There has got to be a key for every lock....right? Black Female Seeks White Male Forward to friends

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    I signed up for this sight and thought maybe I would be able to find that kindred spirit that melds well with me.  Personally, I’ve always wondered what the formula was that helped get you that audience that brings you closer to meeting your special guy.


    We all say we are fun, well rounded outgoing and love to travel.  I honestly think the more I read that the more I tend to eye roll.  Maybe we are all so busy traveling and being outgoing we keep overlooking the slice of perfection that may be standing next to us? 


    This borders on a rant, but mostly it is just me putting the energy out into the universe that I personally and ready to find that special guy who makes me laugh, challenges me, cares for my heart and doesn’t mind a spirited personality. 


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    Yes sometimes I wonder where my soul mate may meet me in life. I sometimes close my eyes and picture this famliy with children In a house or look at other couples as an example.All I know is God knows my heart and the love I want to share with someone special.I will wait for a kind heart to come along and hold my hand.They would lift me up when I'm down be my back bone.

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    I agree! Where it begins I just dont know. When I think I have an idea, I dont. lol

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