Where Are the White Guys Down South? I'm looking for........

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    Hi ,

    I have to ask where are you, Memphis, surrounding areas? You say that you are looking for us, well we are waiting to meet you.

    A professional who is single. I refuse to help any man cheat on his wife. Mentally sound, no mind games or mood swings and one who knows how to treat a lady as such..

    Would love to get some feedback!

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    Well caramella my name is Eddie I'm from. Ms I just want u to know that not all white guys down south are game players me myself I been hurt a few times and I want love

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    Hello Caramella
    I was wondering where all the Black women are in the South? Not sure but I have the same problem with the black woman down where I am at. All they want is to play games and a date on the town. I can remember back in the day where a couple would go out and have some fun that are into each other. I still wonder if that happens in the south or not? Or maybe those are just dreams of yesterday and not of today or the future.
  • View author's info Posted on May 30, 2006 at 05:33 PM

    How kind. It seems that some of the white guys down south are having a ball playing games online. Just when we thought some adults acted accordingly. Especially in this instance. In the end the players will end up with their just deserve. A true testament of what separates the real princess from one less than a lady. :)