I thought men were suppose to be gentlemen???? Cultures and Education

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    Why is it when you make it quite obvious  that you are interested, and supposodly he feels the same, yet he expects you to pay to make the first contact?  Sorry but I am old school, the man does the chasing, not the women. Nothing to do with equal rights, it's called "Being A Gentleman"

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    Yes I get your point and agree to a degree. But like I said, conversion is what stops me. I did it once on this site many years ago when I first joined, but finally realized it was all about notches in thier belts, never subscribed to a site  since. I still find it to be a great site, they do listen if you make a compaint about someone.

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    Men do the chasing, that is true. However, you can't really communicate with whomever you want unless you subscribe on this site.  Unfortunately, the ROI I see from a paid subscription here is low. I usually hear from men hundreds, even thousands of miles away when I'm pretty clear about wanting someone local.


    I digress. If only one person has to pay to establish two way communication I suggest it be the male. Otherwise, there is a turn off and this is not a huge expense. It isn't like anyone would be shelling out thousands or even hundreds of dollars to subscribe. It is symbollic and really, nominal.


    That said, still a low ROI.