I wasn't born in May and you wasn't born in December POEMS

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    This poem is dedicated to all the older women or younger men who have let society keep them from exploring what could be the relationship of their lifetime.


    Tell me if you can why they call it May/December romance?
    You weren't born in May were you?
    Tell me why my soul reaches for you across the miles, longing to gaze into your eyes?
    Will your eyes see me differently if you knew I was not born in your springtime?
    Memories of May conjure images of flowers wet with dew, picnics and parties full of youth.
    December,just the word makes one shiver with reminders of coldness and barren views.
    Must I be a December?
    Must you be a May?
    Can we stop time and make a month all our own?
    Maymember will be our month.
    The month where a sweet and tender May joined forever with an older, but definitely not colder December.

    After all, you really weren't born in May................were ya????????
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    Thank you for reading and commenting on my post. Sometimes it kinda hurts to remember what life was like when I was in my spring and how there were always dates and I didn't have to worry about whether or not a man was interested in me only for a booty call!
    But as I grow I don't age, I mature, ripen like a fruit on the vine. When ready and treated properly I can provide the most wonderful delights known to man. For those who read this and think I am speaking erotically, you are only partially right. Love is the most awesome gift when shared by 2 people and that comes truly with time, the right conditions and cultivation.

    Thanks again, Silver.