Hmm are you guys serious? White Man Seeks Black Woman

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    Well, I say this because I've gotten strange emails about things they want to do and some of the men on this site seems like they are trying to full fill a fetish of some sort. So I have to ask if you guys are serious. I mean I'm assuming most of the ladies on this site are here to see what's out there without actually being out there, so why are most of the men on here are creeps?? I'm just curious. If I'm wrong tell me please 

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    It's embarrassing, some of the reasons I've seen white guys give for wanting to be with black women. It's still filled with generic stereotyping or part of some bizarre bucket list they have. A lot of us are genuine and sincere, though. I think black women are just physically more beautiful than all others. No comparison whatsoever, in my opinion. 

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    Islandgirl, I completely see where you might get that. Far from "I'm not racist, I date outside my race", there seem to be a lot of people into interracial dating for at least vaguely racist reasons. I find it disheartening, and I can only imagine how dehumanizing and frustrating it might be for you. Personally, I am not limiting myself to ONLY dating outside my race; I'm on okcupid too; but I'm a radical leftist living in Colorado who prefers dark eyes and hair. There aren't a lot of white progressivesin Colorado, and many of those are inconsistent or hypocritical. I simply got tired of sifting though profiles of bleach-blonde libertarians and thought that having this profile as an option might be a way to sift through some of that. Although I have always had a slight aesthetic preference for nonwhite women, it is aesthetic rather than essentialist in nature.

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    Well actually I am serious and am trying to find a lady close to my own age that would like to start a family. 


    I'm not saying rush into anything right off because a relationship takes time to build up. 


    But my ultimate goal is to have a family with me in my home state of Kentucky. 


    I'm not sure what kind of stuff dudes have sent you as I'm fairly new to this site. 


    But I can imagine..... because is the internet. 


    Just letting you know that you aren't alone in trying to find someone on here. 


    Also I would like to let you know that you are a beautiful young lady and I wish you the best of luck :)