Many of them do and can afford to give; but, most of the same people living in poverty remain in poverty or return. Grants aren't easily accessible by the poor and unknowledgeable.

    Not all rich people fit in the category as sponges. Some actually prefer to live a rich life than to live in poverty and take whatever route is available. The world needs to be reworked. Instability causes the need for unnecessary amounts of reserves.