SBM in Holland. Looking for a girl relationships

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    Hi, I am an American male located in Bussum, Netherlands. I play Major League baseball in Holland or their version of it. It is my 2nd year here and I am getting used to the country and all of the beautiful things that are here. I would like to find a nice lady that I can have some fun with and share the rest of my life with if we connect in all the right ways. I would really like to find a lovely lady who can make me laugh. I am trying to do a bit of travel this year so I am not limited to my immediate area of Holland. Send me an email or reply to this Blog. We can share emails and meet.

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    hi!!! I also send you my interest, but because i'm not a full member i can not mail you. Please get in touch with me. I would live to show you beautiful places from Holland and have a lot of fun with you!!!
    So look in your mailbox!!!!
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    I'm from australia and I see ur c oming to the land down under, u will love it if you have never been before, i'm not afull member but would love to show u around...take care
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    I'm a german female living here in California.

    I've been to Holland twice.

    Would you like to get in touch?

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