READY TO GIVE UP!!!!!!! Romance

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    Ditto Sama!

    Don't dare think that it is you...Women all over the world share your sentiments. It is a sign of the times, but it is still primarily upon us to comb through the muckity muck and build friendships.

    Again, that may not have been your original intention when you arrived to the site or any other.

    I don't want to sound like a counselor, but please don't settle for anything less than what you want.

    Settling and accepting nonsense is how this dating thing tipped the scales, whereby men are no longer accountable and women end up carrying excess baggage throughout their lives.

    You are complete and incomplete people are looking for people to complete them. This is the opportunity for you to tie a knot in your rope and keep hanging in there.

    Leave the club scene! It is filled with incomplete people. Associations may be thin, however if you find venues where like minded people frequent, it will change your results!!!

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    Thanks everyone! I have not dated in three years and me and my friends really have not had much luck either, what's the chance of that in three
    years for 4 women not to find one decent man, online or otherwise. We talk about it all of the time at our girls night out. No offense men! It just gets discouraging.

    As for the disappearing thread. I think it may be gone because I mentioned another dating site by name. Oops!
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    Tarcia write:
    ...To this day, I don't what I did if anything. And to all of them?
    Is it looks? Weight?
    I am starting to realize that I may be alone for the rest of my life. Anyone else feel this way?

    Tarcia, I'm sure it ISNT you, your looks, or your weight.
    Now I assure you I do not sw1ng "that way," but I can and do have an appreciation for aesthetic beauty, and I tell you Tarcia - you ARE beautiful.
    I'm convinced that people who have trouble committing in "real" life, whether its committing to a love relationship, to doing their part in maintain a friendship, to following through with family obligations, or whatever etc, are drawn to various internet sites in DROVES.
    So, you ARE going to enc0unter these people A LOT.
    Sometimes its because the internet makes it so easy to back out of the interaction when it gets to the point that others would ordinarily be able to view someone (without such issues) as dependable.
    For whatever personal reasons these people just can't handle it when others c0me to depend on them to "be there." For the ones who honestly have met someone else, I think they are just the type of people who become bored easily or are almost addicted to whatever is "NEW" to them.
    If you know this going into the whole on-line thing, its much easier to not allow yourself to DEPEND that emails be answered, phone calls be returned, etc. even when the interaction reaches the point where we could ordinarily c0me to expect this most of the time in "real" life relations.
    Its sad, I know. But I truely believe that the people who have such trouble "following thru" don't mean to hurt others feelings or dissappoint them. Its just who they are & they haven't yet figured out how to be otherwise.
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    Now Tarcia, you mustn't turn this personality trait in others back to onto yourself as being some unknown shortcoming of your own.
    Do not internalize others' unhealthy behaviors. YOU girl are more "together" than that ;-)
    Just recognize that this personality dynamic is here online in at least as high percent as you'll enc0unter walking down any city street. Then decide for yourself whether you want to stay or bail. Either choice you make is ok if its ok with YOU.
    And as for being alone...
    Yes, quite often I think I'll probably spend the rest of my life single, but you know what?...
    That's OK :-)
    Its not my first choice, no. But I also won't settle for being with someone who is unhealthy for me to be with just to be with someone.
    My family, my friends, and even I know what a truely GREAT person I am!
    & I don't say that out of an "I'm better than anyone else" kind of conceit. Its said out of knowing WHO I am.
    And if I can't see the ways in which I am a great person, who else will, eh?? Cuz I can't let shine forth into the world the good that's in me if I won't see in myself, as those who know me well do see it in me.
    So if I never find that person everything just clicks with, thats ok. THAT'S not going to stop me from having a life that's very well lived. =)
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    Hey Tarcia,
    Don't dare give up searching. People such as yourself are far too hard to find. And when you finally do met that someone (as you most certainly will, it may not be on this site, but you will), they will in fact be the type of person who will never take the sweet, wonderful you for granted and will appreciate you for simply being you. As I have told you previously in another post, it's just a matter of time before you connect with this person. So please don't give up and most certainly don't ever settle for less than what you truly seek.

    And lastly, what's up with the disappearing thread? I remember msdsm said something about 90% of the people here have only 5% intelligence, or something like that ;)
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    Well guess what Tarcia...I left a response last night to this thread and it disappeared too...

    But so has an entire thread!
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    Tarcia-baby, do not give up. Follow your desire. Your desire will make it happen. It will happen. Time and patience. I know you have been patient, but it WILL happen. Plus, it will happen when you least expect it. I wish you the very best in your quest for love and companionship,