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  • View author's info Posted on Jun 06, 2011 at 08:07 AM


    I'm new to this site and is just curious.

    I'm interested in hearing feedback....the good,the bad,and the ugly.

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  • View author's info Posted on Feb 09, 2016 at 08:17 AM

    This site would be fantastic if there was no such thing as distance. If they really want people to buy PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP then they should make matter-to-energy teleportation a paid feature.

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    OMG, this is the most terrible dating site, I ever been on compared to other sites. It is 2016 and I am reading the profiler's comments that goes back to 2011 and mean really, 2011? Sounds like the this site hasn't been upgraded or refreshing the page. The owner that runs this site, need to look into this and to realized why there so many negative comments from the profilers. But I have to agree 100% that this site is very slow, lacks of features, lack of option of others membership plans and it seem to be unpopular site. I sign up on this site almost a week and still haven't had any luck out of it yet so, I will not purchase an PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP on here and for what? Nobody respond on this site so what else could a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP can get out of it......I just might as well remain as a Standard Membership but not too long, I will eventually delete my profile anyway.


    Well everyone that is on this site, I wish you all the best luck of finding what you're looking for. As I always say to anyone, there is somebody out there for everyone and so don't give up hope!!!


    A message to the owner that run this site: Please take care of this issues that causing the members to leave this site. You run the business so, DO YOUR JOB AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!!!

  • View author's info Posted on Dec 12, 2015 at 03:30 AM

    Most of the men around my age or older are seeking women 10 or more years younger than them.  I would prefer a search feature that matches me to a guy's age preference.  This will make it easier to narrow my search results.

  • View author's info Posted on Oct 30, 2015 at 03:02 PM

    I have been a paying member on this site for about 3 months. Likes: the fact that they are a lot of AA women on there seeking caucausian men. Dislikes: Very little of them in Atlanta, which surprised me, as my city is a hot bed of single AA women. Agree this site is slow and lacks features of other sites like POF  sthat annoys me if I'm paying the same price. Also, it appears responses are slow and members don't get them right away and when they respond, the site batches the responses so they come through at 3 am; not very cool.


    I am currently a standard member and being so, it's a piece of crap. I can't do anything. I have even had the ladies say the same thing-why don't you get them a 3 month PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP to allow them to email us guys who do pay or don't like some sites do? The whole wink thing is worthless-so what if I can wink to Suzy? It means nothing if she's a standard member and can't email me back!! Geeze.


    When I get enough money, I am going to Google interracial sites myself.

  • View author's info Posted on Oct 30, 2015 at 01:58 PM

    I am a new member. This site is extreamly slow. Wish I'd known that before getting a month membership.On most sites that you join, there are usually 20 responses or more a day. This one doesn't even give you a list of who's online....which is typically no one


  • View author's info Posted on Oct 30, 2015 at 01:46 PM

    So far I am unimpressed with the site and its features. 


    What's the point of setting search/preference parameters, if when I log on all I see are "matches" who are way, way outside of them? I also don't need to see recent activity of members I want nothing to do with, such as women. 


    Do I have to re-set the parameters and do a search every time? 


    And reverse matches? Are there really that many men who are looking to meet women and they don't care what country they're in? I get reverse matches from all over the world.

  • View author's info Posted on Nov 09, 2013 at 09:57 AM

    This site is very lonesome no body really reply or view pages it's very dull..

  • View author's info Posted on Jun 27, 2011 at 08:29 AM

    Thanks for the feedback 1BlkFox......that was a fun read.....I especially like your point as to the reason you are on this site : . )

  • View author's info Posted on Jun 23, 2011 at 07:59 PM

    I agree, this site is not active at all. I just joined another dating site and I get hits back to back to back. I have it set up to notify me on my cell and my light is flashing night and day as guys contact me. The other site is not as restrictive with communication either. I don't have a third party reviewing my e-mails to remove contact information!!! 

    I also would love to know how they select your ideal match on this site. I specifically put that I was interested in white, latino and asian guys betewwn 35-48. The guys they have recommended to me have for the most part been AA and some of the white ones have been 50+. WHY would I be on an interracial site if I wanted to date from my own race??? Honestly, once you enter your race, that should not be an option for your match prefrences. Every time I review one of their matches for me, I have to wonder what in the guys profile has made him my ideal because it is so different from what I put. Even the zodiac signs are not compatible...give me that at least LOL!!

    I also think the First Date section is a bit of an overkill. I mean personally, I could care less how inventive the guy is on our first date. I am not going to base my decsion on wheather or not I am going to date a guy on how creative he is with a first date. 

    I don't know about anyone else but this one month will be my last... the only one who benefited from this site was the site owner....but hey! that capitolism at it's finest right!


  • View author's info Posted on Jun 13, 2011 at 04:52 PM

    I'll see how it goes but pretty slow so far.
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 13, 2011 at 06:21 AM

    Hey choco152,

    I will definitely agree with you about the level (lack) of activity on this website. It is somewhat strange as there are plenty of profiles to look at. Where is everybody?

    As for the interracial aspect of it,I notice that many AA women are looking for men with their same race along with other ethnic men. Many Caucasian women are looking for men of another race and nationality. I don't know what the men (black and white) are looking for when it comes to racial preference.

    I'm not sure if I will remain a member beyond my one month memebership.

  • View author's info Posted on Jun 12, 2011 at 07:54 AM

    I am also a new member.  It's not active at all.  But, I am not sure if this is an interracial site.  I'm not sure how long I will stay on this site, very boring.  I go tto the live chat room and no one is there.  On other dating sites, the chat room is full of people.

  • View author's info Posted on Jun 08, 2011 at 06:20 AM

    Hi NuFire,

    So far I'm with you,I can't say anything negative,however,it doesn't seem very active to me either. It appears it has been a month or more since the majority of members last logged in on this site. I am a PREMIUM MEMBER for whatever that is worth. I have just a month's membership. Also,you are right in that there are a lot of people looking for friends/matches of a different ethnicity/nationality.

    For me,I'll see how this month goes as far as remaining a member or moving on to another website.

    Thanks for responding. Good luck : . )

  • View author's info Posted on Jun 07, 2011 at 04:15 PM

    Hi, E.

    Fairly new myself, I can't say anything negative. However, it doesn't seem very active. It may be that I'm unable to see just how active the site is b/c I'm a standard member.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but it also seems like there are mostly BM4WW and WM4AW on the site. I guess time will tell.