What is Love? POEMS

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    What is Love?
    Love is a feeling straight from above.
    Life is abiding with your lover when he or she has done you wrong.
    Love is when she's feeling sad, you'll sing her a special song.
    Love is never boasting nor pride.
    Love is never narrow but always wide.
    When you love someone, you don't break his/her heart.
    You show them, be near, but never too far apart.
    What is love?
    Love is like a recipe to cook on a stove.
    You have to be watchful so it won't be over-cooked.
    You gotta be patience so it won't be under-cooked.
    Love is like a bird, flying freely in the sky.
    Soaring its wings, til it's way above high.
    Can't be conquered, can't be stopped.
    Can't fall down, but always on top.
    Love is like a game, so be careful not to lose.
    Love is like a game, if you lose, it's only because you lack the rules, and simply because you chose.
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    Dear Blaque, your sonnet was beautiful keep up the good vibe.....girl..olu