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    I just want to ask. Do you ever feel bad ,like you sold out or something when it comes to interracial dating. I know my mom ,sisters, and brothers don't look down on it but sometimes I worry that the rest of my family does. Ive always wanted to give it a try but some think like "Oh, just because you want to mix races you think you better then me and its not true. Does adversity you have to face ever make you feel down in the dompts.

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    Debris, you've got to do whats right for you.  I've dated interracially all of my life.  That's not to say that I haven't dated Black women because I have, but it's a personal preference for me, I like the contrast.  When it's all said an done, you want to be able to say you enjoyed life to the fullest and you didn't live for anyone else but yourself.  Do what's going to make you happy love because if you don't your headed for a lot of heartache and despair.

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    Nope. How would it be selling out? It just means that you're open to diversity. That's all.

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    Yours is a legitimate question; one you should not feel bad about asking. If I can offer any words of advice, it would be to make sure you have a thick skin, or learn to tune them out, or both. You have no control over other people's actions, but you do have it over your own. I was married to a white man for 12 years, and we have two kids. My grandfather didn't speak to me for a while, but he eventually came around. If you want to date outside your race girl, do YOU. If you didn't, you wouldn't be here right? (Smile). Live, YOUR life, and don't let the negative energy of people who are afraid to step outside of their comfort zone make you feel bad for stepping outside of yours. THEY are the ones with the problem, NOT YOU. Best of luck to you, and early Merry Christmas :-)