Getting it Started: The Best Approach Online I'm looking for........

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    I've read several posts about people having trouble connecting, being afraid to approach, or receiving bad approaches so I think it may help if our community posts positive tips to help us connect.  In spite of my picture profile, I'm pretty laid back.  I prefer it if a guy approaches me about things of interest or commonalities.  What say you?

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        You are absolutely correct, I know that there are men out here who are just as scared or should i say feel rejected if they would send a wink or email and do nget a response,just keep looking and the one for you will come through.


    Best Regards


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    Well, I made a commitment to myself...each time I visit and see someone interesting I send a wink (even if I am a couple of years outside the guy's age range). Totally outside of my comfort zone but I do it. I decided to go 'full on' for 2 months (and that includes being a 'PREMIUM MEMBER'). Previously, I always presumed guys will/should make the first move, but men are sometimes just as insecure as we are in this online dating thing. The worse that can happen is they don't wink/email back. I have had good response.


    I firmly believe someone will recognize a quality, drama free and interesting woman when he sees her!


    Good luck to you.



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    Never hurts to just try. You can't always gauge by their appearance whether they are approachable or not. Some people say that I look unapproachable...but I'm very approachable...I just have to remember to smile every once in a while...

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